Hotel Tula Lefty on the embankment of Tula

Hardly any other city in Russia has as many symbols as Tula. Hearing its name, gingerbread, samovars, weapons immediately come to mind. A small, hotel in the heart of the city of Tula Lefty – a hotel descended from the pages of Leskov and personifies a cozy provincial place. And there is a flea here too.

Just imagine that the city is the same age as Moscow, and throughout the rich history played a significant role in the state.

Today it is a regional center near the capital, dynamically developing in all spheres, hospitable and interesting!

Hotel Location

There is a small pedestrian street in the city, founded in the 17th century. In those days it was called Pyatnitskaya, and now – Metallistov Street. This is the heart of Tula, the historical center. The street originates near the Tula Kremlin and consists of a series of cozy noble mansions and merchant buildings. There is no city noise, bustle and abundance of transport, as outside the city. Actually there is no transport here at all. The street is pedestrian.

On metallistov Street recently opened an excellent hotel “Tula Lefty on the embankment”, where we invite guests of the city.

Stay in this cozy hotel, and get into the atmosphere of the old town surrounded by modern infrastructure.

Every evening you can spend very romantically, walking along the promenade, clean and well-maintained.

Rooms and facilities in the hotel

The building in which the hotel was placed was finally reconstructed in [y], and immediately put it into operation. It offers 14 rooms on two floors, impeccable interior, cleanliness and comfort as at home.

In the hotel you can book:

  • double room with one large or two separate beds;
  • more spacious room for three, the size and type of beds are specified in advance.

In the interior of any of the rooms – modern comfortable furniture. Here’s the flea and the horseshoe. The furniture is made with a claim to an individual, inherent only in this hotel style. Tables and chairs made of forged metal rods. The style is emphasized by additional decorative elements.

Satellite TV, tea accessories, private bathroom with all accessories. The hotel also has a common seating area, it is also a dining area, where you can cook yourself, if desired, simple dishes or just spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends.

Olga, Moscow “We came to Tula for a few days for the first time, before we were only passing. For accommodation with the whole family chose “Tula Lefty”, and did not lose. The location is excellent, to all known places – a stone’s throw. The rooms are all new, everything you need is there. We needed a bed for the child – everything was given, breakfast was brought to the room, they helped in all matters. Highly recommended!”

Rooms are cleaned daily, the hotel administration strictly monitors compliance with sanitary requirements.

Wireless Internet works well throughout the building and there is no charge for its use.

If you are vacationing with children, they can have fun on the outdoor playground.


A continental breakfast is included in the room rate. On request, it can be ordered in the room. Breakfast may seem modest, but it includes everything you need for a tourist: muesli with milk, porridge, Tula gingerbread, apple, milk, cream, coffee and yogurt.

We are appreciated by the guests! The hotel “Tula Lefty” has everything you need for the convenience of accommodation, not the luxury of a five-star hotel, which is not necessary for everyone, but cleanliness, comfort, excellent location in the heart of the city. The staff will always come to the rescue and solve the problems that have arisen, tell you how to properly and quickly navigate the city, do not miss the most interesting!

“Tula Lefty on the embankment” – a great combination of price and quality!

Svetlana, Cheboksary: The hotel has an excellent location, on the main street, besides pedestrian. You can safely walk with a child, look at a beautiful street, without fear that some reckless taxied towards you. I was also pleased with the exit to the embankment, it is very pleasant to admire the sunset, looking at the river. Opposite the hotel, you can drink coffee in a coffee shop, sending your husband and children to inspect the expositions in the museum of Soviet Toys. About the hotel: I liked the perfect cleanliness everywhere, in the corridors, courtyard, rooms. It is clear that people love their work, they think about guests. The interior is not flashy, but calm, adjusting to relaxation and rest. The room has everything you need. The only drawback is that there is no parking, the street is pedestrian. There are also paid and free parking nearby, but with suitcases it is not very convenient to go from parking to the hotel.

What you need to visit in Tula

Museum “Tula Kremlin”

A unique architectural monument built by Italian architects in the 17th century on the site of an earlier wooden fortress. We remember that Tula is the same age as Moscow. Last year, the Kremlin celebrated its 500th anniversary. If you go around the fortress from all sides, you get a whole kilometer. This can be done on the walls and 9 towers, which is very exciting.

To give guests the opportunity to see the territory with all the buildings, they came up with the idea of making a model of the Kremlin, 130 times reduced. Children and adults are delighted!

Weapons Museum

The collection is divided into 2 parts. One is placed in the Kremlin in the Epiphany Cathedral, the other – in the city, in a very remarkable architectural building – in the form of a helmet of a warrior of Ancient Russia.

The collection was collected since the end of the 18th century, and the museum is considered one of the oldest in Russia. In Tula since the time of Peter the Great, an arms factory has worked, and we can see many types of its products in the museum.

In general, there are exhibits from the 14th century, and guests will be happy to learn about the development of cold steel and small arms in Russia.

  • If you are tired of history and a lot of information, visit the Regional Exotarium, the Park of Reptiles and Amphibians. At first glance, the place is “for the amateur”, but as soon as adults and children get there, then everyone is interested. The most eminent scientists – zoologists recognized this place as one of the best for the maintenance and breeding of rare subspecies of animals. How many snakes are here! About 500 species, this is one of the best world collections.
  • The newly built Kazan embankment is the most beloved pedestrian zone of the center by local residents and guests of the city. Walk along it about a kilometer from the Kremlin to the Museum of Weapons. Small bridges connect the banks of the river Upa, and from them you can make very beautiful photos. Along the embankment there are several sports and children’s play areas, an outdoor theater, places for renting boats and sports equipment.

Museum “Tula samovars”

You can visit it before or after a visit to the Kremlin, as it is open at the entrance to the fortress. What will you learn in the museum? How and when the samovar business began, what they were made of, who could drink tea from a samovar, and not only. Types of samovars – countless, presented the work of private craftsmen. Would you like to buy a real samovar at home?

Museum “Tula gingerbread”

To visit Tula and not learn everything about the local symbol – gingerbread – is not the case! When the manufacture of gingerbread has become a local tradition and what they are, how they do. The assortment is simply huge, delicious fillings! How much does the largest gingerbread in the museum weigh? Can you eat 50 kg? A tour of the museum always ends with a fun tea party, more than 30 thousand guests come here every year, and among them there are a lot of adults.

Especially for fans of unique motorcycles, we will tell you about the museum “Moto-auto-art”. To get there, you need to go out of town, to the small village of Kharino. Already several such museums, based on private collections, have been opened in central Russia. “Moto – auto – art” – the richest collection of motorcycles tula plant, but there are imported models. The most “aged” for more than 90 years. There are also restoration and complete restoration of motorcycles, so if you have antique models – you are here.

The most famous monuments of Tula, near which there are always many people who want to be photographed for memory, are here on almost every street.

The monument to Lefty – the fairy-tale hero – the master was solemnly opened more than 10 years ago on the embankment in the pedestrian zone, and until that time it was located at the Machine-Building Plant as a gift for the anniversary. Left-hander is a symbol of Russian craftsmen, which everyone knows about from school years. Now it pleases the citizens and guests of Tula in its very center.

The model of the armored train “Tula Worker” since 2015 was put on the railway platform of the city, and thanks to this, we can learn what the composition that fought against the Nazis in 1941 looked like. The echelon then and now includes special platforms for machine guns, a car – headquarters and a bakery, a car – a club. The story of the beginning of the war is told very truthfully, and guests will be able to plunge into military realities.

In continuation of the military theme, it is impossible not to tell about the park “Patriot – Tula”.

This is a wonderful open-air platform for various events aimed at patriotic education of youth, meetings with veterans, family celebrations. The park was opened not so long ago – only 2 years ago, but has already become very popular. Nearby – Tula Suvorov School.

Here, on the open-air exhibition area, wartime equipment, collector cars, products of the Tula Defense Plant are exhibited. A huge territory makes it possible to place here playgrounds and sports grounds, routes for thematic quests and mass events.

For admirers of the work of Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, the main thing may be an excursion to Yasnaya Polyana. This is the family estate of the writer, a place with which most of his life and work is connected, here he is buried. Walking around the estate in the summer is beautiful. The architecture and layout were specially preserved to recreate the atmosphere of the last century. In the museum – estate guests will see the authentic things of the writer.

Nikolai, St. Petersburg “I always wanted to visit Tula, bring children here, because year after year the city is developing rapidly, new interesting places, museums, a lot of interactive things are opening. Now travel has stopped, and it is not so easy to get abroad, but it can be for the best. We began to get to know our country better. In Tula we stayed for 3 nights in a small but very cozy hotel “Tula Lefty”. Everything is new and well-groomed, and it shows. The work of the staff is at its best. The location is super. We liked it more than in large hotels, where crowds of people. We recommend it to everyone!”




Dear travelers! Tula is a wonderful city located just a few hours drive from the capital. There is the charm of the county town, and visible progress in all spheres of life. The city invites everyone who wants to get acquainted with its main symbols and expand their horizons. Spend your vacation in Tula and the hotel “Tula Lefty on the embankment”.

Alina Abramova

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