Eco-hotel in Mexico Villa Santa Cruz

The magnificent Villa Santa Cruz is a rustic eco vacation resort on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Location and infrastructure

The desire for sustainability has resulted in a villa with a private beach that is almost entirely powered by a grid of solar panels, and guests are served fresh vegetables grown on a local farm.

Room stock

The truly luxurious “green” resort includes only four suites, making it truly private. The decor in each room is made from recycled materials, the wooden doors were brought from San Miguel de Allende and the tiling mosaics were flown in from La Paz.

Services and entertainment

The resort, which includes a magnificent fasenda, a huge swimming pool, a rooftop terrace and a restaurant, is lit entirely by solar panels, but at night the rooms are lit by gas lanterns.

Guests at the eco-resort can spend their days relaxing in a hammock, can surf at La Pastora Surf Break, wander through the park, which is full of lush tropical vegetation, or have a drink on the terrace with magnificent views of the ocean and nearby green mountains.


After a lunch served with fruits and vegetables straight from Villa Santa Cruz’s garden, guests can end their day by watching gray and humpback whales make their journey from Alaska to the waters of Bahia Blanca Bay during the winter season.



Alina Abramova

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