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Hotel “Aibga” is located at the foot of the five-domed mountain Aibgi. The Mountain Carousel Ski Complex and Tourist Centre are just 300 metres away. In a few minutes from the hotel you can get to other ski resort complexes of the resort area Krasnaya Polyana. Thanks to such a convenient location, you can use the lifts, ski, visit excursions and explore the surroundings without losing unnecessary time. The hotel was built away from the road, so no noise will interfere with your comfortable stay.

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Location and history

The hotel looks like an Alpine chalet. But the interior of the hall, the café is made in accordance with modern requests. The hotel occupies a small 4-storey building with 22 spacious rooms of different capacity and format: studio, standard and apartments. The rooms have balconies, and each room offers a fantastic view of the surroundings and the majestic peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. The rooms are equipped to make guests feel comfortable and cozy.

Vladimir, St. Petersburg “I liked the location. And the funiculars are close, and the city center. The furniture in the room is good, modern. The room offered a fascinating view of the mountains. In the lobby of the hotel made a comfortable area where you can sit on soft sofas by the fireplace. There is a room for storing sports equipment and drying clothes. Very quiet, the noise of the road is not heard at all. The fact that the hotel is small is a plus for me. No need to rest among the crowds of tourists. The staff is very friendly. Helped me get my forgotten glasses back.”

So that sports equipment and clothing do not interfere with you, they can be left in a special room for drying and storing sports equipment. Valuables can be stored in a safe deposit box. Wi-fi is free.

The hotel has its own café with bar. It offers breakfasts, Dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine.

After an intense day’s leisure, we recommend using the steam bath with steam room and relaxation area, enjoying a relaxing massage and spa treatment or taking a dip in the outdoor pool. After the bath, you can spend the rest of the evening playing billiards or in the area with a movie projector.

Hotel “Aibga” during the work managed to prove itself from the best side. The hotel strives to guarantee the safety of its guests. In addition to the presence of security services, the hotel has video cameras and a security and fire alarm system. Residents often return here again and again.

Free parking is available on site.

The nearest public transport stop is 150 metres away. Mountain Carousel is 300 metres away. The Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum is 400 metres away and the Old Oak Art Installation is 500 metres away.

Ekaterina, Moscow “Very friendly staff, delicious food, beautifully decorated territory. Everywhere is very clean. Our room turned out to be large in size, optimal for a family with children. Excellent bathroom with underfloor heating. Location for all 5, and even more. All shops, as well as entertainment are literally within walking distance. I liked that it was quiet, both in the hotel and in the surrounding area. Cozy and safe. In general, the impressions are the most positive – in another place for such a price it will be difficult to find the same high quality. “

Among all the zones of the krasnaya Polyana resort, the village of Esto-Sadok is one of the most popular among tourists. It attracts vacationers with the aroma of coniferous and beech relict forests, the cleanest air of the mountains and the traditional high level of service for this place. Surrounded by mountains, a small but cozy town occupied both banks of the Mzymta River flowing among the mountains. All this gives Esto-Sadk a very picturesque view.

The village itself appeared in 1886 and was founded by Estonian settlers. Since then, people have continued to visit this place. Unique nature, strong energy, mountain air and breathtaking mountain landscapes – all this is the hallmark of Esto-Sadok.

Leisure and entertainment

It does not matter whether you prefer only summer or only winter sports, this place is suitable for everyone. It is difficult to find a more suitable place for your outdoor activities. Ski complex “Mountain Carousel” regularly holds a variety of sports competitions and other events in a variety of sports – slalom, mountainbike, downhill, pull jumping, freeride, snowboarding, etc. A well-developed infrastructure and a high level of service is the business card of this place. You will appreciate the comfortable modern cable car funiculars, lifts, the services of professional instructors, well-prepared ski slopes, cozy cafes, restaurants and rental of ski and other equipment.

Young people are attracted by year-round parties, music festivals with the participation of Russian and world stars, concerts (including thematically) and other interesting events.

For families with children, we recommend taking part in festivities. It will be interesting for both children and adults. New Year, Family Day, Maslenitsa – this is only a small part of the holidays, which the resort pays special attention to. There are among them and quite unusual as, for example, seeing off Summer and Winter – the Day of the change of seasons. Each of these events is a fascinating event, in honor of which fairs (including gastronomic ones) are opened, attractions are installed, interesting games and shows are arranged.

Do you like tubebing? Fans of pea riding on cotton candy will be happy to know that in Esto-Sadka it can be done all year round. With the only difference that in the warm season for perfect sliding more suitable special artificial coating.

Don’t forget to bring your skates to visit the ice rink. It is located next to the main ski lift of the village. Well, even if you forget, it does not matter. In addition to the comfort area for changing clothes, a rental office was opened here. You do not have to pay for skiing – the rink is free.

Tired of the usual types of skating, do you want something unconventional? Get a new experience from dog sledding. To do this, visit the Husky Center. They ride visitors in winter and summer. Kind and intelligent dogs of the Husky breed were bred by the peoples of the Far North, whose customs and features of life in the center are told during an interesting excursion. You are guaranteed a good mood and positive emotions. A visit to this center can be safely recommended even to families with the youngest travelers.

There is so much entertainment in Esto-Sadka that there is not enough paper to describe them all. We can only say that for active people here is a real paradise. Try to fly in a balloon, ride an ATV, visit the cable car “Gorky Fly”, a rope park, get out of the quest room, immerse yourself in virtual reality, feel like Robin Hood in a light range, take children to a mountain apiary, admire the views of the panoramic platform, ride in a skate park or bike park. Entertainment is actually so much that it is difficult to catch everything in one trip.

Well, if you suddenly want to be on a sandy beach, lie on the sand and play beach games, go to the shopping and entertainment center “Gorki Mall”. Here you are sure to find something of interest. In this shopping center opened the only resort area of Krasnaya Polyana water park, in which you will find water slides, Jacuzzi, sauna, massage services and a real sandy beach.

The shopping and entertainment center occupied 4 floors. It has not only traditional boutiques, but also specialized sports stores selling clothes and equipment. If you have forgotten something from this house, you can buy more here. And visitors to the shopping center “Gorki Mall” can ride balls in a bowling alley, play Russian billiards or pool or go to the cinema. Children will love the slot machines.

I always want to bring something with you from vacation as a souvenir. For souvenirs, go straight to the kiosks of the fair, which is located in the open air right in front of the shopping center. It is likely that during your vacation you will look there several times. Children can ride on the merry-go-karel, and take part in interesting competitions themselves. The fair is open daily.

Do you want nightlife even at the resort? In Esto-Sadka there is an entertainment complex entertainment complex “Sky Club & Concert hall”. The nightclub is open every night and is closed only on Monday.

Krasnaya Polyana has become a new playing area of Russia. Check if you will smile luck in the casino “Sochi”, which is located next to the hotel “Aibga”. Don’t like gambling? It’s still worth a look here at least once. There are constantly raffled prizes and competitions, organize free concerts and amazing shows, as well as other events.

In the warmer season, take a walk along one of the 19 eco-trails. Their total length is 40 km. Do not be alarmed, all the trails are different with different levels of difficulty. You will be able to choose the most suitable route. There is an opportunity to make your walk even more exciting and safe by going on a hiking trip accompanied by a local guide. He will help you take stunning photos, suggesting the best place for a photo against the background of mountain peaks will show you local lakes and waterfalls, show unusual animals and plants. The singing of birds, the murmur of water, the smell of needles and fresh air – you will not want to go back.

More tourists are attracted by the embankment of Esto-Sadka. In addition to the fact that this is a really good place for festivities, you can find the main restaurants, shops and cafes of the village. It is especially good to walk along the embankment in the evening.

Excursions and attractions

Fans of historical excursions and intellectual recreation will also be able to find something to see in Esto-Sadka. To get started, check out the Anton-Hansen Tammasaare Museum. The museum, located in a large house built in the early twentieth century, offers to get acquainted with the two parts of the exhibition. In the current house-museum used to live and work famous Estonian literary classic. In honor of him, the museum was named. The first part of the exposition consists of antique objects and interiors. Here collected books, utensils, musical instruments, photographs and various household items and crafts. And the second part is an art exhibition with paintings that depict mountain landscapes and streets of old Tallinn.

Esto-Sadok is not a very old town, it is less than 150 years old, but earlier buildings can be found nearby. We recommend you to explore the largest archaeological site of the entire resort area of Krasnaya Polyana – the fortress of Achipse, or rather its remains. Since the VII century. this fortification reflected many onslaught of enemies. Then the fortress had high thick walls, which complemented the watch towers. The ruins of Achipse keep a lot of secrets. There were clashes between Christians and pagans. The fortress was attacked by the Cimmerians. And the walls did not see the chalk of the treasures of the Scythians. To this day, the towers have not survived, the walls have partially collapsed, but in some places you can see the old foundation and fragments of the gate, potholes that appeared during hot battles, door openings and parts of stone and brickwork.

There is also a modern attraction in the village. Not just modern, but also built using the most advanced technologies. This is the Esto-Sadok Bridge, it attracts those who want to see something unusual. In addition to its unusual architecture in the style of futurism, the bridge is known as a very romantic place. Here come lovers and just those who want to make a wish. A special romance is given to it by special lighting, so in the evening, when it gets dark, the water under your feet will turn into multi-colored lights.

Another attraction of the spa area is the old Estonian road. The road begins at the foot of the mountain just after Esto-Sadok and will lead you to the village of Krasnaya Polyana. Despite the fact that the road is called old, the pavement of the road is very good, so they like to jog here. When walking along this route will be comfortable in both warm and cold seasons. And, of course, to make wonderful photos of waterfalls and a gorgeous panorama of the majestic mountains and ski slopes of the ski complex “Mountain Carousel”. You can see from here the railway station Esto-Sadka.


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