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Cozy chalet Sufruju Lesnoy is located in the Elbrus region on the territory of the resort Dombay. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the hotel is completely built of Angarsk pine. Ecologically clean hotel is surrounded by the Caucasian slopes and forest area. From each window there is a view of nature, and near the building there is a mountain stream with spring water. The main advantage is a minute walk to the chairlift, which is located almost in the courtyard of the hotel. Free parking is provided for guests-motorists. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, payment is included in the price.

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Location and history

The famous Karachay-Cherkess ski resort is located in the Dombai Valley. This is a real oasis among rocky mountains and gorges. The territory began to explore and equip in the 20s of the last century. In 1921, the first tourist base was opened here. In Soviet times, skiers from all over the country came here for training camps. Competitions of different levels were held here: from local regional to All-Union and international. In the 90s, the flow of tourists sharply decreased, but since the early 2000s, the restructuring of the infrastructure began, which returned Dombay to the title of a prestigious vacation spot for ski lovers.

Infrastructure facilities are gradually being pulled up to European standards. All tracks today have a marking that is accepted all over the world. Great demands are also placed on the living conditions of tourists. Sufruju Hotel occupies a special place among the existing Dombai hotels. It was opened in 2007. The architectural project is based on the idea of creating an alpine chalet. As a result, a two-storey house with an attic and balconies (not in every room) was put into operation. The interiors are distinguished by an interesting design.

You can get to Dombai, as well as to many other mountainous regions of the Caucasus, by car or bus. The nearest airport is in Mineralnye Vody (200 km), the railway station in Pyatigorsk (190 km). Usually tourists go to the Dombai valley as part of groups, by private or rented vehicles, by public transport with transfers. At the time of booking, you can negotiate the terms of the transfer for an additional fee.

Please note:check-in is from 14.00, you must leave before 12.00. For extra hours, a surcharge is taken. The cost is specified by the administrator.

Room stock

17 rooms of different comfort levels have been prepared for guests. They occupy the 2nd floor and the attic. There is no elevator. The rooms are decorated with wood, carpeted floors. Each room has a bathroom with shower. On the ground floor there is a reception and a restaurant.

The number of rooms includes:

  1. One-room 2-bed “Standard” (15 sq. m)- a double bed or 2 single beds are installed, there is a place for “euro-folding” if a company of 3 people or a couple with a child comes in.
  2. One-room 2-bed “Comfort” (20 sq. m.) – more space, so the accommodation of the three of them will be more comfortable than in the usual Standard.
  3. Two-room 4-bed “Family Economy” (28 sq. m) – designed to accommodate 4 people without the possibility of installing an extra bed.
  4. Two-room 4-bed “Family Standard” (35 sq. m)- there is also no installation of an extra bed or clamshell, but there is more space, so more comfortable.
  5. Two-room 4-bed “Family Comfort” (38 sq. m)) is located in the attic. This category is usually chosen if a cot is required. The area allows you to install a bed for the baby.

Attention! Rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed only in specially equipped areas.

In addition to the Internet and parking, the price includes breakfast / dinner, transfer from / to the village. The rooms are always warm. The hotel has its own boiler room, so there is always a reserve of hot water.

On the ground floor there is a common kitchen with a cooler, a recreation area with board games, a video center. The territory is guarded around the clock. Valuables can be given to the administrator for safekeeping. At the same time the hotel can accommodate up to 45 people.

“Lovely hotel with clean and cosy rooms. Located right at the entrance to Dombai. Lift in the yard, around the mountain, trees, free transfer to the village. Friendly staff did not refuse anything, cleaning was carried out on time, wishes were taken into account. We were satisfied with the rest, and the weather was beautiful» Olga, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Café Alan-Ash is responsible for meals. The two-storey building is built in the style of Alpine chalets made of local wood and glass. Breakfast is served from 8 to 11 am, lunch starts from 12.00 and lasts until 15.00, for dinner the hall opens from 18.00, the café closes at 23.00. The menu features meat dishes from your own farm, cooked on the grill. They are prepared including from halal or kosher meat. Gourmets will be able to order traditional kebabs, lyulya-kebabs, branded jaubaur, baked mountain trout and grilled vegetables. “Alan-Ash” is considered the keeper of the ancient mountain traditions of food culture.

When booking a room, it is necessary to clarify the possibility of full or half board (depending on the needs of the guests). Meals can be prepared in the shared kitchen. There is a set of necessary utensils. Barbecue areas with gazebos are available on site. Accessories for the barbecue are at the reception.

“Thanks to the chef for the delicious breakfasts!!! It’s just magic – grandmother’s porridge to choose from, scrambled eggs, tender pancakes, hot sandwiches, pancakes with sour cream, cottage cheese casserole – fingers licked! This breakfast energizes you for the whole day!” Olesya, Russia

In Dombai almost every hotel has its own café. Breakfast in Alan-Asha suits most of the hotel guests. For those who wish to expand the lunch diet with European dishes or fast food, the resort has other catering establishments. Among them are popular:

  • “Fir Cape” – Eastern European cuisine, the menu is suitable for vegetarians;
  • “Crystal” offers European cuisine, halal, Russian traditional dishes, suitable for vegans;
  • “Basil” specializes in European cuisine, works until midnight;
  • “Mountain” has a gluten-free menu;
  • “Teberda” will treat you to dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine.

In these and other restaurants of Dombay, guests will find a suitable diet for themselves. The resort area is small and very compact. It can be walked along and across in 15 minutes.

Leisure and entertainment

The main entertainment in Dombai is skiing, snowboarding, sledding. On the slopes of tourists raise several types of rope lifts. A chairlift is available on site. In 100 meters from it there is a two-seat lift and a single-seat lift of the first stage. The main ski area is located on the fifth and fourth stages of the chairlift. They are located at a distance of 1.7 – 3 km fromSufruju Lesnoy. A wide plateau has been developed here, ratraks work on the slope. There is no single ski pass to the lifts. The slopes are served by three different companies, each with its own cash desks.

In addition to the ski slopes in Dombai there is a freestyle area (Moussa-Achitara slope). A pendulum cable car leads to it. The station is located near the hotel “Old Dombay” in the heart of the Dombai Valley. Ski areas are mostly gentle. They are suitable for beginners and experienced skiers. There are practically no “black” tracks, extremals can try their hand at freeride. Off-piste skiing is available in the Gonachhir Gorge.

Despite the height of the local slopes (over 4 km), many areas are still not equipped. The reason lies in the regular avalanches. Outside the tracks, signs with avalanche warnings are installed specifically for extremals. One of the attractions of Dombay – the cemetery of climbers – is another reason not to get involved in the search for difficult descents.

In addition to the gurney at the resort there are places where you can have fun. Every winter, an ice rink is poured into the village. Among the infrastructure facilities:

  • bowling club;
  • computer club;
  • swimming pool;
  • Discos.

For active recreation, horse riding, hiking, snowmobiling in winter and ATVs in summer are offered. The basis of leisure are the beauty of the local nature. In summer, tourists are offered paragliding flights, the descent from the mountain on the “zorba” (inside a huge ball) is available in any season.

Hotel complexes offer relaxing programs for guests of the resort. Hotel “Sufruju Lesnoy” is no exception. There is a good bathhouse, which can be visited for a fee. In the evening, there is a living room with board games.

Recreational opportunities for children

Families can come with children of any age. A baby cot will be put in the room, and in the café there are special chairs for babies. Coming to Dombay, parents usually pursue the goal of improving the child or teaching him the basics of skiing. On the slopes there are schools with experienced instructors. Children’s club is opened in the hotel complex “Snow Leopard”. Connoisseurs do not recommend coming here with kids not older than 3 years. The infrastructure of the resort is not so developed as to create optimal leisure conditions for babies.

Pay attention! There are no supermarkets, and in small shops there is not always a full range of baby food. On the territory there is one pharmacy and a first-aid post.

Children from 3-4 years old can be put on skis. From 5-6 years to introduce snowboarding. On the training slopes in the rental offices are rented “cottage”. Rides here too.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Excursions are another type of leisure activities for tourists. Sufruju Lesnoy has its own tour desk. Dombai valley is located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. Here, in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, there are many natural attractions that are worth visiting. The resort is located on the territory of the Teberda National Reserve.

In summer, hiking is extremely popular. The bureau offers several tours of mountains, gorges, banks of mountain rivers and lakes:

  • Dombay gorges – the route passes through rivers, lakes, waterfalls. During the hike, tourists will visit all the gorges adjacent to the valley. The culmination will be a visit to the enclosures with wild animals in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. You can book a full tour lasting 7 days or choose a one-day route to one of the attractions;
  • “Dombay and Arkhyz – two pearls of Russia” – a hike through passes, mountain lakes, alpine meadows, night gatherings around the fire and a fantastic photo shoot. Travel time – 10 days;
  • hiking through the gorges without backpacks – provisions and cargo will go in the car while tourists will lightly explore the natural beauty of the Dombai valley and the surrounding mountains;
  • hike with backpacks to the wild places of the Aksaut gorge – a week-long hike with overnight stays in eco-house. This is a rare route, as not everyone can afford to go far into the mountains to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.

In winter, the possibilities of hiking are much less, but they exist and are in demand. In windy weather, when the lifts are turned off in anticipation of the next avalanche, you can visit the following interesting places:

  • Teberda National Biosphere Reserve;
  • Dombai-Ulgen gorge, Russian valley – a simple route that does not require good physical training;
  • Devil’s Mill Canyon is one of the main attractions of the resort area. An hour-long walk will require endurance, but the result is worth it.

You can go to the Sentinsky temple (X century) as part of an excursion group. This is one of the oldest Orthodox churches built in the Caucasus. Managers of the hotel’s tour desk will select the most interesting route for guests of“Sufruju Lesnoy”.

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