Hotel Burnt by the Sun Krasnaya Polyana

Hotel “Burnt by the Sun” is located in the village of Krasnaya Polyana. It is marked by three stars of comfort and has all the prerequisites to get another star. Its cozy rooms have been repeatedly noted by experienced travelers, and among lovers of alpine skiing, it is in deserved demand. The owners managed to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. In the morning, sports lovers will enjoy a nutritious tonic breakfast, and in the evening a pleasant relaxing sauna. This is not a spoiler, but just a prelude to a further description of the conditions of living in the hotel “Burnt by the Sun” and the organization of rest on Krasnaya Polyana.

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Location and history

The four-storey building was built in 2007. Two reconstructions were carried out. One in 2015, the other in 2019. All rooms have been brought to the standard level of comfort. There was a meeting room. There is no elevator in the house. The friendly staff speaks three languages: Russian, English and Armenian. The distance from Adler International Airport is 39 km. By public transport to get 70 minutes (stop “Peak Hotel”). By taxi – 40 minutes. From the railway station “Esto Sadok” go no more than 5 minutes. Within walking distance there is a stop where buses 105, 105c, 135, 63 stop. They can get to the airport, railway station and railway station, the center of Sochi.

The hotel received its name in honor of the KVN team of the same name, which became the champion of the Higher League of the game and toured a lot in Russia and the CIS. In each room, hall on the walls hung photos of the band members. Among them there are famous artists Mikhail Galustyan, Alexander Revva.

Room stock

The fund includes 44 hotel rooms of different comfort levels. All have bathrooms with showers. Refrigerators are provided. Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. The floors are carpeted. On the walls wallpaper. The interiors are decorated in different colors, you need to choose to your liking. Kettle and utensils can be taken to the reception at any time. The room has only a carafe with water and glasses according to the number of guests.

To accommodate guests are offered:

  1. Double standard (18 km. m) with balcony / without balcony. Designed for 2 people.
  2. Triple standard (25 sq. m) with balcony/without balcony. Three full beds, beds, there is a desk.
  3. Quadruple standard (32 sq. m) without a balcony occupies the attic.
  4. Two-room family room (33 sq. m)without balcony. Can accommodate 4 people.
  5. Triple Suite (39 sq. m.).

In each of the rooms you can add one extra bed (armchair-bed). The hotel does not accept guests with animals, but the administration meets the wishes of the guests. Pets can live with their owners for a fee – 500 rubles per day + deposit of 2000 rubles. (prices are valid for November 2020).

The price includes parking (subject to availability of transport), internet, ironing facilities, dryer for ski equipment, coolers on each floor with hot / cold drinking water, transfer to the ski lifts in the ski season. Paid household services include laundry.

Meals and restaurants

On-site restaurant, gril-bar “Czech Beer” and lobby bar. Meals are not included in the accommodation fee. Guests decide where and when they are. The menu is not expensive, the kitchen opens at 7 am and ends the service at 23.00. The assortment includes dishes of European, Czech, Caucasian cuisines, grill. In the lobby bar you can sit or order food in the rooms around the clock. There is also its own brewery on site. It brews craft Czech beer. Fans can order an unfiltered drink in the billiard room to combine a pleasant pastime with the game.

At the reception, you will definitely be advised to visit the top restaurants of Krasnaya Polyana, located nearby:

  • Triconi Tavern (300 m) – the gatsro pub is known not only for its diverse cuisine, but also for its furnishings. This is a real ski pub, made in the Alpine style, with wooden tables and benches, a hot fireplace, large portions of food;
  • Cafe-bar Elarji (400 m) is not a particularly iconic place, specializes in Georgian cuisine, is located on the second floor of the supermarket “Niva”. The menu is small but attractive. It cooks Phali, Satsivi, Khachapuri and Mamalyga with cheese;
  • “What? Kharcho!” (6.7 km) – one of the best restaurants of Caucasian cuisine in the resort. It is located in Esto Sadok. It serves really delicious and southern colorful dishes.

In 200 meters from the “Burnt by the Sun” there are other interesting restaurants. For example, “Province”, “Mimino”, “Abrau-Dyurso LE CAFE”, “Beard Bar” with craft beer and crazy music parties in different styles. A little further there are cafes “S own”, “Hygge Cafe”, Barbecue with a rich selection of dishes cooked on an open fire.

Leisure and entertainment

The ski season is the main time for the hotel staff. A free shuttle service to the ski lifts is available in the morning. Transport departs at 9 and 10 am. Seats must be booked in advance. The service is only available during high season from 19 December to 1 April. At other times, shuttles go to the lifts. If you have a ski pass, the ski bus is free of charge. In summer, the Black Sea beaches can be reached by public transport or take a taxi.

For those staying at the hotel, all resort areas of Krasnaya Polyana are available. The ski resort is divided into 4 main complexes. From the hotel you can get to the cable cars:

  1. Mountain carousel (2.5 km) – built for the 2014 Olympics, divided into three tourist routes. The main line rises to a height of 2200 meters, there is an observation deck, as well as several ski slopes. The eastern line will take you to the waterfall Polikarya, cable car “Circus-2” delivers skiers to the ski area.
  2. Gazprom (5 km) – passes over the territory of the sports and tourist complex of the same name. There is a ski and biathlon stadium, mountain shelters Psehako and Fir, a high-rise observation deck. Trails for downhill and cross-country skiing are illuminated.
  3. Alpika service (5 km) – mainly works in the winter season. It leads to the Shelter of the Winds, red and black ski slopes, a high-mountain bath with panoramic windows. Here is the highest observation deck. From here, paragliding flights are made. Here, extremals are looking for thrills on 5 tracks of increased complexity.
  4. Rosa Dolina (7 km) – serves the resort rosa Khutor. Available trails of different levels of complexity, evening skiing, equipment rental, services of instructors and guides, snow parks, rodelbahn, ski service.

Plenty of skiing, sledding or tubing, you can dine in one of the local restaurants, look into the cinema, do other types of entertainment or return to the hotel.

In addition to a warm room and a comfortable clothes dryer, here you can use the services of a sauna, play Russian billiards. A finnish sauna is not included in the price. This service is provided on a paid basis.

The hotel has a rental office. In winter, ski equipment is rented, in summer – bicycles. From here you can go hiking on mountain trails or cycling.

Recreational opportunities for children

For children’s rest in the hotel there is, perhaps, a TV. The organization of leisure will have to deal with the parents themselves. Administrators will tell you where it is better to go and select a suitable program for the age. Entertainment for young guests of the resort on Krasnaya Polyana abounds. The are open to the public:

  • rodelbahn is a sled rushing at a speed of 40 km / h on special rails;
  • the highest mountain swings (children from 4 years old are allowed) are located on the edge of the gorge;
  • Husky Farm and Deer Farm will introduce kids to the life of northern animals, dogs and deer will be allowed to feed, then ride in sleds and finally treat tea with gingerbread in the shaman’s yarang;
  • to communicate with domestic goats, to eat homemade cheese with bread from the Russian oven invites the estate “Shishin Dvor”;
  • numerous children’s clubs are ready to entertain the child for several hours, while parents conquer the next ski slope.

The hotel is located near the resort area “Gorki Gorod”. A unique entertainment infrastructure has been built here, which will interest both children and their parents. SHOPPING CENTER “Gorki Mall” is a whole country with its own water park, game rooms, cinema, cafes and shops. Here you can spend the whole day if the weather for skiing is not good.

Gazprom invites you to its entertainment zone called “Galaxy”. There is a water park, a bowling club, several cinemas, an ice rink, children’s clubs. Krasnaya Polyana also has something to occupy children. For them, rides, game rooms have been built, art studios have been opened, where amazing master classes are held.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Hotel “Burnt by the Sun” is located in the heart of Krasnaya Polyana. Nearby there is a monument to the Defenders of the Passes. Here, in 1942, the German fascist invaders tried to break through the mountains to important resource and combat facilities of the Soviet army. But they met with a worthy rebuff. For almost a year, Soviet soldiers, with the help of the local population, held the defense, not letting the Germans into the rear. In 1043, the passes were liberated, and obelisks were erected in memory of the heroes of the war.

Burnt by the Sun Hotel has a tour desk with professional guides. They are ready to conduct excursions individually or in a group order to the following places of interest in Krasnaya Polyana:

  • Rosa Khutor (3.8 km) – acquaintance with the infrastructure of the famous resort, ascent to the observation deck, unforgettable photos;
  • Bear Corner (12 km) is an active bike ride (or hiking-ski crossing) with a visit to the tract, cave and waterfall. Through the canyon Bear Corner passes the way to the water-mineral springs;
  • Museum “Cosmodrome” (5.1 km) – a trip to the scientific and educational center in the SPACE CENTER “Galaxy” can take from several hours to a whole day. Here, guests are sent on a virtual journey between the stars, give the opportunity to test their strength on real space simulators;
  • Aviary complex (4.4 km) – part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve will acquaint with the life of wild animals in conditions as close as possible to the present;
  • Dolmens (3.1 km) are hidden in the mountains, so the first of them was discovered only in 1968. Megalithic buildings have long been of interest to scientists around the world, tourists are genuinely interested, mystics assign them magical power;
  • The exhibition bridge (10 km) is an attraction at an altitude of 2320 meters. Wooden suspension bridge with a length of 115 meters, a distance to the ground – 60 meters. After passing a wooden staggering deck, the tourist finds himself on the observation deck “Rose Peak”.

In summer, the hotel gathers for hikers. Natural attractions, where you should definitely go:

  • mountain river Mzymta (500 m) – in addition to the fact that it is the longest Russian river flowing into the Black Sea, there is a lot of space for exciting rafting and rafting. Adventures on kayaks, kayaks or canoes are always ready to arrange local tourist offices;
  • Mount Achishkho (5 km) is a great place for hiking and hiking. Most routes start from the outskirts of Krasnaya Polyana, so you do not have to go long. There are enough lakes, waterfalls, caves, from the top there is a view of the surroundings and the Black Sea coast;
  • Mount Aigba (10 km) is more of a ridge or mountain range. There are a lot of tourist routes, both hiking and cycling. For example, from the Black Pyramid to Rose Peak, the transition will take about 4 hours. You can book a tour with an overnight stay under the stars above the clouds.

The tour desk will offer a lot of offers to choose where and how to spend your free time.


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