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For everyone who was born in the post-Soviet space, Crimea is not just a peninsula, it is a symbol. But in addition, the Crimea is an amazing place, a zone of direct connection to space. Apparently, that’s why it pulls here again and again, even despite the dirty beaches, hellish infrastructure and lack of water.

True, it is still better to stay on the peninsula in hotels of a decent level: since the times of the USSR, The Crimean resorts are famous for their disgusting service, which can spoil any vacation. So Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA in Alushta is an excellent hotel that will help to come to terms with all the Soviet atavisms of rest in the Crimea.

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Location and history

After Euro 2012 and the declaration of the Government of Ukraine on European integration, European and American money rushed to all the “tasty” industries in the investment sense. Investors were more interested in Crimea than other Ukrainian regions: world hotel chains traded for the land of the coast, coordinated construction plans and trained staff in advance. Against the background of mastodons of the hotel business, the largest hotel chain Radisson Hotel Group stood out, which just then went to several cities of Ukraine, including Alushta.

The hoteliers set a grandiose task: in two or three seasons to fit the post-Soviet Crimea into the tourist map of the world and attract Europeans and Asians to the South Coast. However, the future has made its own adjustments.

After the events of 2014, the management company The Rezidor Hotel Group, fearing sanctions, left the Crimea, but did not abandon investments, and after a few gaskets created a special unit. So instead of the 4-star hotel Radisson Resort & SPA there was a 4-star hotel Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA with the same well-trained staff, level of service and even room design. The only thing that has changed (except for the name, of course) is the ability to pay by card: Visa and Mastercard also left, but later returned, albeit with reservations.


Going to the Crimea, stock up on cash. Despite the fact that since 2014 money has become simpler, finding cash in resort towns is still a non-trivial task.

Since 2015, Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA has reoriented to the domestic Russian tourist, focusing on spa services and conference services.

Hotel Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA is located in the heart of the resort of Alushta, at the beginning of the famous “tape” – Lenin Street, on the first line, that is, 200 meters from the sea. It’s arguably the best place for a hotel of this class in town, which isn’t surprising when you consider how Radisson Scouts nibbled it out from competitors.

Then, back in 2012, the investor’s eye caught on a dilapidated building built in 1914 in the center of Alushta, surrounded by a neglected garden or park. The Americans renovated the old house, completely preserving its appearance, and called it the Classic building. At the same time, they built the Art Nouveau building designed by Christian Lundval, laid pools, cleared the park and ennobled the beach. By the way, the beach of the riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA hotel is his beloved brainchild: the blue flag, 100 meters of the purest small Alushta pebbles, on which the capricious Black Sea loves to endure dense dark green algae.

The beach of the hotel is periodically cleaned, lifeguards work there, there is a medical center, they take out water and sun loungers. According to the old Crimean tradition, a tunnel leads from the Modern building to the beach, which can be used exclusively by guests of the complex.

From the hotel about an hour and a half by car to the airport of Simferopol (there is a little more than 50 kilometers) and 20 minutes by taxi to the center of Yalta.

Room stock

In total, there are 209 rooms of three categories in two buildings of the hotel. The rooms are standardized and correspond to the world level of four stars.

Building Modern

Ten floors, 146 rooms prepared for settlement in the conceptual design of Natural Cool and Ocean Style:

  • Standard: 25 sq. m and a view of the Crimean mountains;
  • Superior: 25 sq.m and a view of the Black Sea;
  • Junior Suite: 50 sq.m, city and mountain views.

Each room has a balcony, TV, air conditioning, a full set of bath services. Two rooms in the building are prepared for people with reduced mobility. For a family with a child, the Junior Suite is suitable, the rest will be small.

Case Classic

63 rooms, 3 floors and classic room design, more like a tired retro. All rooms and their equipment of the Classic building repeats Modern, except for the Junior Suite, it is two-room. The Classic Rooms offer views of the mountains and the city.


To admire the sea, experienced tourists are advised to take a higher room, otherwise the view will be on the dusty Alushta alleys and broken metal fences.

Please note that the price includes:

  • breakfast, fitness room and housekeeping;
  • children’s and indoor adult swimming pool;
  • Finnish sauna and Roman steam room;
  • salt room;
  • ironing and parking (if there is space).

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of the hotel there are several catering outlets for different tastes and budgets. It is expected that on average prices are higher than on the mainland, and the quality could be better.

The Grilled

It is located in the Modern building and is positioned as a restaurant of Asian, Black Sea and Russian cuisine. Since 2019, it has been working on a rather eclectic pan-Asian menu, which includes:

  • tuna ceviche;
  • beef tataki in oyster sauce;
  • poke with salmon;
  • pat-tai with egg noodles.

Many salads, the most famous soups (tom yam, ramen, pho), different types of noodles, steaks and seafood – the restaurant gives everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with the main dishes of Asian cuisine. The feature of the restaurant is rolls, there are a lot of them, it is different and very popular with hotel guests. Cooking in the restaurant is good, the chef personally controls the freshness of the purchased products.


Restaurant of European and Russian-French cuisine, which serves breakfast and lunches on the system buffet. Nice bright place with a very average kitchen, but a great children’s room where the child can play on their own.

The restaurant hosts a variety of events, including promotional birthday parties from the hotel.

La Veranda

Restaurant for several tables, located on the open white veranda of the Classic building. The cuisine is edible, but the main highlight of the restaurant is the wine list, which includes wines from local producers from Inkerman to Massandra, as well as many imported brands, from South Africa to German Riesling.

Lobby bar «Mangup»

Located in the case of Modern and boasts a really good coffee with whiskey. There is a small wine list with a local product. Smoking is available at the bar.

In summer, in high season, in the courtyard of the hotel there is a barbecue on which a professional chef fries meat with sauce. In addition, in the lobby lounge of the Classic building, you can sit and talk, sipping the famous champagne “New World” and sweet Massandra “Muscat of the Black Stone”.

The price of accommodation in the hotel includes breakfast, which is served on the basis of the main restaurant of the complex The Grilled: in high season Swedish, the rest of the time – continental. According to reviews, breakfast is quite tolerable, but closer to 10 there is nothing left (cook really little).


All dishes are quite spicy and salty, if you want to reduce piquancy (for example, for a child), you will have to additionally ask the cook.


The main advantage of Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA is The Shore SPA, two thousand square meters of continuous relaxation, that is, the largest SPA complex on the South Coast with an indoor pool and aquathermal halls. Some services are included in the accommodation, others can be bought at a discount if you fall under the promotion (spoiler: promotions are held constantly).

The aquathermal zone is used mainly as a place of deep full relaxation and rest:

  • dry and hot Finnish sauna;
  • Russian guy, stimulating sweating;
  • treatment room for wraps, massage;
  • soft warming up in the hammam, soap peeling and soap massage;
  • healing salt cave.

Outside the aquathermal area, a fitness room and swimming pools are available.

The Direction of MedicalSPA includes several programs focused on the gentle recovery of a person with chronic diseases:

  • “Strong heart” for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases;
  • “Breathing is great” for the tired, exhausted and often sick;
  • “Recovery” for those who have lost concentration and will to live;
  • “Healthy back” for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • “Stress management” is indicated for those suffering from insomnia, depression and VSD;
  • “Detox” to cleanse the body and spirit, change eating habits;
  • “Freedom of movement” to get rid of the consequences of hypodynamia.

Each program is designed for several days or can be adjusted according to wishes, includes consultations of specialists, physiotherapy, laboratory tests, sometimes drug therapy.

Swimming pools on the territory of the hotel

On the territory of Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA there are neither more nor less – four swimming pools. They are so good that you can spend your vacation near them, but there is also the best beach in Alushta!

Adult pool heated to 28 degrees

One part of the outdoor pool seems to go deeper into the forest, almost on the side there is a remote Pool-bar, which prepares a choice of basic cocktails (about 50 items).

Children’s pool

Depth up to 60 centimeters, heated. Children can be released to swim on their own, they are monitored by a lifeguard.

Indoor swimming pool

Located in the SPA complex, looks very interesting, a little in oriental style. It has amazing acoustics and amazing comfort for all the senses.

Near the sea

The pool with hydromassage installations, surrounded by old trees, descends almost to the sea itself. The experience is unforgettable.

Recreational opportunities for children

Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA has a lot left of Radisson, which means that it provides a package service for children, which includes an animator and children’s areas in all public areas of the hotel – for example, near the pool. Small guests are given a crib, as well as a high chair – just when booking you need to clarify what you will need.

The children’s playground near the Classic building is not impressive, but the pool is good, and the animators are friendly. In the pool of the Modern building there are children’s swimming courses, according to reviews, the coach is beyond praise.

Inga, St. Petersburg: “I have twins, we were in 2018, just a week before their third anniversary. Do not believe it, but after a hitch, the staff went to meet me, found cribs, gave out additional towels and linen. After a couple of hours, they even brought chairs! Everyone is friendly, the children are smiling, and the animators – well, who would have thought that my kids can be completely distracted for an hour and a half? Only for children’s service I will return to the Riviera again and again.”

Animators have prepared many programs for children:

  • interactive quests and flash mobs;
  • creative master classes and paper show;
  • fun on the water and sports events;
  • dancing and discos;
  • foam party and aqua makeup.

Even in high season, the hotel does not stay so many guests with children, so the animators are engaged with children almost individually.


The local restaurant does not have a separate children’s menu, but the chef will prepare for the child any dish to choose from. At breakfast, you will have to choose something for the child to your taste.

Excursions and attractions

Riviera Sunrise Resort & SPA professes the religion of international hotel chains: give the guest everything he wants, so that he does not want to leave the territory of comfort. However, the sea air and the mentality of the inhabitants of the Crimean mountains still slightly undermine the bourgeois obsessive service: the staff in the hotel is friendly, but moderate, offers services, but without a light. And in vain, because excursion tours, developed in the bowels of the Riviera by a person in love with the Crimea, are worth the widest advertising.

In fact, the hotel has a kind of designer that allows you to dial excursions, form a route and move along it. It is possible to do this both individually and in a group tour.

Directions of excursions and tours:

  • Wine Crimea – tour of the most famous wine companies with tasting;
  • Active Crimea – along the paths of hikers from Dimerdzhi to the South Coast and the Crimean canyon from the bath of youth;
  • Palaces of Crimea from Livadia to Bakhchisarai and Sudak;
  • Gastronomic Crimea includes a tour of a variety of farms and farms.

Cognitive Crimea is the main excursion that can be recommended to everyone: from the Crimean Astrophysical Laboratory to Jur-Jur, Chatyrdag, Nikitsky Botanical Garden and salt industry. This tour is worth going to absolutely everyone who came to the Crimea from other regions, just to see it for real. Not a golem from the TV, but alive and breathing, with different people and unrealistically beautiful nature.

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