Gorno-Altaysk hotels near the airport

Mountain Altai has recently become a place of pilgrimage for tourists. They come here in search of spiritual food and extreme mountain adventures. In this regard, a variety of hotels and tourist recreation centers are opened everywhere. The only air transport route runs through the federal airport of the city of Gorno-Altaisk. It is located 6 km from the city center. Both facilities are connected by a bus route.

What to see and do in the Altai Mountains?

The city traces its history back to 1830. The main objects of interest to visitors are:

  • Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin;
  • ski slopes and lifts on the mountains of Komsomolskaya and Tugaya;
  • Ulalina site of ancient man;
  • city park with attractions.

If you book hotels in the city, it is best to consider those that are near bus stops.

Where to stay near the airport?

Hotels near the airport are located both in the city and in nearby villages. Conditions do not always meet the needs of travelers. Here there are still hotels with partially equipped rooms. That is, there are amenities, but they are in the public domain on the floor or in the section. The review presents all hotels conveniently located in relation to the airport of Gorno-Altaisk.

Nika Hotel

Hotel rooms are equipped in a two-storey log house. It is located in the village of Mayma-Chergachak (1.5 km from the airport). To accommodate guests are provided with one, two, triple rooms, family and dormitory rooms. Among them there is one deluxe and one class “Comfort”. A bus stops right outside the house. Travel time by public transport to the airport is 10 minutes. There are no catering facilities in the hotel itself. Nearby there is a café “Berezka”. The Katun River flows in the vicinity. Its shore can become a place for an evening walk. If you agree in advance with the owners, then for a small surcharge here will take with a pet. Internet and parking are free.

“I note the very convenient location of the hotel near the bus stop. The receptionist greeted us like family. Settled, all prompted. The rooms are ordinary, there are very comfortable, there is just for the night. For tourists who came to see the Altai Mountains – a good launching pad before the hike» Evgeny, Russia


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Mini-hotel Lyubimy

In the village of Mayma-Chergachak there is another mini-hotel,ready to receive passengers from flights and hikers at any time of the day. Breakfast is included in the room rate. The building has a 1st class restaurant specializing in European cuisine. Guests are offered rooms of Standard, Superior Single, Economy, Family classes. For an extra bed, a surcharge of 1000 rubles is taken (the price is relevant for November 2020) For relaxation, there is a common lounge area with children’s toys, a billiard room. The airport is 3 km away. Transfer is paid. You can’t with animals.

“The hotel is in a convenient location, right on the Chui highway. Almost all buses passing by stop here. From here you can start and travel around the Altai Mountains or spend the night and go to the airport to fly home. For example, we were traveling from Ust-Koksa to Barnaul. Both in one direction and in the other direction we could safely leave the parking lot of this hotel” Ivan, Ukraine


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EtnO Hostel

The inn is located on the way to Gorno-Altaysk (3 km from the airport along the Chui highway). It works in the format of a hostel, providing for accommodation in dormitories or double private rooms. Living room, dining area, kitchen, shower and common bathroom. Pets are not allowed. Special places are available for smoking. Food and beverage delivery, wake-up service, laundry and ironing services are available on request. From the airport it is better to order a taxi, bus stops are far away. But next to the hotel there are several cafes: “Eurasia”, “Sunflower” and “Favorite” (in the hotel of the same name).

“Cheerful interior, nice staff. In order to spend the night, it is suitable. The hostel has everything you need for cooking, sleeping. The main guests are shift workers, climbers and skiers. If the hostel is full of people, it is very noisy. To fall asleep, you will have to use earplugs. And so the price fully corresponds to the quality» Daria, Russia


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Sar-Gerel Manor

The tourist complex is located 6 km from the airport in the village of Aya. It is only 2 km from the ski resort “Mount Veselaya” and Lake Aya. If you wish, you can visit local attractions located within a radius of 20 km from the hotel: an artificial heated pond “Turquoise Katun”, Tavda caves, the first casino of the Siberian gaming zone Altai Palace. If there is no desire to go anywhere, then there will be enough entertainment on the territory of the base: a children’s playground, adult and children’s pools, a Russian bath with a font, a picnic area – all amenities are provided for guests to relax. Guests are settled in the main building, consisting of 15 rooms. All of them are stylized as separate world cultures. None of the interiors repeat each other. In summer, there is another three-storey building, which is equipped with 30 standard rooms. There is an on-site restaurant where meals can be ordered.

“Nice place in nature. There is where to go, where to eat. In addition to the restaurant on the base, there are enough other cafes in the district, where prices are much lower, and the kitchen is not inferior in quality. The design of the room and the courtyard shows that the staff loves this place very much. Everywhere there are many interesting sculptures, neat lawns, well-groomed trees. It’s nice to take a walk before bedtime. But most of all, my friends and I liked the large yurt in the middle of the yard. Against its background, you can take a picture, and then build a small picnic inside” Oksana, Russia


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Heart of Altai

The tourist base is located on the shore of Katun, 3 km from the airport. The complex consists of detached houses, in which comfortable and partially comfortable roomsare provided for resettlement. There are some features: check-in is carried out for at least 2 days, upon check-in, a deposit of 1000 rubles is taken, which is then returned. Entertainment options include an outdoor swimming pool, beach area, Russian bath, sports equipment rental, including bicycles, table tennis. Within walking distance is a complex of winter entertainment “Gorynya”. Meals can be arranged by the café and à la carte bar. For tourist groups, you can book a guesthouse.

“Pay attention to the fact that the area of the houses is small, really for two. If you go with children, it is better to order a panorama house. It’s more spacious. The houses are wooden, in rainy weather they are also humid. Clothes do not have time to dry, there is a specific smell. By and large, the price does not correspond to comfort. There may not be hot water. The café is pleasant, the menu is small, the prices are adequate» Marina, Russia


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Yashkin Dom Guest Houses

The guest house is located in the village of Katun (6 km from the airport). Two, three, four-bed and family rooms are available for accommodation. There is no charge for pets, but prior arrangement is required. Breakfast is served à la carte, but can be included in the room rate. In summer, a frame pool is installed in the courtyard of the hotel. The ski lift is 1 km away. There is a sauna and an outdoor terrace. A sandbox and a trampoline are provided for children.

“Log house, shared bathroom and shower, good-natured hostess, ready at any time to help. Takes with animals. She has pets – puppies and turtles. In the evenings, the owners build a fire in the middle of the courtyard, near which all the guests gather. For kebabs there is a separate area with all the devices. There are cafes and shops in the vicinity» Igor, Russia


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Red Dog Hotel

The three-storey hotel is located in Gorno-Altaisk (6 km from the airport). The windows of inexpensive hotel rooms overlook a birch grove. Some have fully equipped kitchens. Bathroom shared on the floor. In the yard there is a children’s playground, a picnic area. In summer, a frame pool is installed. Pets are not charged extra. Airport shuttle service is charged separately. The nearest bus stop is a 5-minute walk away. A little further there are cafes, restaurants, grocery stores.

“On request, a hot breakfast is delivered directly to the room. Food is inexpensive. Far from the city center, there is nothing around. The shower is small, uncomfortable. For one night it is quite an acceptable option, for a long stay not comilfo” Svetlana, Russia



Guest House Traktovaya in Gorno-Altaysk

The guest house with 11 rooms is located on the outskirts of Gorno-Altaisk, 2 km from the city center and 5 km from the airport. Most rooms have their own bathroom, economy class rooms have a shared bathroom. There is a shared kitchen. 100 meters from the entrance is open Pancake. Smoking is allowed in strictly designated areas. Animals are not placed. Massage services are available for a fee. The hotel is located at the very entrance to the city, there are no traffic jams, transport runs without time delays.

“The facilities are not very thoughtful, but the bed is comfortable. If you’re lucky, you can live in a room without neighbors. There is a shared kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave and utensils” Vadim, Russia


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Pirate Base Aya

The recreation center is located in the village of Aya on the banks of the Katun. This place is positioned as ideal for families with children. For younger visitors there is a Kids Club, Pirate Workshop, a game maze, 4 swimming pools, one of them with water slides. While the children are having fun, parents can spend time in Buhabara, where in addition to alcoholic beverages there is a pretty decent menu. Breakfast with morning coffee is served in the outdoor gazebo (in summer). The nuance of check-in is the mandatory presence of children. Without them, they may not provide a place to sleep. Smoking is strictly forbidden on site. At 23.00 – rebound, as in a children’s camp. You can’t with animals. The base works only in the summer season.

“My child loved it. He didn’t even want to leave. Breakfast was always served with his favorite mukpes as well as our favorite pancakes. We loved the bath and the local beer. Everyone was well rested. The child is from the parents, and we just like that. A great place to go back” Alice, Russia


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Guest House Altai House of Tourism

On the picturesque bank of the Katun River in the village of Aya there is a guest housethat is part of the tourist complex “Altai House of Tourism”. In a one-storey building with an attic, two and three-bed rooms are offered (5 rooms in total). The refrigerator is still one on the ground floor. No entertainment is provided on site. All objects for the organization of leisure are located in the area: amusement park, natural attractions, fishing, walking. The airport is 30 minutes away by taxi. You can come with pets.

“Caring and welcoming host. The house is new, in the yard barbecue, table and benches. The room has a kettle and cups. Microwave and refrigerator downstairs, on the 1st floor. Cafés and shops can be located nearby. There is where to eat and buy sweets for tea” Elena, Russia


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Travelers to the Altai Mountains should pay attention to the Mini-hotel Lyubimy in the village of Mayma. It is located almost at the intersection of highways diverching at different ends of a huge edge. From here it is easy to go to any corner of Altai or return back to the airport.

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