Hotels in Gstaad Switzerland

Rest in the cozy town of Gstaad in Switzerland will be remembered by guests not only for the mountain slopes and smooth ski slopes. In addition to the beauty of the Alps, the best hotels in Gstaad offer spa treatments, swimming in indoor pools and watching movies in a private cinema. And this is only a small part of what will be provided here to tourists.

Ultima Gstaad 5 stars

The luxurious hotelUltima Gstaadis built in the village of Gstaad in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. The complex includes three spacious houses (chalets) made of wood, on the territory there is a spa center (800 m2), a swimming pool. Not far from the hotel await lovers of ski recreation immediately lift. A shuttle service is available from Berp Airport (60 km).

Luxury and comfort in the silence of the Alpine mountains

«Ultima Gstaad» is not just a hotel at the foot of the Alps. Vacationers stay in the Pearl, Satin Suite or choose the Presidential Suite with its own elevator in the room. Voluminous chandeliers, plush plain bedspreads on furniture, marble kitchen: everything is designed in the same style. The sun-drenched window offers mountain views. In total, the hotel has 11 suites, 6 residences. The guest can invite a personal chef to the room.

Culinary journey in the sparkling hall of the hotel restaurant

In the restaurant, visitors are offered a la carte meals or a surprise menu. The chefs of the institution have traveled around the world, the masters carry their experience to local hotels, embody in delicious dishes, desserts. Gourmets and vintage wine lovers are offered a selection of drinks from the bar’s rich collection.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of treatments in the clinic of the spa center. It turned out to be a holiday with self-care.”

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Hotel Spitzhorn Superieur

Spitzhorn Superieur is built in the commune of Saanen, in the south-west of Bern (canton). Gstaad is almost 3 km from this 3-star hotel. Zenen Train Station is nearby, 650 m from the hotel building, Beln Airport is 50 km away. The slopes and slopes of the Rellerli Ski Resort are 2 km away. At a distance of 2-3 km there are several ski lifts and more than 130 hotels. Fill the car in 4 km of the way, the bus stop is closer – 600 m from the house.

Lunch in the restaurant, breakfast with tart coffee

The hotel’s restaurant offers a choice of menu options, except for traditional local cuisine with a range of diet menus. Breakfast options:

  • Continental;
  • buffet.

There is also a bar.

Health & Activities

In the building of the hotel there is an indoor swimming pool, library, sauna, fitness area. Outside the territory, depending on the time of year, traditional activities for hotels in this area are offered:

  1. Cycling (rental is available).
  2. Hiking.
  3. Riding.
  4. Skiing (equipment available).

Restful sleep in the hotel rooms

Finishing modern rooms with wood gives a sense of safety and comfort. Guests meet the dawn from a window overlooking the mountains.

“Were at the hotel for the first time. For the walk, they asked for the escort of the guide, he showed the trails, told a lot of interesting things about the region. And we were lucky, there was no one to leave the dog at home with, we took it with us. At the time of booking they warned about the animal, there were no problems with accommodation.”

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Geniesserhotel Le Grand Chalet

TheGeniesserhotel Le Grand Chaletawaits visitors on a slope in the village of Gstaad. Just outside the hotel door begins the cycling and hiking trail. Just 2 km from the complex there are many ski bases with forglifts. Guests can dine on the outdoor terrace of the in-room restaurant. Bern-Belp planes are 51 km away.

You will come to us again

The hotel has 4 stars. The title justifies it. Moreover, reviews of tourists show that the Grand Chalet could successfully become a 5-star hotel. Here, guests feel at home. The hotel staff will take care of visitors:

  • prepare the bed for bed in the evening;
  • provide guests with free parking;
  • bring food and drinks to the room;
  • make and pack lunch guests for a walk;
  • a non-smoking room is available if necessary.

“Many thanks to the staff, do their job “perfectly”. I stained the suit on the slope, poured coffee. That’s how the dry cleaning works on the grounds, and I was put in order very quickly.”

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Park Gstaad 5 stars

Park Gstaad has been operating since 1910. Usually hotels with a history win guests with an atmosphere of restrained luxury and comfort. So here everything is decorated in a traditional Alpine style, natural materials in the decoration of the rooms and the predominance of light colors in textiles.

Famous fried sausages or hot goulash soup

The complex is located in an area with developed infrastructure. There are two restaurants on the territory. Local and European cuisine is presented in them. Guests can enjoy traditional muesli in one restaurant, and have a warm veal lunch with white wine and cream in another.

Comfort, beauty and sport

In addition to skiing, cycling, walking in the surrounding areas, the complex offers to plunge into the world of beauty and care for your body. Hotel facilities provided to guests:

  • procedures in the beauty salon;
  • sunbathing on the terrace;
  • massage;
  • spa session;
  • bathing in the bath;
  • fitness area.

After a busy day, one of the guests rests at the hotelparty, someone reads in silence. There is also a library on site.

“A pleasant stay with the children in the hotel is guaranteed. Very pleased with the kids club and the availability of the menu for the child in the restaurant.”

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ERMITAGE Wellness- Spa-Hotel

ErmitageHotel & Spa is located in the picturesque town of Gstaad. It is 800 m from the ski resort called “Horneggley” and 10 km from the golf course “Gstaad-Saanenland”. Near the complex there are 6 lifts with ski slopes and descents. The hotel has a restaurant.

Heat force

The hotel’s spa offers wellness programs for guests:

  • rest in saunas and steam baths, there are 10 of them;
  • spa area for relaxation;
  • sessions for weight loss.

Care for guests

Vacationers have fun and spend their holidays with benefit. Interesting entertainment and treatments in the hotel, as well as outside the territory:

  • body care;
  • cosmetic procedures,
  • skiing from the hills;
  • work out with a personal trainer on the ski track.

“We came with friends, they have a 5-year-old child. When we ran on skis, a nanny was engaged with the baby, the service is paid.”

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Posthotel Rössli 3 stars

Once again, historic hotels welcome guests, the Posthotel Rössli was built in 1845. The house stands in the center of the village of Gstaad. The road to 6 mountain lifts starts nearby. Across the street, guests will see a market and a shop. 1 km from the hotel river, further, in 7 km, there is a picturesque lake.

Quiet family holidays in the Alps

The hotel offers family rooms, babysitting services if necessary, and the hotel’s restaurants offer a children’s menu. There is an opportunity to study at a ski school.

Classes for experienced climbers and amateur cyclists

From the beginning of summer to the last days of September, hiking, cycling tours with a guide, classes with a mountaineering instructor with beginners and experienced athletes are held here.

“Everything in the house is imbued with the spirit of antiquity and mystery. Furniture and walls from the forest are combined with white walls. The room is peaceful and cozy.”

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Hotel Olden 4 stars

TheOldenHotel in the centre of Gstaad looks like an old castle. Mountain lifts and ski slopes are located nearby. The nearest airport is Bern-Belp. It is almost 50 km of the way. Geneva International Airport is 90 km away.

Without a hearty lunch there will be no fun day

In the restaurant of the complex guests with live music can taste dishes of national cuisine. On request, children’s and diet menus are offered. Breakfast will be brought to your room.

Cycling along the Alpine hills for a good night’s sleep in a cosy hotel room

The hotel offers outdoor and indoor activities. Sports activities include:

  • bike rides;
  • skiing;
  • golf, tennis.

“Stayed at the hotel for the second time. It is impossible to forget the warm atmosphere and comfort in the room. This time we went hiking with a guide. On the way we made a pass, had lunch in nature. It’s good that we took a ready lunch in the package with you in the restaurant. Useful on the road.”

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Le Grand Bellevue

“LeGrand Bellevue”stands in the center of the park of the town of Gstaad in Switzerland. The surrounding area includes mountain lifts, a spa area, a wellness centre and a private cinema. To the airport of Beln the distance is 50 km away. In the bar “Lonard’s Cella” 9000-thousandth collection of wines.

Suite with panoramic views of the Alps and rooms in the tower

Rooms in the hotel with low vaults with white walls. The bathroom in the rooms is equipped with a transparent ceiling. At the end of the day, you can relax in the warm water, enjoying the view of the night sky.

Spa Treatment Time

Free hotel and spa treatments:

  • swimming in swimming pools (with and without heating);
  • rest in the Turkish bath;
  • hydromassage;
  • a tanning bed;
  • fitness area.

“The hotel fully complies with the status of 5 stars. The décor and cleanliness of the rooms, friendly and professional staff, the presence of an excellent restaurant and bar make the stay enjoyable. We will definitely come here again next year.”

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The Alpina Gstaad

The 5-star Alpina Gstaad features 3 restaurants and a private cinema. Located in a green area of Gstaad, the complex is designed in a traditional Swiss style. Like the hotels next door, the Alpina stands close to ski resorts and ski lifts.

Without spa treatments, there is no rest here

Wellness and spa leisure of the hotel:

  • swimming in the indoor pool;
  • sauna;
  • bath;
  • phototherapy;
  • full body massage;
  • care procedures.

Activities in the surrounding area include sleigh rides, skiing, guided walks in the valley, tennis and horse riding.

“I have long dreamed of visiting such a place. In the morning, from the window of the room a magnificent view of the Alpine mountains. In the frosty air at the lift, you can drink hot tea and have a snack with you lunch. The hotel has a bright children’s room, if necessary, you can ask the nanny for an additional fee to play with the child. The restaurants have a rich children’s menu, traditional local and European cuisine.”

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Gstaad Palace

Gstaad Palace is a 1912 building. The hotel is nestled on a slope with breathtaking views of the Alpine Mountains and the village of Gstaad. Mountain lifts are located at a distance of 1-2 km from the hotel. From Bern-Belp Airport you can get to a beautiful holiday destination about 50 km.

A sea of opportunities for a luxurious lunch

On the territory of the complex there are 6 restaurants where visitors can taste the following dishes:

  • Italian pasta;
  • Swiss sausages and soups;
  • European lunches.

The hotel has a children’s café, a play area, a snack bar.

“I was convinced on vacation that I need to go in for sports. The fitness center lessons helped me in this. Yoga classes were also held, on the next visit we want to try this practice with my wife. Thank you for the rest, the careful attitude of the staff to the guests.”

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Going to Switzerland to a ski resort, a person wants to see the Alps,be in the center of spa services and enjoy an excellent ski run. Entertainment, games, lunches in restaurants, bars of Gstaad hotels will make weekends and holidays not forgotten. When booking rooms, it is worth indicating which accommodation option is necessary for the guest. Visitors will be offered, if necessary, apartments for non-smokers, rooms for allergy sufferers. Many hotels allow pets.

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