Hotels in Nur Sultan (Astana): a luxurious and comfortable holiday in the capital of Kazakhstan

Hotels in Nur Sultan (Astana) have a high level of service and provide a variety of unique services. The city of Nur Sultan (Astana) is the capital of Kazakhstan, which is developing at a faster pace. Fascinating history and modern monuments attract tourists from all over the world.

Rixos President Hotel Astana

This hotel in Nur Sultan (Astana) (which is located in the government part of the city) has air conditioning in the room, a safe, large and comfortable beds, a TV and so on. The five-star hotel has two restaurants where you can sample Italian and local cuisine. And you can enjoy live music and drinks in an Irish pub. For those who like to get everything out of life, there is a spa with a sauna.

“I loved Rixos President Hotel Astana. First of all, it’s very clean and cozy, the bed is huge, and this spa is something incredible. By the way, I ordered a massage. Secondly, I liked the dishes from the Italian restaurant, very tasty cook. We got to the airport on the transfer, which was booked here. I’ll be back here again. Thank you, keep it that way.”

Rixos President Hotel Astana is designed for people who come to the city for work and want to relax comfortably, as well as for all those who came to Astana to get to know the city and yearn for adventure. We wish you a good time.

Boutique Hotel Traditional

Would you like to spend time in a luxury hotel in Nur Sultan (Astana) and feel like a real king in life? Then you’ll be at the Boutique Hotel Traditional,where each of the 23 rooms has Persian carpets, luxurious chandeliers, long curtains. Isn’t it the king’s room? There is also modern technology: TV, wi-fi and more. And in the bathroom you will find ready for you robes and slippers.

The property has free parking and a restaurant where you can treat yourself to Russian cuisine. The restaurant is decorated in white and equipped with large panoramic windows. Also available to holidaymakers the opportunity to communicate with the staff in their native language.

“I liked the fact that there are few rooms here and you don’t always meet with neighbors. The mansions here are really royal. So, inspired that right in the room did a photo shoot. I calmly communicated with the staff on the Russian, but heard others do it in English. A very good place is calm and clean.”

This hotel is suitable for those who have come to the city to learn about its amazing and fascinating history, as well as relax the showers and body as in a warm home nest.

Grand Park Yesil Hotel

The Grand Park Yesil Hotel, which began its active activity in 2011 in Nur Sultan, Astana, soon became very popular among visitors and residents of the city. Thanks to the convenient location, to get to the right attraction or historical monument is not difficult for anyone. The hotel itself has a swimming pool, gym, sauna and so on.

In their room, everyone will be able to lie on the bed to enjoy watching movies on a flat TV. The rooms are decorated in a classic style. There is also a bar and restaurant where you can try Kazakh cuisine. For lovers of home-cooked, international cuisine is served.

“Stayed here as a family. Wonderful value for money. The room is clean and cozy, the bed is large and comfortable, I slept better than at home, the staff speaks different languages, tried Kazakh cuisine – liked it, here chefs are real professionals. In general, I recommend.”

Grand Park Yesil Hotel is a place for those who like to explore the city, and after a long walk to relax in a cozy room and enjoy life.

Kazjol Hotel Astana

Arrived in the city for work or on vacation, look for the best hotels in Nur Sultan (Astana)? Well, Kazjol Hotel Astana offers you a wonderful ratio of high level of service and relatively low cost.

Each of the 119 rooms is equipped with everything that can be useful for guests during the holiday. With its convenient location, you only need 10 minutes to get to the famous Baiterek Monument. You can walk to the Peace Palace in 20 minutes. It is also a 20-minute drive to the airport. It should be noted that for the convenience of guests, the staff at the hotel speaks different languages. There is also a restaurant where you will have the opportunity to try Uzbek cuisine and a bar that works around the clock.

“The staff was very pleased, I rarely met something like that. With such staff, even the worst hotel would seem ideal. The owners of the hotel value their employees – specially trained and professional. In addition, it is very comfortable, comfortable and cozy, just like in the family home.”

The hotel is recommended for both family and businessmen. It has everything – huge meeting rooms, restaurants, sauna, phytobar and more. You’re going to love it here.

Jumbaktas Astana Hotel

Relatively recently, namely, in 2012, the Jumbaktas Astana Hotel, which started its active activity, is today one of the most popular among guests as well as residents of the city. Each of the 61 rooms is light-coloured. The style is exquisite to make everyone feel royal. This hotel in Astana features TV, air conditioning and a large, cozy bed.

In the morning you will be treated to a delicious breakfast. And you can have lunch, as well as dine with food of European or national cuisine. There is a large conference room for businessmen. You can relax here, playing in the pool.

“The room is just super – very beautiful, just no words. I liked absolutely everything from the bathroom mat to the Kazakh dishes I tried for the first time. And when I asked to bring a more powerful hairdryer, the staff immediately reacted and fulfilled my wish. In general, I am satisfied.”

This hotel is the best choice for businessmen and tourists. It will be convenient for everyone! Even the atmosphere of the hotel is imbued with relaxation and pleasure. Do your own thing during the day and in the evening hurry to relax at the Jumbaktas Astana Hotel.

Hotel Duman

The 213 luxurious hotel rooms in Nur Sultan (Astana) Hotel Duman are equipped with everything you need for your comfort and wonderful pastime. If you are hot, use air conditioning, boring – sit for free on the Internet or watch a movie. Every morning a buffet is prepared for you, and you will have the opportunity to dine or dine with Caucasian or European cuisines. Guests can relax in a spa, swimming pool or nightclub.

The airport is only 15 kilometers away, and the old city is 15 minutes away.

“It’s a great place. We came here with friends to get acquainted with the city. To be honest, the city spent less time than the hotel. It’s a lot of fun and there’s something to do. You can not even go anywhere, there is everything that is necessary. Great, keep it that way.”

The best place for those who want to spend time in Astana is unforgettable! The beach, the interesting history of the city, delicious food – all this and even more just for you! All this is a long way off. Have a nice holiday!

Astana Marriott Hotel

Your credo: “if you rest, then at the highest level”? Well, the hotel in Nur Sultan (Astana) – Astana Marriott Hotel is ready to offer you such conditions. 271 rooms, each decorated in an elegant style and equipped with all the necessary, will allow you to have an unforgettable time and a wonderful rest.

There is also a restaurant where you can sample the cuisines of the world’ cuisines. Those who do not want to leave the hotel, but want to have fun, can go to the pool, or spend their energy in the gym. Fans of steaming – go to the sauna.

“We chose the hotel for a long time because we wanted to stay in the center of the city, so that everything necessary was “hand-to-hand”. They gave their preference to the Astana Marriott Hotel and did not regret it at all. Everything is great, the room is cleaned up, the staff are polite, the food is more than delicious. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you for the wonderful service.”

Do you want to spend as much time as possible in the center of Nur Sultan (Astana)?

Then here you are. You will not only walk the streets of the city and see the sights, but also live in the heart of the city. Young people, the elderly, newlyweds and families with children will like it here. Have a nice holiday!

Belon-Lux Hotel

A cozy, comfortable, elegant hotel in Astana is the Belon-Lux Hotel. It is here that you will be offered a high level of service at a relatively low cost. Every room has a TV so you don’t get bored. You can also enjoy free access to the world’ food. If it’s hot, just turn on the air conditioning.

Take into account that the reception desk works around the clock, so you can settle at any time. For breakfast, the polite and sympathetic hotel staff set the buffet. With the hotel’s convenient location, you can get to your destination as quickly as possible.

“I was pleased with the presence of a minibar, as it is special to leave the room to buy water or something stronger is not very interesting and even more willing. In addition, I liked that people from almost any country can settle here.”

This hotel is the best choice for those who want to have a good and tasteful time. And children, and adults, and the elderly here more than like. Have a nice holiday!

Brown Hotel

One of the newest hotels in Astana – Brown Hotel was founded in 2016. It has 17 rooms, each of which has everything and even more for a comfortable stay and rest. It features a large and comfortable bed, TV and cable TV. There is also a kettle, tea and coffee. Note that each room has its own bathroom with all the necessary accessories.

From here you can get to the famous monument Ofterek just 5 minutes by car. For those who are used to travelling by public transport, there is free parking. There is also a check-in desk that works around the clock.

“We stayed with my husband a few months ago. The place is wonderful and quiet. It is pleased that there are only 17 rooms, that is, annoying neighbors will not be or, at least, if there are such – they will be few. The room is very clean and cozy. We felt at home or better yet. Getting to all the sights is easy. And the staff are very responsive.”

Brown Hotel is the best hotel for those who want to spend time in a warm and cozy place. The hotel is for couples who appreciate peace of mind and complete peace.

Sevenn inn boutique hotel

Looking for a hotel in Nur Sultan (Astana), where you can relax after a hard day’s work or after a long walk around the city? Then you’re at the right place. Each of the 7 rooms has air conditioning, which you can use when it is more than warm outside. And also at your service TV with cable TV. Each room has its own bathroom, equipped with a shower or bathroom.

You can eat at the bar. There are also ticket offices, where you can buy tickets without leaving the hotel limits. If necessary, use the services of dry cleaning.

“I loved it. Yes, there is no spa and other entertainment, but after a hard day’s work and do not need. Pleased that the rooms are few – so it is quiet, and this is also important when you want to relax. The staff here speaks different languages and is particularly responsive. Lived here for a few days, my room was always clean. In general, I recommend.”

Boutique Hotel Sevenn inn is a wonderful place where business people can stay, because it is located in the business district of the city. In addition, there will be a wonderful time for those who want to get to know the city better and get to know its culture.

The capital of Kazakhstan will open your arms to you with its friendly hotels. Cozy, royal and necessarily with home comfort – all this can be found in the territories of hotels in Nur Sultan (Astana). Come as a family, with loved ones and relax at any time of the year for your own pleasure!