Hotel Complex Vesely Hotei Gurzuf Crimea

Decorated in oriental style, the hotel “Vesely Hotei” is located in the south of the Crimea, just a few meters from the warm sea and a long embankment in the village of Gurzuf. This arrangement favorably affects the climatic properties of this area.

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Description of the hotel complex

“Learning to look for joyful moments in life is a sure way to attract happiness.” Hong Zicheng was a seventeenth-century Chinese philosopher and writer. No wonder the hotel staff made this saying the slogan of their hotel complex “Merry Hotei”. This place is the only hotel located on the southern sea coast of the Crimea, which to the smallest detail reflects the style and spirit of Asian countries, primarily, of course, China.

Hotel “Merry Hotei” is located 10 kilometers from the nearest city – Yalta and just a few steps from the shore. The hotel is surrounded by many trees that enrich the air with useful trace elements. The hotel overlooks a majestic park with cypresses, centuries-old cedars from Lebanon and pine trees from Italy. From the rooms and from the observation decks, an unforgettable sea panorama opens with a view of the famous mountain Ayu-Dag and the Gurzuf Bay.

Hotel “Vesely Hotei” is a private hotel complex, which has established itself with comfortable accommodation, exquisite service, professional staff and affordable prices. The convenient location of the hotel, comfortable apartments and rooms, friendly and qualified employees attract more and more new tourists every year, and regular customers have long become not just customers, but friends of the hotel “Merry Hotei”.

For hotel guests work:

  • outdoor pool with warm purified water, there is a fountain nearby;
  • restaurant with several types of cuisines;
  • bar with hookahs;
  • own fenced beach;
  • business lounge for business meetings;
  • parking with video surveillance.

Rest in the hotel has a positive effect on the health of guests and is remembered for a long time.

Pay attention! The Hotel “Vesely Hotei” has a smoking ban in all areas.

Hotel accommodation

In the hotel complex “Vesely Hotei” there are rooms of different comfort levels:

  1. Increased comfort. This room of 20 square meters has access to a large terrace of common use. Also in one of the three rooms (not in the corner) there is a balcony. Both the terrace and the balcony are fully furnished.
  2. Comfortable in the third building. Room of 17-20 square meters. The design is presented in white calm shades.
  3. Increased comfort in the third case. This room is 20 square meters long. It offers views of the Black Sea coast or the nearest park. It can accommodate two people on a regular bed and one on an extra bed.
  4. Economy in the third building. Designed for two tourists. Textured plaster in color was used to finish the room. Such an extraordinary solution looks great in a modern living room and goes well with classic style furniture. The living room has a large double bed. The room also has access to the street.
  5. Economy in the first building. The room is 14-17 square meters. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay for two people.
  6. Comfortable in the first building. Small in size room suitable for 1-2 vacationers. The furnishings include a large bed, a table for work or snacks and a large wardrobe. Panoramic windows perfectly fulfill their main task – they open access to the beautiful natural landscape. There is a balcony.
  7. Three-room increased comfort. The apartment consists of 3 rooms with a characteristic Asian atmosphere. Suitable for a company of up to 4 people. The unusual layout of the room and the rational furnishing of the living room allow you to spend joint leisure, for example, watching television. Wooden furniture looks a little rough and at the same time looks stylish and appropriate. For vacationers in the room there are two bedrooms with a large bed.
  8. Comfortable two-room. The room has an area of 31-33 square meters. The design is made in light colors, which contributes to additional relaxation and rest. Such colors are also in perfect harmony with beautiful furniture made of natural raw materials. And the plants planted in the room delight guests with lush greenery and enliven the interior.
  9. Premium. One room with an area of about 29 square meters. Equipped with collectible rattan furniture. Stylish look lamps of non-traditional shape with elements of iron. This room also has a balcony with a hanging armchair for relaxation.
  10. Premium. The apartment consists of 2 rooms and has an area of about 50 square meters. The interior is decorated in Asian style without European elements. The room is equipped with furniture from China. Light floors, fabrics made of natural materials and live greenery make this room more authentic. In the summer midday heat, it is pleasant to spend time in a cool room in which the air conditioning works.
  11. Family increased comfort. This room combines harmony on the one hand and style on the other. A company of up to 5 vacationers can be accommodated here. Also, this apartment is rented for a long stay. To do this, there is a refrigerator, air conditioning, comfortable beds and access to the balcony.
  12. Penthouse. A large family or a friendly company of 8 people can choose this luxurious room of 4 rooms (two of which are bedrooms). Four guests can sleep in extra beds. The entire room is decorated in pastel colours, which serves as a backdrop for oriental décor elements. Large windows give a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. There are two bathrooms decorated in different styles.
  13. Exclusive one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor Comfortable room consisting of 2 rooms, a bedroom and a living room with utensils. The area of 52-72 square meters with sea views. This room features a washing machine.
  14. Exclusive two-bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor. This room has an additional entrance from the street. The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 additional rooms and 2 bathrooms. The advantages of the room are obviously a dining area combined with a kitchen for 6 people.
  15. Exclusive two-bedroom apartment on the 5th floor Area of 3 rooms 90 square meters. The room consists of 2 bedrooms and a room for work and leisure. There is also a kitchen, washing machine and TV. From the balcony you can admire the Black Sea.

The accommodation is located in several adjacent buildings, the design of which refers vacationers to authentic Asian buildings. All apartments are renovated in a modern style using expensive materials. The rooms are distinguished by panoramic windows, competent layout and views from the windows. The design of each of the rooms is presented in calm colors, which contrasts very well with bright details and accessories.

More information! All rooms are equipped with built-in air conditioning and cable TV with many channels. Bathrooms are equipped with necessary plumbing and towels.

Meals in the hotel complex

Chinese cuisine can rightly be called the best in the world. And the restaurant at the hotel “Vesely Hotei” is the only Chinese restaurant in the Crimea. The menu, compiled by an experienced chef from China, allows you to immerse yourself in the exoticism of oriental culture. The secret of oriental dishes is hidden not in the unique ingredients, but in the way they are prepared. Asian chefs do not fry dishes “to a crispy crust”, they only lightly fry or stew products so that they do not have time to lose all their useful properties.

Here, in the traditions of oriental cuisine, offer a menu that is considered the most useful for digestion:

  • first serve green tea without additives;
  • then cold snacks (mainly meat, fish or vegetables cut into small pieces);
  • then rice with sauce;
  • then heated rice wine;
  • and finally broth and tea.

For those visitors who do not want to reproduce the ritual, the hotel “Merry Hotei” offers a choice of various dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisine:

  • sets;
  • rolls;
  • raw fish;
  • Chinese soups;
  • salads;
  • serving dishes;
  • desserts;
  • oriental sweets.

Also on the menu there is Chinese wine and Japanese sake, soft drinks. And if desired, of course, you can order dishes of European cuisine.

Guests start a new day with a delicious breakfast, the cost of which is included in the stay. Dinners and lunches can also be arranged separately.

Important! You can have lunch in the luxurious main hall of the restaurant, in the sushi bar with a beautiful panoramic view, in the cozy open space of the second building or order in the room.

Is it possible to enter the hotel complex with children

Hotel “Vesely Hotei” offers comfortable rooms that are suitable not only for adults, but also for those who came with children. The rooms are equipped with furniture suitable for children, their own bathrooms are equipped so that they can be used by small guests or at the same time by a parent and a child. The air conditioner can be controlled, it allows you to adjust the temperature suitable for all family members, which is especially important in the warm season.

Meals are also provided. Meals are served in the elegant dining rooms of the restaurant. The menu offers several dishes to choose from for children. From a wide range, you can choose even what is suitable for very young guests. Employees are especially careful to control the quality of products used in the kitchen.

Children will not be bored to relax, they can have fun with the family in a warm sauna. And then you can go to the pool. The method of temperature change has an excellent hardening effect. The pool with sea water is decorated with mosaics – at the bottom there is an image of a dragon. This design is especially liked by young guests. They are ready to swim and have fun in clean water all day.

One of the main advantages of the hotel is a fenced beach. The beach is quite wide, closed from the winds on all sides, the coating is pebbles, round and shallow. Walking barefoot on such a beach will strengthen the muscles of the legs and ligaments. Large umbrellas are available that will protect from the sun. Fun experiences await children outside the hotel “Merry Hotei”.

Pay attention! Children under five years stay free of charge.

Wellness in the hotel complex

Many travelers go to the Crimea to relax, recharge their batteries and improve their health. In this area, the human body is affected by a whole range of therapeutic factors.

Upon arrival at the hotel complex “Merry Hotei” it is best to start your vacation with air and sunbathing. The combination of these available treatments yields excellent results. The ideal place for swimming is the sea or the pool. The best time for such a holiday is morning and evening. During the procedures, it is not necessary to lie down on a chaise longue, swimming is perfectly combined with physical exercises and pleasant walks along the coast.

The air in these places is clean, rich in oxygen and phytoncides. A wonderful cocktail of sea and pine air saturates the body with useful trace elements.

Sea water has a complex composition, contains useful substances that are absorbed by the skin during bathing and enter the bloodstream.

Water procedures relieve nervous tension, insomnia and fatigue. Visiting the sauna brings not only emotional pleasure, but also great health benefits, helps to get rid of toxins and increases the body’s resistance to viruses.

More information! Hotel “Vesely Hotei” offers its guests massage treatments.

Leisure outside the hotel complex

Guests of the hotel “Merry Hotei” can take part in various water activities that are offered on the beach. Famous diving centers provide guests with the necessary equipment for diving and help, thanks to experienced instructors, to get used to the water. Also vacationers can go water skiing, banana, motorcycles and bicycles.

The southern coast of the Crimean peninsula is also rich in attractions:

  • majestic mountains;
  • clean sea;
  • lush greenery;
  • amazing complexes of palaces and parks.

Hotel “Vesely Hotei” helps its guests to organize interesting excursions and provides convenient transport.


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Each guest of the hotel “Merry Hotei” can immerse himself in the atmosphere of relaxation, oriental wisdom and hospitality, enjoy dishes according to Asian recipes in a refined restaurant and sushi bar. A special approach to the organization of recreation makes the hotel attractive for guests.