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Hotel Green Flow is located in the Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 1100 meters, in the popular ski resort“Rosa Khutor”. It was here that the XXII Winter Olympic Games were held in 2014. Green Flow has become the only hotel in our country that works according to the Healing concept.

The international association Healing Hotels of the World positions itself as an untouched island of tranquility for those who want to relax and find inner harmony. This is not just comfort and service, it is a special atmosphere in which you want to return.

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Hotel concept

The hotel actively promotes the idea of merging with nature. The synergy of man and natural forces can be traced not only in a well-chosen place, but also in the internal filling of the hotel. According to the idea of the creators, the calm and peaceful interior of the rooms in pastel colors, soft lines of furniture and appliances, thoughtful ergonomics in combination with healing mountain air saturated with charged ion, should relax and fill the tired city tourist.

An integral part of an excellent holiday is competent infrastructure. The hotel has created all the conditions for those who want to really relax. Particular attention is paid to water treatments and spas. For example, year-round the hotel has a heated swimming pool with lighting and panoramic views of the picturesque slopes of the North Caucasus Mountains.

Valeria and Maxim, Troitsk: We lived in a new modern room with useful facilities (ski storage room, ski boot dryers, etc.), spa with various saunas, large clean heated swimming pool. From the room with a balcony offered a beautiful view of the mountains. The staff was professional. The restaurant downstairs had good delicious breakfasts. We were a little worried about the place because we’re not familiar with the area, but it’s really amazing.

Room stock

The hotel offers several types of rooms:

  • Green Flow Suite is a spacious room with a balcony and views of the Caucasus Mountains. Unique soft design of the room, orthopedic mattress, modern plumbing and equipment will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding guests.
  • Panorama Suite is slightly inferior to the first in area, but this is fully compensated by a stunning panoramic view of the mountain ranges.
  • The Premier Suite also boasts stunning views and increased comfort. Room size – 42 sq.m.
  • Grand Premier with a balcony and a view of the majestic Caucasus is slightly inferior in area to the Premier, but remains comfortable and cozy.
  • Premier – the last option in the category of rooms with mountain views.
  • Junior and Superior with a balcony overlooking the Olympic Village, will allow guests to enjoy the beautiful mountain air and contemplation of the country’s sports heritage.

Igor, Moscow: Great place, we had a stunning view of the mountains from the balcony of the room. The spa was also excellent, not only the pool but also the saunas and showers. We loved the hotel – we had a room on the 6th floor, clean, new. We asked for one bed (the order was for the last double) and got it, great.

Meals and restaurants

On-site green flow restaurant, where special attention is paid to healthy and balanced cuisine. The hotel, which has committed itself to a complete reboot of the guest, fulfills this mission 100%. Dishes here are prepared strictly from local products, in compliance with all the rules of maximum conservation of energy and benefits. For environmental friendliness and freshness, the products coming to the kitchen of the restaurant are checked by the eminent chef himself.

By the way, he also developed a completely author’s menu, created on the basis of dishes from different countries. From each kitchen, the chef took the best national dishes and rethought from the point of view of modern cooking. The dishes are distinguished not only by excellent taste, but also by the original presentation.

In the mornings, the restaurant serves a buffet breakfast, during the day and in the evening guests are fed “A LA CARTE”. Drinks and snacks are available in the room and by the pool upon request.


The hotel organized and equipped with modern technology spa center for guests. Massages, procedures to cleanse the body of toxins and water-bath program allows guests to get rid of stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, nervousness and other disadvantages of the frantic rhythm of life in a big city.

In addition to the usual programs, the spa center offers several unique methods of recovery:

  • neural interface – a personal assistant who teaches how to meditate correctly and monitors brain activity during meditation in real time;
  • massage – will give not only real pleasure and relaxation, but also bring real health benefits;
  • directed facial massage – will improve blood flow, which will relax the muscles and reduce the severity of facial wrinkles and bring extraordinary pleasure;
  • floating is weightlessness, replacing a few hours of full sleep. During the procedure, the muscles of the body relax, and the brain is rebuilt to calm rhythms;
  • thermal area – Finnish and bio sauna, hammam, cold hot tub, hot tub with hydromassage, “shower of impressions”, grotto with a cool waterfall, lounge with a large screen and soothing music. The thermal zone is free of all guests.

For those who want to improve their health and lose weight, the hotel offers

author’s program of recovery and change of eating habits. The program was created by the leading Russian nutritionist Lydia Ionova.

The program combines the formation of eating habits with yoga, Nordic walking, meditation, spa and work with a psychologist.

Leisure and entertainment

Rest in Sochi is wonderful at any time of the year. The combination of mountain air and infrastructure created by human hands allow you to make the rest unforgettable. The ski resort is equipped with lifts to the slopes of varying complexity. Ski equipment is available for hire and ski storage is available.

If suddenly the weather has deteriorated, and you spend the evening in the hotel with your family and friends, then there is a relaxation room with board games for adults and a special play area for children. Interesting leisure activities can be provided for guests of any age.

Every evening you can get an unforgettable experience, skiing under the starry sky. In the mountains, the stars are closer! Rosa Khutor invites everyone to the Chalet, Juventus, Rosa Star, Rosa Blade and the Training Slope, where evening skiing is open.

By the way, the green slopes of Chalet, Juventus and the training slope are great for training, so if you want to improve your skills, or just decided to get up on skis or snowboard for the first time, then you can work out with an instructor individually or in a group in the evening.

Aliana, Rostov: I love skiing! Rosa Khutor is perfect for this! I come here sometimes several times a season, there is no better resort. After the Olympics in Sochi, there is everything you could wish for an athlete skier. I wish my beloved kuror development and prosperity!

Excursions and attractions nearby

Krasnaya Polyana is a popular ski resort located near Sochi. Once there were settlements of mountaineers. Their main village was called Kbaade. The highlanders considered these lands sacred. Here grew lush centuries-old yels, under which the council of elders gathered when the most important times came in the village. Here decisions were made about division or wars between tribes. The beauty of this place attracted many tribes. A little later, Krasnaya Polyana became the hunting fiefdom of the royal family, whose members came here to hunt bison.

It is believed that the name “Krasnaya Polyana” was given to the place by the Greeks, inspired by the beauty of the autumn purple fern growing here. Not far from Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountains, there is a famous source of mineral water called Sochi Narzan. Water from the spring surpasses in taste even the famous Kislovodsk water.

Krasnaya Polyana is protected from bad weather by the Caucasus Mountains with snowy peaks. Here is a crystal clear mountain lake Kardyvach, which gives rise to one of the largest rivers of the Black Sea coast – Mzymte. The forests are home to bison, deer, wild boars and bears. The rivers here are rich in trout and salmon, which spawn here every year. These places would probably still be uninhabited if the engineer Konstantinov had not built a good road from the village to the Black Sea coast.

The first tourist camp was opened here in Soviet times, in 1924. It was called “Mountain Air”. Since then, Krasnaya Polyana has become one of the centers of ski tourism. It is located the highest mountain in Europe – Elbrus.

Guests of Krasnaya Polyana can take part in interesting entertainment. Fans of sightseeing tours can see the mysterious dolmens. Scientists have been arguing about the history of their appearance for many hundreds of years. Small stone structures were created by people in the prehistoric period. It is still unknown why they were created. Some of the monumental structures are more than 6,000 years old and have survived to the present day.

For lovers of literature, classical houses – museums with a private history there is an opportunity to visit such a place. This is a house owned by the Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare, who very openly and accurately described the era of Estonian immigrants in our lands. He also translated F.M.’s novels. Dostoevsky into Estonian.

On the territory of the resort village there are several historical monuments. The Imperial Hunting Lodge, built for Nicholas II in 1903, has been preserved here. At the beginning of the 20th century, precious hunting grounds were located next to the house. Only representatives of the royal family were allowed to hunt here. After the revolution, the beautiful building fell into decay, and later a sanatorium was opened here. After the Second World War, the house lost its status and remained unaddested for many years. This valuable historical monument began to be reconstructed only in 2013.

On the territory of the resort village there are several religious monuments, including the Church of St. Charalampia. It was built in the 19th century on the initiative of the Greek community living here. It was the first stone temple in Krasnaya Polyana. Next to the temple is the tiny chapel of the holy martyr Zinaida, which is distinguished by its impressive architecture and Greek design.

Another interesting historical place is the ruins of the fortress of Achipse. It was built in the 8th century to protect the territory. Today, visitors to the historic district can see here the preserved fragments of an ancient magnificent stone structure.

Tourists will be very interested to visit the Museum of the History of Krasnaya Polyana. Its exposition will certainly impress school-age children.


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