Egypt photos of attractions: top 15 most interesting objects in a country with a thousand-year history

Perhaps no country in the world is famous for so many mysterious places as Egypt photo attractions which tourists love to do. In addition to the majestic Sphinx, carved into a huge rock, or the famous pyramids, travelers are attracted by museums with unique exhibits, ancient tombs and temples. Even tourists who come to rest in this country is not the first time, will discover more and more new attractions.

For several decades, Egypt has been one of the most popular destinations for beach tourism. Travelers from all over the world come to this country in order to arrange a luxurious holiday on the mediterranean and Red Seacoasts. Among the famous resorts of Egypt: Dahab, Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba and Hurghada. You can come to these places throughout the year. Most often, tourists prefer to purchase vouchers to this warm country on the “all inclusive” system, which is very convenient for vacationers.

Travelers who like to sunbathe can find in Egypt comfortable beaches with excellent infrastructure. Those who prefer scuba diving can scuba dive in the Red Sea and admire exotic fish. But most of the tourists come to this place to look at the ancient historical monuments.

Pyramid of Cheops

Historians suggest that the Pyramid of Cheops was built by more than 100,000 slaves in Egypt. In the first 10 years after the beginning of such work, convicts made a road along which stone blocks were delivered, and the construction of structures underground was completed. This architectural monument was then erected for another 2 decades.

The cost of the trip to the pyramid will depend on the location of the tourist. It is best to get to the majestic monument from Giza or Cairo by bus. You can also get from Hurghada or Taba very quickly. Those who rest in Sharm el-Sheikh will have to travel much longer (about 10 hours by bus).

“We came to Egypt and saw the Pyramid of Cheops not for the first time. Experienced tourists know that riding a camel around this architectural monument costs about 4-5 dollars, and getting off it is already 4 times more expensive. So it’s best to just inspect the pyramid.”

Great Sphinx

This historical monument of Egypt is one of the most mysterious giant monuments on the planet. Travelers visit this warm country every year, only to admire it with their own eyes. The Great Sphinx is located in the ancient Egyptian town of Giza, on the west bank of the Nile River. There are still many legends about this monument.

The structure is a statue made in the form of a huge lion with a human face. The height of the monument is 21 m., and in height 73 m.. The statue is hollow inside. It is already known for certain that sacrifices and executions were carried out in the Great Sphinx. That is why the Egyptians call such a statue the “father of horror”. Also, this historical monument is a symbol of retribution, which should come from heaven, according to ancient legends. Researchers suggest that such a sculpture is designed to scare away thieves in tombs and terrify them.

To get to the Great Sphinx, the traveler will first have to drive to Giza. The easiest way to do this is by taxi – in Egypt it is not very expensive. In addition, from the center of Cairo every half hour there are buses to this historic place.

“Very impressive! But to my deepest disappointment, this majestic structure could not be touched. One could only view it from a distance. Despite such inconveniences, this magnificent statue is remembered by me forever.”

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the most famous and visited attractions in this country. The complex includes more than 107 halls, which house more than 100 thousand different artifacts. Among them, treasures taken from the tombs of the pharaohs. In this place there is one of the most unique and famous exhibits – the statue of Hevren.

Another valuable artifact that tourists can see is the Tutankhamun Gallery. This exhibition presents luxurious treasures that have been removed from his tomb. Among them is the famous Mask of Death. The Treasury of Tutankhamun occupies 8 rooms in the Cairo Museum. It was discovered at the beginning of the XX century practically not looted. The oldest manuscripts of the museum were created more than 5 centuries ago. Travelers can get to this museum in Cairo just by taxi to Tahir Square.

“Huge halls, a lot of exhibits, a lot of people, but this does not prevent groups of tourists from normally disagreeing with each other, without causing inconvenience to anyone. For those who are crazy about the history of ancient Egypt, it will not be enough 2 hours allocated for groups with a guide. To inspect everything more carefully, I advise you to come for a couple of days and on your own. “

Luxor Temple

One of the greatest creations of the civilization of Ancient Egypt – the Luxor temple, looks like a monumental structure with huge columns. This cultural monument is decorated with statues of gods, where the most central place is occupied by the famous supreme deity Amon-Ra. The construction of this structure was begun under Amenhotep III, during the power and heyday of the New Kingdom.

The doors of the Luxor Temple are open to all visitors every day, from morning to evening. The building is located in the center of Luxor, near the pier. The easiest way to get to it for tourists is from Hurghada.

“We came to this wonderful place for the second time and are still amazed by the greatness of the Luxor temple. The structure is very well preserved (it was restored in the smallest details).”

Suez Canal

The world-famous Suez Canal is one of the most important artificially created reservoirs in Egypt, which begins at the Mediterranean. In Port Said and ends at the Red Sea. The canal is located in the western part of the Sinai Peninsula and is created in the form of a border that connects the two continents. This artificially created structure of water occupies more than 170 km.

Water transport can pass through this channel from two sides. Before this artificially created waterway was discovered, goods between Eurasia and Africa could only be transported by land. For the needs of shipping, it opened only at the end of the XIX century.

“A grand waterway! A majestic artificial structure that you will not soon forget!”.

Aswan hydroelectric system

This structure in the form of a dam on the Nile River is more than 110 meters in length. Its thickness is 800 m, and its width is more than 3 thousand meters. This miracle of engineering was built according to the project of the architect Malyshev. The Aswan hydroelectric complex was conceived as a structure that helps in providing Egypt with electricity, as well as for eliminating the consequences after the famous floods in the 70s of the last century.

This miracle of architectural thought is located in the south of the town of Aswan, on the Nile River. The majestic structure can be reached by taxi. By renting a small boat with a motor or a feluga, you can get to the Aswan hydroelectric system by river.

“Colossal in its idea hydraulic structure! Advice to all tourists: inspect this hydroelectric system from the side (due to the availability of places under protection). We had access only the appearance, those who want to admire the structure from the inside, you need to book a special excursion. Not only the dam looked interesting, but also the monument at the entrance to it. “

Valley of the Kings

In this place was buried egyptian nobility and some pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings was specially equipped with ingenious traps so that tomb raiders could not get here. The entrances to these structures were camouflaged. In one of the most tombs rests the mummified pharaoh Thutmose the Third, from whom burials began in these places.

Tourists can visit this attraction of Egypt from 6 a.m. The property is located near Luxor. You can get to it by taxi (from Luxor) or by buying a ticket for a bus tour that departs from Hurghada.

“I did not like that we managed to see only 8 graves, as the rest were closed to tourists. I liked the burials of Ramses II and Ramses III. Those who want to save money, it is better not to take a mini-train, because the Valley of the Kings can be reached very quickly on foot. “

Colossi of Memnon

The majestic Colossi of Memnon are huge statues of stone 20 meters high, which are the remains of the temple of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Nothing remains of the building itself. Columns in ancient times stood at the entrance to the sanctuary, which collapsed for more than 3500 years. Now tourists can see only the outlines of the Colossi. After the hydroelectric system was built in the last century, the Nile stopped overflowing its banks and Egyptian statues stand in the same form as half a century ago.

Travelers have free access to the Colossi of Memnon. Tourists coming to Egypt can look at these unique architectural structures at any time. The statues are located at a distance of 500 meters from Luxor.

“The scale of these ancient structures makes a grandiose impression! We visited this place at sunset! It was amazing! From here you could see the modern Luxor and the picturesque Nile. A very mesmerizing sight!”

Alexandrina Library

The Library of Alexandrina was built on the site of the old Library of Alexandria. Nowadays it is a modern complex, including a large number of museums with unique artifacts, antique maps and books. Unfortunately, only one scroll from the old Library of Alexandria has survived to our times, a copy of which is still stored in a new building built in its place.

Visitors can purchase tickets near the main entrance of this Egyptian library. Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to enter. Tourists will need at least 10 hours to see all the buildings in the complex.

You can visit the building of the new library on any day from 11-00 to 19-00, except for those days when national holidays are celebrated in Egypt. Every Friday the doors of this complex are open to vacationers from 15-00.

It is best to get to this place by car, rent a car or use the services of a taxi. Those tourists who like independent travel, you can get to the elRamlStation station by train, from where in just half an hour you can walk to Alexandrina.

“The library is located on the picturesque Mediterranean coast. The building looks very nice. The inside is cozy and clean. It is very convenient that there is a café on the territory where you can eat deliciously. “

Blue Hole in Dahab

Familiar to many tourists, the Blue Hole in Dahab is nothing more than a round dip under water. Its depth is more than 120 meters, and not far from the surface (at a distance of 50 meters) there is a long tunnel, smoothly passing into the Red Sea. Because of its picturesque view, the Blue Hole is a favorite place among scuba diving enthusiasts.

Getting to it is very simple. This place is located at a distance of 15 km from Dahab. Vacationers in Egypt can order a taxi or take a bus to the Blue Hole from Dahab.

“Lovely place with different cafes on the coast (mostly Bedouin). I dived in a mask for an hour, there were not too many people. So many exotic fish and picturesque pictures of the underwater world!”

Mount Sinai

This mountain is a sacred place for all Christians and Muslims of the world. On top of it is a small mosque building and an Orthodox church. Mount Sinai is very popular for pilgrims, because it was here that the Lord gave the 10 commandments to Moses. By order of Emperor Justinian, a monastery was built at the foot of the mountain. You can climb the hill in stages, between each site there are parking lots so that tourists can relax.

Those who remain here for service can receive a special ring from the monks, which will protect the one who wears it from various troubles. You can get here as part of a group of tourists vacationing in hotels in Taba, Dahab or Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. In this case, you can get to Mount Sinai in just a few hours. For those who travel independently, there is another route – by bus from Cairo to the town of El Migla (transport departs every day from the central bus station in the morning).

“We went to Mount Sinai by bus from Cairo. The ticket cost about 10 US dollars, and the journey took almost 8 hours. There is a special awe in the monastery.”

Resort city of Sharm El Sheikh

Famous among tourists, the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh attracts everyone who likes to have a good rest. In this place there is a large number of club hotels, restaurants and bars. The resort has a well-developed infrastructure – those who come to rest in Egypt can choose any entertainment.

Both family tourists and noisy companies like to come to this place. Suitable for Sharm el-Sheikh and those who want to spend time alone. In addition, from here you can easily reach most of the sights of Egypt (for example, to the Great Sphinx or the Colored Canyon). To get to the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh is very easy, it is enough to buy a plane ticket.

“Amazing city with a busy life. We came with a large company and visited some nightclubs. I loved it!”

Khan al-Khalili Market

The famous Khan el-Khalili Market, which was built in 1832, is one of the most visited places in Egypt. The market stretches for more than 4 km. You can buy everything in this place from camels to decorations. In the air is the aroma of oriental spices and sweets.

Once upon a time, caravans with gold products and luxurious fabrics stopped at this market, and now some of its buildings have undergone reconstruction. But you can still admire the old buildings left over from the old quarter, and the stone gate, erected in the XV century during the reign of Sultan El Guri.

Despite the fact that there are many new buildings on the market now, this place is still permeated with an ancient atmosphere that attracts travelers. You can get to Khan al-Khalil by ordering a taxi (you need to get to the Al-Azhar Mosque). In addition, it is easy to do from the Sadat metro station.

“I almost got lost! I had to learn the way from the locals. The most interesting purchases can be made in the depths of the market. I liked the drink from pomegranate grains in the café, and the henna tattoos that are made right there. “

Colored Canyon

Colored Canyon is part of the Sinai Mountains. This amazing gorge is located near Sharm el-Sheikh, near Nuweiba. Due to its unusual appearance, the canyon attracts many tourists annually.

The natural monument appeared several million years ago – the reason for this was the strongest earthquake. The walls of the rocks are painted in different colors (red, brown, brown and yellow) due to impurities of iron oxide and manganese. During the time that this natural structure exists, it began to acquire an increasingly amazing structure.

In some areas of the canyon in Egypt, you can see the imprints of flora and long-dead animals. The ledge, which the locals call the “Throne of Cleopatra” will allow any tourist to explore the picturesque surroundings. But the most beautiful view opens from the cliff of the colored rock. You can get to this place from Sharm el-Sheikh or from Cairo. If the latter option was chosen, the road will take more than 5 hours.

“I came to admire the Colored Canyon for the second time, but still there are a lot of positive impressions! It’s as if time has stopped and you get to another world or planet.”

Ras Mohammed National Park

The Ras Mohammed National Park Nature Reserve is the oldest in Egypt. It unites the waters of the Red Sea and a small part of the coast. The place is known for its stunning beauty of the coral reef, around which many exotic fish frolic. In the national park you can see various inhabitants: gazelles, hyenas, white storks and foxes. At the bottom of the sea near the reserve is a sunken English ship.

The reserve is open to visitors from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. You can get to this place from Sharm el-Sheikh by bus or by ordering a taxi.

“Amazingly beautiful reef! But since we came to Egypt in the winter, we froze slightly and it was a little windy. I liked the boat trip.”

Experienced travelers know that it is best to come to Egypt from mid-spring to mid-autumn. The fact is that although this country is considered warm, in the winter months there is a large number of winds, and this affects the temperature of the sea (it remains very cold). But for those who come to admire the famous monuments of architecture, this time is perfect.