Hotel Novomoskovskaya (Astrakhan)

Hotel Novomoskovskaya is located in the heart of the ancient city of Astrakhan,surrounded by attractions and beautiful architecture. The building of the hotel is protected by the state as an architectural monument, built by architect Alexander Digby in 1793. The building originally housed the Moscow Trading House. Some time later, a hotel was opened here, which exists to this day. Unfortunately, due to numerous reconstructions, nothing remains of Digby’s creation, but the status of an architectural monument is still there.

The high status of the building obliges the owners of the hotel to comply, so the rooms are decorated in a classic style, have increased comfort, the hotel guarantees a high level of service. Convenient location, excellent cuisine of its own restaurant and affordable prices are the three components of the success of the hotel, thanks to which guests come here in any season.

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The majestic building appeared on the parade ground square of Astrakhan at the end of the XVIII century and complemented the architectural ensemble consisting of another shopping complex and a public school. Today, on the site of the parade ground is a fraternal garden. Three floors of the Moscow Trading House were occupied by shops selling goods for various purposes, cellars and warehouses where visitors and local merchants kept goods, as well as residential chambers where merchants stayed.

After half a century of active operation, the building began to collapse. In 1887, the reconstruction affected the colonnade and gallery of the main facade. Builders dismantled the crumbling parts of the building, demolished the exterior stairs, decorated with porticos.

By the end of the twentieth century, the trading house acquired panoramic windows on the first floor, made in the European manner. Changes occurred not only outside, but also inside. To this day, only the name and foundation remained from the creation of the famous architect, everything else was significantly redone.

The revolution of 1917 made adjustments to the life of the country, the Moscow Trading House was cleared of merchants, and the building was given to the Council of National Economy of Astrakhan. A year later, a fire broke out in the architectural monument, which damaged the first floor. The Council of National Economy moved, the building was repaired and the hotel “Novomoskovskaya”, which still exists, was arranged.

Location and infrastructure

Location at the hotel “Novomoskovskaya” is excellent. A stone’s throw away is the Astrakhan Kremlin, the Drama Theater, the city center with architectural monuments, museums, restaurants and cafes. Cultural attractions, temples and cathedrals are concentrated nearby.

The hotel itself also has a restaurant and a bar. The train station is 3 km away and the airport is 9 km away.

The spa complex is available for guests and locals, and guests can be helped at reception to choose excursions or arrange leisure activities.

Room stock

The three-storey building offers 54 rooms of different capacity, but the same comfort. The rooms are furnished with comfortable modern furniture, air conditioning and safes. In winter, each resident can independently regulate the heating. The bathroom is decorated with natural marble, equipped with high-quality plumbing and bath accessories.

Each room, regardless of category, has digital TV and a work desk. For general meetings, the hotel has a conference room with all the necessary equipment.

Rooms are serviced daily and housekeeping is included in the price. At the request of the guest, food and drinks will be brought to the room at any time of the day. The reception is also open 24/7, so check-in is possible at any time. When booking a room, the check-in time is negotiated.

If the guest lives in a studio, suite or apartment, breakfast is included in the price. Guests living in other room categories can pay for breakfast separately, the cost for March 2021 is 600 rubles per person.

You can book any room through the official website of the hotel or by phone. For guests of the site there is a 10% discount.


Room for one guest is located in a 30-meter room, equipped with a modern bathroom, a semi-double bed and other furniture. This room overlooks a quiet courtyard.


A similar room of 30 square meters with two single beds is designed for two residents. The suite includes a bedroom and a bathroom. The windows also overlook the courtyard of the hotel. In this room can live and one guest, the price of accommodation does not change.


The room size of 30 square meters. meters for couples and lovers has a large double bed, a bathroom and a bonus in the form of a balcony overlooking the fraternal garden and the center of Astrakhan. The same rooms are on the other side, without a balcony and overlooking the patio. The presence of a balcony does not affect the price.


The room size of 43 square meters includes not only a bedroom and a bathroom, but also a living room. There are not two full rooms, but visual zoning. In the bedroom there is a comfortable double bed. In part of the museums there is a balcony overlooking the historic center, the other part with windows overlooking the courtyard of the building. Residents of this category of rooms are waiting for breakfast, which is included in the room rate.


The suite consists of two full rooms and a bathroom. The total area of the room is 51 square meters. A double bed with a modern orthopedic mattress, a capsule coffee machine and a buffet breakfast included in the price are a nice bonus for guests. The suites overlook only the brotherly garden and the city centre. The room is designed for one or two, the cost will not change from the number of guests.


Superior apartments have two rooms and a bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a double bed. The meeting area, also called the living room, includes a large table with chairs for long meetings and productive work. The windows of the room overlook the fraternal garden. The presidential suite includes breakfast and 1 hour Turkish hammam.

All residents of the hotel can use the gym free of charge. Spa and massage services are charged separately.

Elena, Balashikha: Excellent hotel in the center of Astrakhan. The rooms are clean and bright, the bathroom is luxurious, the plumbing is fine, the bed is clean and fresh. Cleaning in the hotel is carried out every day, which is important for me (allergy to dust). Clean up really well. The restaurant is luxurious, inexpensive and delicious. I lived in Novomoskovskaya for three days, but I will definitely come again.


Restaurant “Novomoskovskiy”

The hotel restaurant in the city center is one of the most visited and fashionable places in Astrakhan. The best chefs, premium products and excellent interior in the style of the XIX century attract many guests and residents of the city. Lunch in “Novomoskovsk” you need at least once in your life. Impeccable service, well-trained waiters and beautiful furnishings are three successful components of the restaurant. The menu includes an extensive wine list from all over the world, strong drinks are divided into types and varieties. In addition to meat dishes, vegetarian dishes are present in sufficient quantities, so no one leaves the restaurant hungry. Guests staying in the hotel have priority service in the hotel’s restaurant and bar, as well as daily buffet breakfasts from 7 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

The visiting card of the restaurant is the Tsar’s ear and other fish dishes for which Astrakhan is famous. Prices in the restaurant are quite affordable.

Lobby bar “Premier”

Lobby bar “Premier” invites everyone to spend time in the company of friends at a comfortable bar counter or a glass of cocktail, sitting on soft sofas in the lounge area. Luxurious interior, proximity to the historical center of Astrakhan, a huge range of drinks and affordable prices – all this suggests that you must visit here to feel the atmosphere of tranquility and aristocracy.

Igor, Moscow: We arrived with a little daughter at night, we were quickly issued, provided with a crib for the child. The room is quiet, the windows overlook the courtyard. The mattress is comfortable, the room is warm and smells fresh. Our room category included breakfast in the restaurant. I liked the convenient time of breakfast, managed to sleep, put myself in order. The buffet is not very varied, but breakfast is quite normal. The food was delicious. If I go to Astrakhan again, I will stay here, a convenient place, clean, tasty and inexpensive.

Nearby Attractions

Astrakhan is located in the upper part of the Volga delta. The city was founded in the middle of the XVI century, as the southern outpost of Russia. Ancient history and natural resources have made Astrakhan a place of attraction for tourists. Someone goes here to fish in a full-flowing river, someone wants to improve his health on the Russian “dead sea” – Lake Baskunchak, and someone gets acquainted with the history and culture of the Lower Volga region.

Astrakhan Kremlin

The Kremlin in Astrakhan is part of the fortress, as in many other Russian cities. The Kremlin since the XVI century stands on top of a hill, on Hare Island. Three rivers flow around the island, so it was impossible to penetrate the fortress unnoticed. From eight watchtowers to this day survived only four: Bishop,” Zhitnaya, Crimean and “Red Gate”.

In addition to these towers, the torture tower, located in the Artillery Tower, as well as the water gate leading to the Volga, has been preserved. During the siege, through this gate went for water to the river. Since 1974, the Astrakhan Kremlin has the status of a museum and an architectural monument. The expositions of the museum include not only historical objects, but also ethnographic ones.

Cathedral of Prince Vladimir

A large majestic temple was planned to be built for the feast of the 900th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. But suddenly there was a dry summer, the harvest died, famine came, and with it the cholera epidemic. It was not possible to raise funds for the construction, but the idea did not leave the citizens. The necessary amount was collected only by 1895. In 1902, the first Liturgy was held in the cathedral, and 17 years later the church was destroyed by workers captured by the idea of revolution.

In 1923, the struggle for the building of the temple began renovationists, and in 1936 were able to recapture the temple from the Soviet regime. But their joy was short-lived, 1939 broke out, the spirit of the approaching war was in the air. The Soviet authorities made a warehouse out of the temple, and then equipped the bus station.

The cathedral returned to the faithful only in 1999. A long reconstruction returned the temple to its former grandeur, and today in the 50-meter cathedral of unique architecture in the Byzantine style, the Liturgy is again served.

P. M. Dogadin Art Gallery

A large mansion owned by the merchant P.M. Dogadin. passed into the possession of the Soviet government in 1918. The revolutionaries did not raise their hand to the beautiful house, in which the merchant collected the pearls of Russian and foreign painting. The house became the first and largest art museum in Astrakhan. Today its expositions number almost 20 thousand exhibits: paintings, albums with sketches and sketches, books, icons and porcelain.

House of merchant Tetyushinov

Merchant Tetyushinov parted with a new, built in 1872, house after the revolution. The mansion is built in the best traditions of Russian wooden architecture, a real fairy-tale tower, in the upper rooms of which red girls roll a liquid apple on a plate.

The terem is decorated with patterned platbands, carved columns and decorative elements. The interior of the house almost did not suffer from the invaders, the museum has reached our days in its original form.

Today in the house of the merchant are arranged folklore festivals, fair festivities, excursions and tea parties with kalachs.


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