Hotels in the center of Yerevan: accommodation options in one of the oldest cities in the world

Hotels in the center of Yerevan have always attracted tourists, because this wonderful city is the capital of majestic Armenia. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. Here you can plunge headlong into history and even more – to fully feel everything that is happening for several centuries. All you have to do is choose the right and comfortable hotel.

Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan

The Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan has 104 rooms, each decorated in a classic style and equipped with a safe, free internet access (which is so important in the modern world), everything you need to make tea or coffee, as well as cosmetics in the bathroom.

Not only the interior view of the room will please, but also the overall facade of the building. There is also a spa with a whirlpool bath, sauna and Italian restaurant. Relax in the rooftop pool. Work on yourself in the gym, and make the skin more chocolate – in a tanning bed. Yes, there is everything for you!

There are several restaurants in different cuisines around the world in the centre of Yerevan. Here you will have the opportunity to dine in the winter garden, where every evening you play calm and beautiful live music.

If necessary, there are hotel staff who speak most of the world’s languages and assist in arranging transfers to a hotel or train station. Among other things, you have the services of a parking attendant.

“It’s a very cozy hotel. Incredibly helpful and friendly staff. Clean, tidy and well furnished rooms. The hotel is perfectly located. Decent continental breakfast. Cons – long service at breakfast, few seats. It is not always the staff who have time to remove the tables, which leads to waiting.”

The Royal Tulip Grand Hotel Yerevan is suitable for those who want to spend their time to the best of their ability and forget about any problems and worries. It will have a wonderful time and young couples, and families with children, and cheerful companies of friends.

My Hotel Yerevan

Although small, the very cozy My Hotel Yerevan is located in the heart of Yerevan. It has 12 rooms, which have everything you need for a comfortable rest of guests, namely: air conditioning, mini-bar, satellite TV and a thin modern TV. The bathroom here is equipped with all the necessary cosmetics.

For the convenience of guests there is a parking lot, free access to the world network, and breakfast can be in a spacious hall, the windows of which overlook the garden.

Note that the reception works here around the clock. That is, if there are any questions, you can apply here at any time of the day. Also at your service delivery of food directly to the room also at any time of the day.

“Before going to Yerevan, we decided to reserve a room first, so it is cheaper. We chose this hotel and did not regret it. The room is clean, there is a place to stay, the staff are smiling. In general, everything is fine. I recommend it.’

My Hotel Yerevan is the best choice of couples with children, young or elderly guests. In general, everyone will like it here. And thanks to the convenient location, you will be able to get to the necessary point as quickly as possible.

Kantar Hotel

Have you decided to relax in Yerevan and get to know its culture as well as history? The Kantar Hotel is what you need. After a day of long walks, you will be waiting for one of the 13 rooms, equipped with a bathroom (where there are robes and cosmetics), air conditioning, TV and so on. Free internet access is also available. Note that some rooms have a lovely view of Ararat.

The hotel has a common lounge, kitchen, and a playroom for young guests. Also right in this hotel in the center of Yerevan you can choose and book a tour.

“Honestly, before coming to Yerevan for a long time they were looking for a hotel. We wanted it to be in the center, and inexpensive, and beautiful, and convenient. Choosing this one tormented doubts, but they dispelled as soon as we arrived. The staff are smiling, the room is clean, even the robes are there. In general, all liked and even more. When we come to Yerevan again, we will stay only here.”

Kantar Hotel is a hotel for the whole family, fun companies and couples in love. There’s room for everyone here!

Hotel Republic

The name of the hotel comes from the name of the square – also the Republic, because it is only 2 minutes to walk from the hotel. Each room of the Republic Hotel is equipped with a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, own bathroom (where everything is needed), as well as free access to the world’s internet web.

There are also cafes serving Armenian dishes and an Italian outdoor cafe. Guests can order drinks or food directly to the hotel if necessary.

From this hotel in the center of Yerevan to the Opera House is almost 1500 meters. The airport is 11 kilometres away and the station is just 3 miles away.

“We stayed here and were satisfied with the service. Very pleased that all the sights are at hand. The room is clean and cozy, besides spacious. Pleased with the robes and slippers in the bathroom. And the prices here are quite normal.”

Hotel Republic is a place where you can relax and showers and body. Everything that is here is created for the comfort of holidaymakers. Have a nice holiday!

Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel

This hotel will not allow you to forget what country you are in. Performed in a historical style, which is harmoniously combined with the modern. From here to the Place de la Republique to go only 5-10 minutes.

Each of the hotel’s 82 rooms is made in a modern style, where Armenian hand-made elements meet. All rooms are furnished with designer functional furniture. The heat saves the air conditioner. To keep guests out of the ordinary, the rooms have TVs and free internet access.

There is a cozy and cozy restaurant, where you treat the dishes of local as well as Italian cuisine. There is also a bar on site where you can enjoy cocktails and drinks.

The Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel can be reached in a few minutes.

“For a long time they chose between hotels in the center of Yerevan and chose this one, because it carries the history and color of the country like no other. Tried here local dishes, to be honest – loved it. Of course, the room is clean and spacious. It’s a place where you can really relax and have a good time.”

Paris Hotel Yerevan

The hotel’s convenient location in the centre of Yerevan will allow you to get to all the sights of the city as quickly as possible. Each of the city’s 65 rooms is equipped with air conditioning, a modern TV and an electric kettle. Each room has its own bathroom, where you will find bathrobes, necessary cosmetics, as well as slippers. There is also free Wi-Fi.

Paris Hotel Yerevan is just a hundred metres from the Place de la Republique. There is also a reception that works around the clock, staff speaking several languages of the world, conference rooms, a bar, a terrace.

“I liked the fact that the staff here are very friendly. I would also like to note the cleanliness of the room. The furniture is functional and high-quality. The staff are responsive, always ready to help and prompt. In general, I liked it.”

“The journey to this hotel begins with a meeting with pleasant staff. Then the doors to the room open – clean and cozy. I liked it so much that I didn’t even want to come out of it and go and look at the city.”

Opera Suite Hotel

If you want to get to know all the sights of the city in the shortest possible time, stay in the central hotel of Yerevan. One of these hotels is the Opera Suite Hotel,which has 101 rooms. It has a particularly high level of comfort. Everything is done here for the most convenient stay of guests.

Each room has a small kitchen of its own, which has a stove, refrigerator and electric kettle. The rooms are comfortable and functional furniture, as well as modern TV, safe, air conditioning. The bathroom has all the necessary accessories: robe, cosmetics, slippers.

There is also a free access to the world network, massage, parking and reception, which works around the clock, as well as a restaurant.

“Very good. I loved it and want to come back again. Meets hospitable staff, who are ready to help. The room is very cozy, you can order here drinks or food. By the way, the restaurant serves very tasty dishes.”

The Opera Suite Hotel is a choice of those who want not only to get to know the city, but also to have an excellent time.

North Avenue Hotel

Conveniently located hotel in the center of Yerevan – North Avenue Hotel has 24 rooms, each of which is elegantly designed and equipped with a mini-bar, comfortable and large bed, air conditioning, cosmetics, free access to the Internet, modern TV. From here, “within reach” to the famous Place de la Republique or the theatre. And you will have to walk no more than 3 minutes to the Museum of History.

There is also a 24-hour reception with smiling staff speaking different languages of the world, a bar where you can order drinks or a hedgehog directly to the room at any time of the day. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the dishes of different cuisines.

“Stayed here. The most ordinary hotel. Pleased to be right in the middle. Clean, tasty, cozy. Like everywhere I’ve rested. There are no notes.”

The North Avenue Hotel is a hotel for everyone: adults, children, the elderly and the young. Absolutely everyone will spend a wonderful time here! Have a nice holiday.

Nova Hotel Yerevan

Nova Hotel Yerevan has 37 rooms, each with a TV, a comfortable bed and a bathroom. Note that some rooms have their own guest corner.

There is also a reception, which works around the clock, a bar and a restaurant with free access to the World Wide Web. Nova Hotel Yerevan’s staff speak several languages around the world.

From this hotel in the center of Yerevan, you can get to the Place de la Republique in just a 15-minute walk. Six hundred meters to the metro station, and to the theater only 100 meters.

“Stayed here. I am fine. I can’t say that something really surprised. No. The hotel is like a hotel. The staff smiles, the room is spacious, everything is clean and beautiful. The restaurant’s food is delicious. And a big plus in a convenient location.”

Nova Hotel Yerevan is a great place for the whole family, fun companies, couples in love. Absolutely everyone will like it here. We wish you a pleasant rest.

Imperial Palace Hotel Yerevan

Do you attract the sights and color of Armenia? Then stay in a hotel in the center of Yerevan and all historical places and monuments will be more than easy to get to. One of these is the Imperial Palace Hotel Yerevan with a room fund of 77 units.

Each room of this hotel consists of comfortable, as well as functional furniture, air conditioning, free access to the World Wide Web. There is also a bathroom with all the necessary cosmetics.

There is a restaurant where you can taste vegetarian dishes, local cuisine and European food. There is a diet menu. A buffet is set up for guests in the morning.

“Very, very good. More than enjoyed relaxing here. Everything is created for a comfortable stay and rest. The room is clean and spacious. There is a place to place things. Very tasty breakfast. In general, I recommend it to everyone.”

The Imperial Palace Hotel Yerevan is a place where you can have a wonderful time and relax with your soul and body.