Cap Cana, Dominican Republic: Attractions

Dominican Cap Cana is a gated resort. Here the richest people in the world own real estate. Under their tastes and interests, a tourist infrastructure was created. For example, a yacht club will offer a full range of services, captain and crew, a yacht of any size. Only thoroughbred trotters are brought up in the equestrian club. The resort has introduced the best multi-level security system.

The marina of Cap Cana was originally built to receive fashionable yachts. Next to it is an elite residential complex, five-star hotels. Simpler conditions for living are provided by the apart-hotels “Fishing Lodge Cap Cana” and “Punta Palmera”. Almost all infrastructure facilities of the city are available for visiting, except for those that are in the closed recreation area of property owners.

The beaches of Cap Cana are considered the best on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. At this point, the Atlantic Ocean connects to the Caribbean Sea. The water of a gentle azure color warms up to 250C even in the winter season. At the very shore there are shady gazebos, soft sun loungers, on the beach there is a bicycle delivery of food and drinks.

The resort is in the TOP-10 best places in the world for fishing, both for trophy individual and for sports tournaments. Hotels will help to organize sightseeing tours to the sights of the Dominican Republic, hire a private guide, develop a route for a walk. The review contains interesting places in the vicinity of Cap Cana, which you can visit on your own.

Saona Island

Saona Island is the largest in the Dominican Republic. There are 3 fishing villages on it. From all sides, the island is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. It appeared on the world map in 1494 thanks to columbus’ discovery of new lands. Saona immediately attracted the attention of researchers and seekers of antiquities. On the territory there are a huge number of caves with rock paintings left by the Taino Indians.

The main attraction of the island is its nature. People come here to visit a shoal with starfish, mangroves, a sunken sandy island, a beach and, of course, caves. The entire territory is under state protection, so it was initially forbidden to build hotels here. For tourists who come here as part of excursion groups, buffets are served, and lunch is included in the tour price. The island is very popular with newlyweds who want to get married against the backdrop of the turquoise waves of the Caribbean Sea.



Manati Park

One of the best entertainment will give children and adults Manati Park. It was founded in 1996 and has since become home to 150 species of birds and animals. On its territory there are two natural pools, on the shores of which migratory and local birds live. Dolphin Island Park is 800 metres from the shore. Here, visitors are given a unique opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. The local Oceanarium has a wonderful collection of marine fish and animals.

The total area of the Theme Manati Park is 80 thousand km. The territory is divided into sections, among which are tropical thickets, an Indian village, an orchid garden and others. Near the main gate there is a schedule of entertainment programs. In the park you can watch the Show of Parrots, Dolphins, Taino Indians, dressage of horses. The park is open to the public from 09:00 to 18:00. The ticket price is $ 35 (adult), $ 20 (children), $ 125 (swimming with dolphins), for kids under 2 years old the fee is not charged.




Scape Park

Scape park is a place for those who are looking for extreme adventure, drive and adrenaline. Equipped in a natural area, the park is ideal for organizing outdoor activities. The greatest interest among tourists is caused by attractions. Here you can jump on a bungee, swing on water hammocks, sweep on a cable along waterfalls and caves. In the center of the park is a rock. Around it made 8 zipline routes, which are breathtaking.

In the gorge there is a natural stone pool filled with the purest water. Wooden steps lead to it, next to it there is a platform for changing clothes and descending for swimming. An extensive chain of caves and tunnels is open for exploration. Here you can admire unusual geological formations, as well as swim in underground lakes. The park is inhabited by wild animals and birds, there is a ranch with domestic horses, goats, ponies. But the main favorites of the public are monkeys. They love to play with visitors and do hilarious things to beg for food.




Экотропа Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve

The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve Park is the most beautiful place for walking in the Dominican Republic. A special charm is given to them by 11 lakes with a mirror surface, which seem to observe tourists. In shape, they resemble human eyes, although they are completely created by the forces of nature. Each has its own name, which was invented by the Taino Indians.

There are routes through the park. They can be passed as part of an excursion group or independently. In addition to the lakes and their surroundings, a visit to the zoo, the orchard and the sandy beach, where sea turtles lay their eggs and breed offspring. Some natural reservoirs are suitable for swimming. There are ladders and wooden diving areas.

The entrance ticket costs $ 25. The walk will take about 2 hours. In addition to a bathing suit and towels, you can take a snorkeling mask with you. There are no cafes and buffets on the territory, so a bottle of water and a couple of sandwiches will not hurt.



Hoyo azul

The Blue Lagoon Hoyo azul is located in the Scape Park. This is a stone pool of natural origin, filled with the purest turquoise water. Its depth reaches 40 m, but there are shallow areas for those who do not swim well. In addition, life jackets are issued to everyone who wants to swim. The most desperate and brave dive directly from the cliff or from the side of the bridge. You can also go down the steps into the water.

The water is unrealistically clean and clear. Even in the deepest areas, the bottom is visible. Tourists love to be photographed here. The pictures will be good if there are not very many people. The lake is small in size, and comfortable for the rest of the company of no more than 10 people. Therefore, excursion groups are recruited by just such a number of participants. The road to the lake passes through the Botanical Garden, which grows many interesting plants, including several species of orchids.



Seaquarium Punta Cana

Seaquarium Punta Cana is an underwater park where you can take a walk. Participants are given special equipment, in particular, a diving helmet. Air enters through a tube. A tour of the underwater world is conducted with a guide-photographer. The photo shoot begins shortly before the dive. As a warm-up, it is proposed to swim in the company of a sea lion. The owner of the pond demonstrates his hospitality by patting the men on the shoulder and kissing the girls on the cheek.

After the show, a briefing is held on safety measures and rules of conduct under water. Then the group goes to the platform, equipped with a special descent under the water. Under the supervision of an instructor, an excursion is conducted at a depth of 4 m. Among the exhibits are a sunken ship, a coral reef, assorted fish, starfish. After the walk, participants are treated to refreshing cocktails and sent to swim with dolphins.

The program is held twice a day and lasts about 3 hours. The morning session begins at 09:00, in the afternoon – at 14:00. The ticket price is $75.




Monkey Country

The 5-acre park is home to Saimiri monkeys. It is the most brainy family of primates, whose members are fast as squirrels and friendly as angels. They are happy to meet guests, eat fruit directly from the plate or from their hands. These are small monkeys weighing up to 1 kg with long tails. Very cute and direct animals. They live in large flocks, gathering in groups of up to 100 individuals.

A tour of the Land of Monkeys can last up to 8 hours. The tour fee includes: experienced guide, bottled water, buffet lunch, transport/transfer from/to the hotel. During the walk, tourists will be introduced to medicinal plants and flowers growing in the Botanical Garden, taken to observation platforms, from where it is convenient to observe the life of monkeys in the natural environment. At the end of the tour, you can buy souvenirs in the shop, as well as visit the cocoa and coffee plantations. Locals will be treated to hot chocolate and aromatic coffee.




Hoyo Claro

Lagoon Hoyo Claro is one of the visiting cards not only of the Dominican Republic, but also of the entire island of Haiti. This is a place of extraordinary beauty, where tourists try to come for a photo shoot. Unlike beach shots, photos against the background of tropical landscapes will bring more interesting stories to the public. These are stories for “gourmets of natural beauty.” After lunch, there are a lot of people here, so it is recommended to come in the morning.

The road to the lake is almost impassable for cars. From the parking lot to the lagoon it takes about 20 minutes. The path passes in the middle of a shady forest, so it is not tiring even for a child or an elderly person. A small lake is a little landscaped. There are wooden steps into the water, but there is no infrastructure at all. For example, the nearest restaurant is 9 km from the attraction, so you need to take water and food with you.



Caribbean Lake Park

Caribbean Lake Park is located in Punto Cana (14.5 km from Cap Cana). Here you can go wakeboarding, ride along the water track, fly on a zipline, catch the sensations of extreme on a flyboard. Entertainment is available to both experienced fans of water activities and novice athletes. There are towers for jumping into the water, aqua slides right in the middle of the lake, a cable car through the reservoir, exciting races on “vatrushki”.

For those who like passive relaxation, there is a lovely lounge area. It includes 3 swimming pools separated by beach sand strips. There is also a restaurant of international fusion cuisine. If you want to stay here for a few days, you can rent a hotel room, and in the evening visit the most authentic disco in the world. It is held in a building with a height of 12 m and an area of 2 sq. km, covered with a reed roof. From the terrace of the entertainment center offers a unique view of the lakes, palm trees and islands in the middle of the sea.

Address: Punto Cana 23000, Dominican Republic


La Hacienda Park

In the vicinity of Cap Cana, not only water, but also terrestrial extreme leisure activities are available. La Hacienda Park offers to try your hand at conquering the wild jungle. All attractions are designed in such a way that visitors can experience the strongest emotions. For example, the zipline track ends with a jump into the abyss, which takes your breath away.

In the jungle there are extreme trails for buggy rides, routes for horseback riding, water roads with mountain rapids. A one-day safari tour with lunch in buffet format is offered. On the tops of the mountains, visitors are lifted by a chair lift. It is built at an altitude of 200 m in full compliance with European standards. An adult ticket to visit the park costs $ 95, a children’s – $ 45. All types of entertainment are included in the payment.


Address: Punto Cana 23000, Dominican Republic



Hotels in Cap-Cana fully take care of the organization of the rest of their guests. It is enough to name the object where there is a desire to go, and the administrative services will provide a transfer, tickets, box lunches, take care of food on arrival from the excursion.

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