Grand Katarina Palace Hotel Saint Petersburg

On Nevsky Prospekt house 32-34 in the building built in the middle of the 19th century is a cozy hotel “Grand Katarina Palace”. Named after the Basilica of St. Catherine – a functioning Catholic church, which is a monument of federal importance.

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Location and history

The building of the hotel was built for the residence of the clergy and servants of this stronghold of Catholicism, which crept into the patriarchal Orthodox power. Now there is little reminder of this, because. the hotel has been renovated in the spirit of European family hotels of 4 star level. Designer interiors in aristocratic style – this is the hallmark of this place. Mirrors in gilded frames, reproductions of paintings by famous artists, crystal chandeliers, preserved historical vaults and brickwork – together create the chamber atmosphere of a small hotel.

Within walking distance of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Russian Museum, Church of the Resurrection of Christ savior on Spilled Blood, hermitage, St. Michael’s Castle and other attractions of the northern capital. This is the main advantage of the “Grand Catarina” – you can walk all day on foot through museums, temples and parks, and in the evening return to rest in the room.

Marbakh writes a review: “of the pros: top location, friendly staff. At my request, they brought a heater and a second blanket, because they brought a heater. the room was cool. Quite tasty breakfasts in the restaurant of Georgian cuisine, which is located on the 1st floor. Cleaning every day, public transport at hand. Overall, a good hotel, and the price tag is somewhat overpriced due to its convenient excursion location.

Room stock

The rental price includes breakfast in the restaurant, a parking space in a guarded parking lot and wi-fi. The hotel occupies 2-6 floors and there is a lift for the ascent to the top.

Small double (Smart Standart) with an area of 14 m2 is designed to accommodate 1-2 guests. The transformer bed can be double or divided into two single beds. Equipped with plasma with smart TV, mini-refrigerator, hairdryer, telephone and tea station. From textiles: towels, slippers, terry bathrobe. In a tiny bathroom shower with a tray, a mirror in a gilded frame and a cosmetic set. The room has a pleasant design and entourage: beautiful wallpaper, decorated brickwork, solid curtains, paintings on the walls, flowers in vases. Made in the style of European family hotels. The window offers a view of the St. Petersburg roofs. This is an inexpensive option to spend the night in a comfortable hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Double standard in the same style and filling covers an area of 17 m2.

The two-level standard has the same parameters and equipment, but includes the superstructure of the second floor above the double bed. As a result, 14 m2 can fit not 2, but 4 people.

The improved standard differs from the usual only in the area – 20 m2. View from the window to a cozy courtyard and a Catholic basilica (church).

Each room has a wardrobe, a smart set-top box with 50 channels of digital broadcasting, glasses. Drinking water is available in the cooler on the floor, and shaving accessories are available on request.

Alexey Lisin writes a review: “the hotel is very nice and cozy. True, the corridors are narrow and easy to get lost, but this is compensated by beautiful paintings on the walls. Therefore, it is even pleasant to get lost here. The rooms have a successful combination of aristocratic interior and loft on one wall. Breakfast we had was included in the price of the voucher. We ate in “Phali-Khinkali” – very tasty food. In addition to breakfast, we went here to dinner. Overall, good memories, really expensive.”

Meals and restaurants

On the ground floor of the hotel there is a Georgian restaurant, where from 7 to 11 am guests refuel with food from the Swedish line. At the entrance, the guest is greeted: “Gamarjoba, dear” and offered to treat “what God sent”.. Hot is represented by several dishes and different side dishes. Rice, potatoes, pasta. A lot of chopped vegetables and greens, which are so rich in Georgian cuisine. Fruits: chopped bananas, kiwi, oranges. Yogurt, juices, coffee. There are also slices: cheese and sausage. Boiled egg, butter, bread. For dessert, croissants and other pastries. You can eat to the dump, but without frills like red caviar with champagne. But the colorful folk entourage of the institution looks aesthetically pleasing and fresh. The main pride is the imitation of an ancient panel in the form of a fresco made to order.

The institution has 6 halls, à la carte service lasts from 11 to 23 hours. As the name implies, the signature dish is khinkali at 55p apiece. Not only with meat, but also with potatoes, cheese, mushrooms. With a weight of 100g, it is difficult to eat more than 5 pieces. They take tkemali sauce or matsoni.

Classic Georgian cuisine: satsivi, phali, chakhokhbili, etc. Of course, it is not complete without Caucasian pastries: chebureks, khachapuri in 5 types. An abundance of kebabs and salads. Average bill: 600-700r without alcohol. For the center of St. Petersburg is quite democratic and tasty. There are also inexpensive dishes of Russian cuisine from the new menu. At a time when the Orthodox are fasting, there is a Lenten menu at even lower prices.

Georgian wines by the glass – 250-390r for 150ml. Large selection of bottles. On tap chacha, cognac and even German beer: light and dark for 300p per 0.5l. Some cocktails, lemonade, fresh. Americano for 90r. For drinks, the prices are average, but the products are of high quality. At the entrance there is a real genatsvale in Circassian, kahuri hat, with a dagger and a warlike appearance. The institution is recommended to visit, because. the network tries to maintain a reputation.

Anton Dubrovsky writes a review: “great hotel and cuisine with it. Cleaned every day, there is shampoo and shower gel. Bathrobes were brought on demand. The only drawback: the room was stuffy and had to constantly open the window. In the morning there was a buffet. Not a bad variety and quite tasty. Generally speaking, a very atmospheric place almost opposite the Kazan Cathedral. I can recommend it.”

Special offers and promotions

  • Any guest of the hotel can use the lounge for free, where you can have a snack or drink tea, go online, read a book and just relax. There are 2 comfortable armchairs, a bar counter with chairs, a cooler, books and wi-fi;
  • for newlyweds developed a paid action, timed to a joyful event. This is a superior room, which is additionally decorated with flowers, a bottle of champagne and a fruit composition. Also included in the price is a photo shoot on the roof. It is important for those couples who came to St. Petersburg with an excursion. In addition to renting the room itself, the cost of this action is 6000r;
  • from March to June 15, 2021 there is a discount in the form of a refund of part of the money (cashback) to the MIR card. Banks-participants of the action return 20% to travelers in Russia. Restriction: minimum 2 nights rental.
  • a nice bonus: the opportunity to climb to the observation deck of the hotel (roof), where you can admire the sights of the city and make spectacular photos for memory.

Marina Fedyushchenko writes a review: “they took the standard for 3800r and there were no special expectations from the hotel. The city center, many attractions, 100 meters green and blue metro lines. Nearby there are many cafes for every taste. Great breakfasts: the food is quite simple but delicious. Therefore, we ate a lot, because. there were long hikes around the city ahead. There is a coffee machine with cappuccino grain. Rooms are clean, cleaning once a day. I was also pleased with the respectful attitude to the guests. For a tourist, this is a good accommodation option by all criteria.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Kazan Cathedral is one of the architectural pearls in the crown of the northern capital. Located almost across the street from the hotel. It was built for 10 years under two emperors and solemnly consecrated in 1811. 2 years later, M.I. Kutuzov was buried here, in 1893 P.I. Tchaikovsky was buried. In 1932, the cathedral was looted and closed by the “progressive” Soviet authorities, and in 1998 it was re-consecrated after restoration. The interior decoration in the Empire style amazes with splendor and unearthly beauty. The appearance of the temple is similar to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Architect A.N.Voronikhin.

The State Hermitage Museum is located next to the Winter Palace, before reaching the Palace Bridge. The museum’s collection is vast and has tens of thousands of exhibits. The collection is divided into historical epochs and by geography. For example, “English painting of the 16th-18th centuries”, “Golden Horde” or “black-figure vases of Corinth”. Hundreds of collections in different halls and buildings – it is recommended to pre-select the objects of visits. Excursions on the developed routes are carried out 6 days a week. On Monday, the Hermitage is closed. The cost is 500r, pre-registration is required. There are days when children under 18 years old, students, large families, veterans can visit the museum for free. In the Main Museum Complex, gold and diamond “Jewel Gallery” are available for visiting. Also, tourists like to visit the “Winter Palace of Peter the Great”, the porcelain museum and the Menshikov Palace. The way from the Grand Catarina Hotel to the Hermitage takes no more than 15 minutes on foot.

The Russian Museum is not just an exposition, but a whole complex of buildings, palaces and gardens. The largest collection of paintings includes more than 400 thousand paintings brought in 1898 from different places. Naturally, such a number can not accommodate any building, so the exposition is divided into parts. The central one is in the Mikhailovsky Palace, the other is next to it in the Benois building. The rest of the collection is located in the Stroganov and Marble Palaces, as well as in the Mikhailovsky Castle. Available for walks and the lovely Mikhailovsky Garden. All this is 100 meters from the hotel “Grand Catarina Palace”. You just need to go through Mikhailovsky Square.

Church of the Resurrection of Christ Savior on Blood – this beautiful cathedral was built for 24 years on the site of the murder of the tsar-liberator Alexander II. Architect A.A.Parland. The temple is made in the “Russian style” on the basis of wooden architecture of the 17th century. Outwardly, it is so decorated with many bright details that it attracts the eye with its motley still from afar, and is the architectural dominant of the entire district. Inside and outside the temple is covered with Venetian mosaics, sketches of which were created by more than 30 artists. Among them V.Vasnetsov and M.Nesterov. Stone decoration is created from expensive and rare species: Italian marble, Valaam granite, serpentinite, labradorite, rhodonite, jasper, etc. Even the iconostasis is carved from marble so skillfully, as if from wood. Almost every element of the composition is a masterpiece of art. A chapel-museum is also available for visitors. Opening hours are from 10 to 18 six days a week except Wednesday.

Alexandrinsky Drama Theatre is a 10-minute walk away. This is the oldest theatrical institution in Russia. The year of foundation is 1756, the construction began by personal decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Subsequently, the theater was named after A.S. Pushkin. In addition to the beautiful building and spectacular interior, the institution can please with a classical repertoire and an experienced troupe of actors under the direction of V.V. Fokin. Performances begin at 19:00-19:30, the ticket price is in the range of 1500-4000r. Among the actors there are many laureates of state prizes, People’s Artists of Russia and the USSR.

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