Cozy sanatorium «Krasnaya Pakhra» Russia, Krasnoe — Reviews, description, photos

Sanatorium “Krasnaya Pakhra”: reviews, description, maintenance and infrastructure – this is the topic of our today’s article. Why was this complex chosen? What living conditions does it offer? What is the food system of restaurants and bars? Are vouchers expensive? There are many questions, and you will get answers to them in the following sections. Carefully read the information, because your decision and the quality of the vacation depend on it.

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For the first time information about the settlement appeared in the 16th century. Initially, it was called Slobodka. Its present name was officially fixed in 1862. Once near the village was the estate of Daria Nikolaevna Saltykova, in whose honor the “name” was given. This woman forever went down in history thanks to her cruelty. Saltychikha tortured to death several dozen serfs. Her estate still stands, only now it reigns peace and tranquility. Another mention of red Pakhra is in books describing the events of 1812. Kutuzov, retreating from Moscow,made a false maneuver and deployed his troops to the Kaluga road near the village. A few days later, the army headed for Taturino, blocking enemy access to production and military depots. Since 1927, this village for thirty years had the status of an administrative district center.

In recent years, Muscovites have begun to pay close attention to the sanatorium built here. Residents of the metropolis are attracted by picturesque landscapes, a deep river and a large number of infrastructure facilities. By the way, according to the results of the last census, which was conducted in 2010, the population was 2440 people.

Rostislav, Moscow: “I love to come to the sanatorium “Krasnaya Pakhra”. But a few years ago, I did not even think about the fact that just fifty kilometers from the capital there are protected virgin forests, clean rivers, spacious fields and, in general, untouched by man nature. Now I come here several times a year for fishing, spend holidays in the family circle, spend weekends. “

Why this complex?

After analyzing the reviews left on thematic forums and websites of tour operators in Russia, we identified a number of reasons that can become real factors that can affect a positive decision and further purchase of a voucher. So, let’s start listing with a description of brief opinions of tourists who have already managed to visit this amazing complex:

  • Convenient location. As mentioned earlier, the distance from Krasnaya Pakhra to the capital of our country is only fifty kilometers. This means that the hotel can be reached by your own car or taxi. If you choose metro cars as transport, a free transfer will be waiting for you at the station, which is provided to everyone by the hotel administration.

Maxim, Moscow: “Do not forget that the sanatorium transfer runs only once a day. From the territory of the hotel he leaves at 15:00 local time, and picks up tourists from the stop at 17:00. With that in mind, you’ll protect yourself from the excruciating hours of waiting for a car.”

  • Favorable environmental conditions. Many residents of megacities, without leaving their cities, accumulate toxins and toxins in the body for years. The result of such vital activity often becomes a chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as stress, depression, decreased immunity and migraines. Therefore, go as often as possible to Red Pakhrato enjoy the fresh air, fill yourself with energy and get positive emotions.

Albert, Serpukhov: “There are no operating factories in the vicinity and the hotel is surrounded by a dense ring of forest. Therefore, there is nothing to say about the purity of the local air, it is several times cleaner than in the same Podolsk. It is no exaggeration to call the hotel an alternative and inexpensive option that can give odds even to the Swiss Alps or Chinese hospitals. “

  • High level of service. As you know, this complex meets all international standards and is distinguished by excellent service. Not every four-star institution in Turkey or Egypt can boast of such a large number of positive assessments of staff work and living conditions. Many vacationers note the compactness of the sanatorium and the attractive location of infrastructure facilities. Almost everything you need for a good rest is concentrated in one building.

Ksenia, Odintsovo: “It’s amazing how everything fit in one seven-story building. As far as I know, the hotel has a total of 259 rooms. I got a standard apartment with a large bed, TV, bedside tables, dressing room, seating area, small work area, TV and air conditioning. Cleaning is carried out daily, the bathroom is cleaned plumbing, towels and bathrobes are changed. There is no bickering with the maids.”


As mentioned earlier, everything is under one roof. That is, you do not have to go somewhere far, just go down to the lower floors. There is an indoor swimming pool, and sports and gyms, and a restaurant, and a medical department. This allows you to receive the necessary services, regardless of weather conditions.

Evgeny, Tikhvin: “The last time I came to the sanatorium “Krasnaya Pakhra” was when I was injured. I am a professional football player, and it is very important for me to receive quality medical care on time. In addition, there is a gym equipped with the latest technology. I have known the instructors working here for a long time, they are people who know their business. For me personally, they have repeatedly developed a training course so that I do not lose my physical shape during the rehabilitation period after fractures and dislocations. “

Medical complex

About this institution fame thunders throughout the Moscow region. No wonder the institution still has the status of a sanatorium, and not renamed into today’s fashionable “spa and wellness centers”. To improve the body, a special technology is used here using iodide-bromine mineral water. The method of mud therapy is also used. Compositions “Starorussky” and “Ust-Kachinsky” are incredibly popular and have a powerful therapeutic effect.

Anna, Pyatigorsk: “I began to come to this sanatorium long before this institution became so popular and fashionable. Every year I undergo a course of treatment and often communicate with neighbors who also come here only to visit the wellness center. As I understood, here they are engaged in the treatment of the organs of the cardiovascular system, respiration and digestion. I suffer from a serious disease of the musculoskeletal system, and I can no longer imagine my life without local doctors and specialists. “

Spa tours. In the cosmetology rooms of the sanatorium “Krasnaya Pakhra” anti-stress, relaxing, anti-cellulite, rejuvenating, cleansing, moisturizing and other types of procedures are carried out. Women will certainly appreciate this range of services. In addition, the hotel complex always has a hairdresser, you can make yourself a good manicure and pedicure.

Svetlana, Dmitrov: “I recommend this complex to all girls as a great place to improve your appearance. Of course, you can regularly visit a beauty salon in your city, but, as my personal experience shows, the effectiveness of the procedures increases dramatically if you devote all your free time to walks in the fresh air, healthy sleep, reading and other quiet activities. At the same time, you still need to go to the gym and exercise daily. In the “Red Pakhra” all this is available, and in unlimited quantities. “


Thousands of tourists of different categories are annually settled in the sanatorium. It is able to meet all the requirements of couples with children, passionately in love newlyweds, representatives of active youth and people of the older generation.

Mikhail, Serpukhov: “I cannot call this complex youth. In the building after eleven o’clock in the evening there is a coffin silence. You have to go to Podolsk to sit in a bar, sing karaoke or dance in a nightclub. It is unlikely that I will come here again, it is better to look for places with evening entertainment. “

Opportunity to play sports. On the territory of the sanatorium there are playgrounds for tennis, football and volleyball. Here every morning exercises are carried out, there is a set in groups for Nordic walking and barefoot therapy. Pilates and yoga facilities are also available at the fitness centre.

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Marina, Podolsk: “It’s good to come here for the weekend with my children and husband. In the rental of sports equipment there is almost everything for a full family holiday. We rented roller skates, bicycles, hoverboards. In winter, we often came to ride snowmobiles and jet skis. I am glad that this sanatorium is developing and makes it possible to introduce children to different sports, which is very difficult to do in the city, when they are literally surrounded by various gadgets and spend a huge amount of time on the Internet. “


Of course, the sanatorium “Krasnaya Pakhra” is a good modern complex that allows not only to lazily spend your vacation lying on sun loungers and swimming in the pools, but also to take a different look at the world around you, improve your health and make new friends and acquaintances. Hurry up to buy and pay for the tour for the next weekend, and we guarantee that after a holiday here you will never want to return to your cramped apartment overlooking the shops or high-rise buildings.