Health complex “Dagomys” Russia — Affordable rest in the Krasnodar Territory

The health complex “Dagomys” got its name from the town of the same name, which is located next to the most popular resort of the Krasnodar Territory – Sochi. After 2014, when the Olympic Games were held here, its rating rose to incredible proportions. But, unfortunately, the price tags for hotel accommodation have also increased. And what should people with a modest budget do in this case? The answer is simple – book places in Dagomys in advance.

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Is it worth the go?

Thousands of tourists from all over the country and neighboring countries come to Dagomys every year. In elite and prestigious complexes you can even meet show business stars and businessmen. But not everyone can afford accommodation in hotels of the highest category, and it is for them that guest houses are built here. If you are lucky, you can rent a small apartment in high-rise buildings, but you should take care of booking such housing in advance, since in high season the town is not able to provide everyone with rooms.

The settlement is part of the administrative unit of Sochi. In any travel agency you will be provided with all the necessary information on these cities. They are inextricably linked, and the distance between them is about a kilometer. Every day there are fixed-route taxis and numerous buses between them. In addition, the railway track passes through Dagomys, so you can always get to the right place by train.

The settlement itself appeared almost two centuries ago. Here at one time settled servicemen who participated in the battles in the Caucasus. In order for the conquered lands to begin to develop actively, local fields began to be turned into tea plantations. It is known for certain that once in the vicinity of Dagomys Nicholas II bought a plot of land for himself and his family.

Since then, the town began to enjoy incredible popularity. Today, its population is about 30 thousand people. Within it there are no significant factories and large industrial facilities, so people work in numerous hotels and guest houses. Only a few continue centuries-old traditions and are engaged in the cultivation, processing and sale of tea.

Interestingly, all residential buildings are located very close to each other, so the dreams of those who dream of building their own house on one of the streets will remain dreams. It is possible to erect a building on the outskirts, but for this you must first spend a lot of time and effort to collect all the necessary documents and permits.

Ekaterina, Krasnoyarsk: “Dagomys is a very beautiful city. Just imagine – the sea in the immediate vicinity, and the streets are buried in the greenery of trees. If desired, you can always go to Sochi, Adler and nearby cities and towns. There are many attractions, guides often tell interesting historical facts that are very interesting to listen to. I really liked it, so I can safely recommend this resort to anyone who wants to relax in a relaxed atmosphere. “

Room stock

In a truly amature with its size health complex “Dagomys” equipped with a huge number of rooms for guests. The rooms have a cozy homely atmosphere, the atmosphere has a good restful sleep.

In the evening, if you are tired of discos, parties and gatherings in restaurants and bars, you can watch your favorite movie on TV, chat with friends on social networks and post new photos from the holiday. All rooms have access to wireless Internet, so you can always get the necessary information by e-mail or in various messengers.

As for the furniture filling, in each room there is a chic double bed (or two single beds), as well as a couch for watching TV, reading the press and chatting with friends or family members. The balconies are rattan furnished, allowing you to spend the morning hours with a cup of coffee outdoors and admire the local scenery.

Maxim, Taganrog: “The maids do a great job: periodically update the mini-bar, change bed linen three times a week, constantly supply clean snow-white towels. Every day in the rooms there is a wet cleaning, during which the floors are wiped, dust is removed from all surfaces (it is not even on the cabinet, I checked!!). Finally, I found in the Krasnodar Territory a decent hotel with clean staff. “

Entertainment and recreation

You have no idea how extensive and diverse the entertainment program that this wellness complexoffers. Let’s start with children’s leisure. For the youngest guests of the institution there is a mini-club, which can consist of children from 4 to 12 years old. Experienced and cheerful animators work tirelessly with them throughout the day, various events with soap bubbles, chemical experiments and heroes of animated films are held within the framework of the project. On the territory of the hotel there is a petting zoo, where children communicate with animals. If necessary, in the evening with your kids will sit a nanny, of course for a certain fee.

Adults are also waiting for a huge amount of entertainment. Even during the holidays, you can continue to play sports, as the wellness complex has at its disposal a gym with departments for fitness and yoga, as well as courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball and other team games. On the territory of the institution there is a bowling club and a billiard room, where you can have fun with friends and family.

Oksana, Kirov: “I never thought that in Russia there are hotels that work in the manner of Turkish hotels. For adrenaline and new sensations now you do not need to go to Sochi, for an evening party it is enough just to go down to the pool. Theme parties with the participation of presenters and animators are regularly held here, incendiary music sounds, various competitions are held. And in the mornings, everyone gathers near the reservoir to do group exercises and sunbathe. Neighbors I came across very sociable, I immediately met with some of them, made friends. We often walked together and swam in the sea. I didn’t want to go home.”


Since this complex has its own spa at its disposal, you should talk about the services that are provided in it. All guests of the institution can go to the steam room, sauna or Finnish bath. On the territory of the complex there is an indoor pool equipped with a cascade of waterfalls, which is actively used by women who love to take care of their body.

Also, some vacationers visit massage rooms, which offer a huge number of types of massage. This, of course, is done only by highly qualified specialists who know their business perfectly.

But in the center you can not only strengthen your health, but also engage in transformation. The institution has manicure and pedicure salons, as well as hairdressers offering services for dyeing, styling and cutting hair. Cosmetologists perform complex procedures for scrubbing, cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin of the face and body, removing scars, stretch marks, excess vegetation and the first signs of cellulite.

Svetlana, Krasnoyarsk: “I was born and raised in Siberia, even the summer cannot be called warm. But in Dagomys I was able to fully understand what real heat is. Got a great bronze tan, hours sunbathing on the beach or by the pool. But in between lazy lying on the sun loungers, I did not forget about my beauty. Regularly visited the wellness center and gym, and eventually rejuvenated and lost a few pounds. I returned home with a new hairstyle – my relatives did not recognize me. Thank you very much!”


As mentioned earlier, in the health complex “Dagomys” everything is subordinated to the “all inclusive” system beloved by Russians. All main meals are held in the format of a “buffet” in the main restaurant of the institution. I must say, he bursts with the inherent breadth of the soul for Russians.

The menu consists of several parts: the first – for everyone who likes to eat tasty and unhealthy, the second – for children of younger preschool age and babies, the third – for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy diet. In high season, a huge amount of fruits and vegetables, greens and berries are served here.

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Hunger is not terrible, even if lunch was held recently, and dinner is still very far away! On the territory of the complex in different parts of it are scattered bars and snack bars, where you can order soft drinks and light snacks at almost any time of the day and evening, as well as alcohol-containing products, both local and foreign production. Also, you can always visit the restaurants “al-carte”, in which you will be offered dishes of European and Russian cuisine.

Sergey, Yerevan: “I love to eat, so in hotels I always pay attention to the quality of the food. There are no complaints about food, the only thing I can note in a negative way is the work of the staff. I understand that at the height of the season every day in the restaurant there is a huge traffic, but then you should think about expanding the staff. The fact is that very often I saw dirty dishes on the tables, which were not cleaned for a very long time. Tablecloths also rarely changed, which infuriated me madly. I can say the same about the employees of the lobby bar – they are terribly slow, sleep on the go, very slowly serve orders and prefer to communicate with each other than listen to the wishes of customers. Disgusting service!”

So, we have covered almost all the nuances of living in the health complex “Dagomys”,and now the decision remains only with you. In conclusion, we can say the following: when analyzing the reviews, we rarely met negative opinions, and then they concerned only some points. In general, guests have a favorable impression of the hotel, so we see no reason not to recommend it to you, our favorite readers. Have a nice holiday in Dagomys!