Crocus: a cozy hotel in the heart of St. Petersburg welcomes guests

“Crocus” is a hotel in St. Petersburg,which has earned an impeccable reputation and dozens of positive reviews from guests. Convenient transport interchange, as well as museums, gardens and squares, located within walking distance. The hotel provides everything you need for guests of the city – an excellent number of rooms at affordable prices.

Room stock

“Crocus” is a hotel in St. Petersburg, which really appreciates every client. Our level of service is in no way inferior, and sometimes surpasses fashionable hotels – that’s just the pricing policy of the institution is much more profitable and affordable for all categories of visitors.
The hotel is quite diverse, so that each guest will be able to choose for himself the most comfortable living conditions. Budget economy and universal standard – a great choice to save money, and luxury suite – to enjoy luxury.

The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay – furniture, appliances, modern bathroom. Cleaning is carried out daily, bed linen is regularly updated. Cozy atmosphere and everything for a comfortable and complete rest.

Location and infrastructure

Convenient location – one of the main advantages of the institution. It is located at the intersection of the business and cultural part of the city, so it becomes the best accommodation option, regardless of the purpose of arrival. The road to the station takes only 10 minutes, which saves time even taking into account possible traffic jams.

Settling in the center of St. Petersburg, you can be closer to the main attractions of the city. Inexpensive, but cozy mini hotel becomes an excellent solution – you can enjoy your vacation in comfortable conditions without overpaying significant amounts. And most importantly, you do not have to spend time on trips around the city and tedious waiting in traffic jams – to get to large business and shopping centers, as well as the main city attractions, even a walk will allow.

Services and entertainment

Mini hotel SPb – the choice of those who appreciate their money and choose favorable conditions. We are appreciated for the best combination of excellent service and pleasant price. In addition, we are ready to offer a number of advantages:

  • Convenient location – nearby there are parks, squares, numerous supermarkets and shopping centers.
  • Rooms for any budget – we will help you choose the right room.
  • Cost – the price includes not only payment for accommodation, but also a number of additional services, which makes the prices really profitable.

We make sure that guests stay on vacation. The mini-hotel is great for renting for only a few hours, as well as long stays. The institution is proud of the excellent level of service – each guest is given maximum attention.

Hotel “Crocus” in St. Petersburg – the choice of those who prefer comfort. Our staff will make sure that the time spent in the hotel is remembered exclusively by positive emotions. And we quite succeed, because our guests are sure to come back to us again.


Going on a trip or on a business trip, it is important to correctly plan the upcoming trip, as well as calculate the necessary budget. Hotel “Crocus” is the best proof that a comfortable stay can and should be affordable. Favorable prices in the hotel of St. Petersburg and special conditions for each guest.

When choosing a place of residence, you should pay attention not only to the direct cost of the room, but also to take into account possible additional costs. Living in the central part of the city is not much more expensive than on the outskirts, but you can save a lot on trips, as well as get rid of additional hassle.

Comparing prices in hotels in St. Petersburg, it is necessary to clarify what is included in the room rate, as well as find out about the availability of additional services available for guests. This will help to assess how profitable certain options really are.

“Crocus” is the choice of those who are looking for the best price in a hotel in St. Petersburg. The main principle of our pricing policy is the maximum of opportunities for each guest at minimal cost. We save on our guests, consistently providing a high level of service and the best service.

The price of a room in the hotel St. Petersburg includes the following services:

  • Residence
  • Bed linen, hygienic kit and everything you need for a comfortable stay
  • Breakfast
  • Daily cleaning
  • Free Wi-Fi.

The staff is always ready to help, and if necessary, you can always use additional services, such as washing, ironing, as well as many others.

Hotel “Crocus” – the best choice for those who are looking for cheap prices in hotels in St. Petersburg. Advantageous location of the institution, as well as affordable room rate. Rooms of standard and luxury category – a variety of options for any financial budget.

Alina Abramova

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