Fims – the best hotels in the ski resort of Switzerland

Flims is one of the most beautiful and largest ski and pedestrian areas in Switzerland. For lovers of winter holidays and connoisseurs of mountains there are hotels of a picturesque place. Guests of the resort will be pleased with the presence of shops, restaurants in the vicinity of the town.

Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof

Hotels like theRomantik Schweizerhofat the foot of Grindelwald take people to another era. The complex has been welcoming guests since 1892, it is an ideal place for walks and a relaxing holiday. From the windows of the rooms there is a beautiful view of the Eiger massif. Lake Kauma is 800 metres from the property.

Not far from theRomantik Schweizerhofthere are shops, 20 km from the road there is a market. 1 km from the building there are ski lifts:

  1. Flims Plaun da Laax.
  2. Arena Express.
  3. Flims – Foppa.

The main attraction of the hotel is UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona, almost 2 km away.

Spa activities and activities

On the territory of the hotel there is a wellness center, restaurants and bowling are accepted. Spa treatments and activities:

  • massage;
  • yoga;
  • Turkish bath;
  • sauna.

“During the rest, there is a feeling that now the royal person will come out from behind the doors, as well as almost 100 years ago. The hotel has an atmosphere of luxury and mystery. On the first day of our stay here, we learned how to shoot a bow.”




Prada 2

Bright modern apartments «Prada 2» comfortably settled in the town of Flims. The picturesque Lake Kauma is 2 km away. There are 6 ski lifts 1-2.5 km away. To the nearest airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein 75 km of the way. Local hotels are in close proximity to the highlight of the region: the Swiss tectonic arena of Sardon. From “Prada 2” to the geographical monument the distance is slightly more than 17 km.

Canoeing or fishing

In addition to traditional winter activities, the hotel offers:

  • canoeing on Lake Kauma;
  • play darts;
  • attend an evening movie session;
  • participate in the competition on the tennis court;
  • walk along the route.

“Convenient parking with direct access to the room. Right under the windows there is a well-groomed garden, on the closed terrace you can sit even in the rain. A free ski shuttle service was offered to the cable car and the village centre. It is clear that guests are welcome here. We had lunch in a cozy dining room with access to the local garden.”



Casa Olzà

Guests will find a spacious apartment «Casa Olzà» in Flims, Switzerland, 700 m from the city center. The cosy apartments are located just 1 km from Lake Kauma. The hotel’s balcony offers breathtaking mountain views. At the same distance from the building there is a shop. From Zurich Airport toCasa Olzàabout 100 km away. Arena Sardona is 17 km away.

The Hotels of Flims are a great place to relax after skiing. Casa Olzàis no exception. In 800 m from the complex there are several lifts at once, a little further (2-2, 4 km) 3 more bases are waiting for guests:

  1. Spaligna.
  2. Crap Sogn Gion.
  3. Larnags 1+2.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The apartments can accommodate up to 4 people at a time, it is convenient for a family holiday.

“Stayed at the hotel to enjoy the ski run. The cable car runs very close to the complex. The rooms were warm, after the frosty air in the warm room is especially cozy.”




HotelAlecais located in the Swiss city of Flims, in the canton of Graubünden. The city centre is 500 metres away, and the Flims – Foppa and Flims Plaun da Laax are 600 metres away. To Arena Express 1 650 m. Ski lift «Spaligna» 1,5 km from Aleca. St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport is located 75 km away. A little further to Zurich Airport (88 km) and Friedrichshafen Airport (95 km). On Lake Kauma vacationers can visit, having passed almost 2 km. The Tectonic Arena Sardona is 17 km away.

The apartments are equipped with two bedrooms, a private kitchen with the necessary appliances and a spacious bathroom.

“Staying at the hotel is a great holiday option for two. Panoramic windows overlooking the top of the hills, lunch on the outdoor terrace. The cable car is close to the hotel, a short walk away. Plenty of skiing, it’s nice to fall asleep in a warm room. Free private parking is available near the property. Check-in of exit and entry was carried out by the staff quickly, without delay.”



Casa Miraselva

HotelCasa Miraselvaawaits visitors and lovers of skiing in Flims. It is 70 km from St. Gallen-Altenrhein, 88 km from Zurich Airport. St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport is just over 100 km away.

The area is lively, close to a grocery store (600 m), playgrounds for children. The complex is located near the center, 900m. Within walking distance of the lifts and cable car. Nearest options:

  1. Flims-Plaun da Laax (in 900m).
  2. Flims – Foppa in (900m).
  3. Arena Express 1 (900 m).

Ski resort “Flims – Lax – Falera” accepts fans of winter sports in 1.7 km of the way. It is a well-known resort in the eastern part of Switzerland.

The apartment is composed of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an equipped kitchen. Here with comfort will be able to live a family or a company of 6 people. Guests can dine on the outdoor terrace. There is a garden on site.

“My family and I are fans of snowy peaks and skiing in Switzerland. The conditions in the town of Flims liked the presence of a large number of tracks: there are more than 50 of them.”



Runca 752

Like many hotels in this resort place, apartments «Runca 752» meet visitors almost in the center of the city of Flims (600 m). Not far from the complex there are supermarkets Volg, Flims Waldhaus, sports center. Zero Kaum is 1.6 km away. Nearest airports:

  • Gallen-Altenrhein;
  • Zurich Airport;
  • Friedrichshafen Airport;
  • St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport.

Arches, vaults and features of the apartments “Runca 752”

Rooms with wooden furniture consist of a living room and a bathroom. The highlight of the hotel is the interesting location and structure of the terrace. The patio is unique, not similar to the adjacent territory of other hotels in the area. From the open area there is an exit to the lawn in front of the house.

“The surroundings of runca 752 are suitable not only for skiing, but also for hiking and car excursions. House in the forest – so called this cozy place by our children after a trip to Switzerland. We rested in the summer, walked to the famous Lake Kauma. The reservoir is just under 2 km away.”



Casa Admisa Flims Dorf

TheCasa Admisahotel in the centre of Flims stands out from other houses. Panoramic windows, sun-drenched terrace and garden for evening barbecue get-togethers. This is how vacationers describe this apartment, 2 km from the famous Lake Kauma in the vicinity.

Convenient place for sports and walks

Hikers can enjoy hiking in the surrounding area. Just like other local hotels, Casa Admisa (Flims Dorf) is popular with skiers and snowboarders.

Romantic weekend for two in the apartments “Casa Admisa”

Apartments «Casa Admisa» are appreciated for the design and decoration of the rooms. The Swiss-language, bright, spacious rooms are decorated with a bright checkered bed and embroidery with hearts on the bedspreads. The rooms are landscaped with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with appliances and utensils.

“The place is perfect for skiing. The exit to the highway is 20 m from the doors of the house. We rested in early June. In summer, guests use the barbecue facilities and sit in the cool shade of the hotel’s own garden. You can rent bicycles from the staff and ride along the paved routes, get acquainted with the area. Lunch was prepared outside, in the morning we had breakfast in the room. The kitchen has appliances and a coffee machine.”




Ferienwohnung Stenna

In order to get to the slopes or to the ski school with children, it is not necessary to use transport. Staying in the“Ferienwohnung Stenna”,the guest enters the ski resort at the door of the apartment.

The apartment is located in the center of Flims near the Bergbahn Arena Express station. The Flem River is 100 metres away and Lake Caumasee is 1.5 km away. There is an on-site restaurant.

“The location of the apartment is very convenient. Immediately from the track, guests enter the hotel with skis. The equipment is stored in a special room for inventory.”




Via stenna

Via stenna is located in the centre of Flims. 1.5 km from the hotel, and the person is at Lake Kauma. In 50m there is a lift Arena Express 1, 100m to Flims-Plaun da Laax and Flims – Foppa. To St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport is almost 76 km away. The main attraction of UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona is 17 km away. A COOP supermarket and the Stenna Center shopping centre are located nearby.

Not all hotels in Flims offer free access to the ski lift near the tourist’s place of residence. Via stenna provides such an opportunity. And on the territory of the complex for an additional fee you can take a pass to other mountain trails and buy ski equipment for rent.

“Stayed at Via stenna with my daughter. A little unlucky with the weather, but it did not spoil the rest. The hotel has a lot to do. While I was on the massage and at the fitness center, the baby stayed with the babysitter. I learned about the availability of such a service when booking a room. On the territory of the complex there is a children’s club, my daughter liked to be there, put together puzzles and look at pictures in books. You can not carry board games with you, everything you need to entertain the child is here.”



Studio Top im des Alpes

950 m from the centre of Flims is a cosy hotel «Im des Alpes». The studio is privately owned and located in the Alpes Hotel in Flims Waldhaus. The windows of the apartments overlook the tops of the hills, Lake Kauma is very close: 700 m from the complex. You can walk. The complex has a private pool. The nearest ski lifts are 1000 m away (15 minutes walk):

  1. Arena Express 1.
  2. Flims-Plaun da Laax .
  3. Flims – Foppa.

There are 3 more ski bases 2 km away. Every 15 minutes, a bus departs towards the lifts. Guests can also take the same transport to the Laaksera Railway.

Location and decoration of rooms

This apartment has one bedroom and 1 bathroom. The studio is decorated in scandinavian style: minimalism, light walls, natural materials in the decoration.

“The rest left the most joyful emotions. Numerous ski slopes, countless hiking trails. A restaurant serving Italian cuisine on site and a varied menu in the establishments around. After skiing or hiking, you can relax in the indoor pool or sauna.”


I would like to give preference to the complex “Romantik Schweizerhof” among all hotels. This incredible place with its history must be visited during your arrival in Switzerland. The hotel has special programs for hiking. And after long walks and skiing from the mountain, you can enjoy a massage with honey and 100% natural oils. Or choose a peeling with arnica and mint. To visit the spa complex there are various packages with different price categories. The hotel hosts events: weddings, various celebrations.

Flims hotels – privacy, luxury, relaxation, walks in the gardens. Weekends in the mountain resort of Switzerland in the canton of Graubünden will be remembered for snowy slopes, ski slopes and cozy evenings.

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