Boutique Hotel 39, Rostov-on-Don. Where to stay to explore the city in detail

Rostov-on-Don is one of the most famous southern Russian cities – “millionaires”. It perfectly combines the modern rhythm of life and medieval identity. On one of the central streets, the former merchant, is the best hotel in the city – Boutique – hotel “No39”, unique, as rostov itself.

Plan your stay in a luxury hotel,give yourself a unique opportunity to wake up in the heart of the city and with pleasure rush to meet new experiences.

What kind of Rostov-on-Don? His hot southern temperament, hospitality and goodwill captivate guests, in the good sense of the word. Everything here is bright and tasty, like in the oriental bazaar. All the main attractions of the city – within walking distance from the hotel, do not get lost. And if the impressions make you dizzy, then the locals will certainly help you navigate.

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Ancient and modern Rostov-on-Don

The city was founded during the time of Empress Elizabeth, in the 18th century, according to her decree on the organization of the southern customs of the country. The borders had to be not only populated, but also guarded, and the small customs initially acquired a powerful fortress with warehouses for goods, because it was very convenient to trade with distant countries – Greece and Turkey along the waterway. We sold metal and food supplies, and received in return exotic dried fruits, nuts, coffee.

In general, Rostov since ancient times traded well, there was something. Local merchants liked it so much that it was no longer necessary to engage in military affairs. Rostov – on the Don developed primarily as a major trading city. A century later, Italians and Persians came here as partners.

Something amazing is fraught with Rostov South? Absolutely.” City of Contrasts”, as they said in the famous Soviet film, the truth about another place, but these words perfectly describe it.

The local population is people of different nationalities and religions, features from traditions are expressed even in architecture. Here, old merchant houses coexist with modern business centers, noisy markets are filled with Caucasian flavor.

Bright, hospitable Rostov – on – Don awaits guests, and everyone who wants to visit this beautiful city, we recommend staying in a luxurious Boutique – hotel “No39” – the “highlight” of the city.

Description and location of the hotel

Whatever transport you arrive in Rostov – on – Don, find a boutique – hotel “No39” will not be difficult. It is located in the heart of the city, close to the Administration building, the cathedral and the picturesque embankment of the Don River.

Exact address: Shahumyan street, 39 is partially reflected even in the name of the hotel.

From the central station of the city any taxi will take you in 10 minutes.

The distance to the international airport is just over 30 kilometers, and you can book a pick-up service from the hotel in advance when booking your stay.

Unique in its kind, the design hotel 5 stars “No39” is located in a former merchant’s house on one of the central streets in the historic center. More than 100 years ago, a billiard room worked here, among the regular customers of which, they say, was Bulgakov himself.

Rooms of the hotel

It is no exaggeration to say that the boutique hotel “No39” – the best in the city. Leading architects and designers approached their work so carefully that they were able to harmoniously combine the historical heritage of the place and modern trends. It perfectly combines art nouveau and doors of tsarist times, vintage chandeliers and ultra – modern details in the wall cladding. It seems that you are not in a hotel, but in a museum, or in an expensive antique store, in which an attractive item can be purchased.

About the rooms. It offers luxurious rooms from single standards to suites and business class rooms, and here’s what they are:

  • A standard designed to accommodate one or two guests. The room is small, but absolutely sufficient for comfortable accommodation. Here you can not only relax after a long day, but also work fruitfully. The interior is made in natural wood and is very concise. The walls are decorated with paintings by contemporary artists and antiques from around the world. Equipped with a comfortable working area and a cozy tea corner. In the bathroom – shower cabin with all mandatory accessories.
  • Suite – poskoshny room for two modest in its sophistication. The common space of the room includes a living room, a work space and a bedroom. The interior is made in calm colors, and several bright design accents do not spoil it at all. The comfortable work area is equipped with a table and racks for placing documents and is separated from the space for rest. A wide bed, dim calm light, warm colors in the design of the walls set you up for a good rest and a sound sleep.
  • Business Class Room as stylish and cozy as all categories of rooms in this unique hotel, but also has a balcony on which the coffee table is placed. Any negotiations will end successfully if they take place in such a luxurious atmosphere.

Meals at the hotel

What should be the restaurant in such a unique hotel? Only first-class, with unique cuisine from the chef. Guests are offered the author’s menu of Maxim Artyukhov in the now fashionable fusion style.

It is pleasant to note that the chef already has regular customers who visit the restaurant without even living in it. They highly appreciate his skill and unique approach to cooking: Maxim comes up with such tastes and textures for which you can come here again and again.

The menu is so diverse that everyone will find a favorite dish for themselves, but if suddenly something is not there, then the chef is always ready to experiment on the spot.

The entire menu is prepared using environmentally friendly products, fish and delicacies are delivered from the Far East.

The price includes breakfast to choose from: Russian, English, French. High quality cooking and exquisite taste give a positive attitude for the whole day.

On the roof of the hotel there is a bar and a terrace, the only one in the whole city, from where beautiful views of the main attractions open. Go up here in the evening and try delicious cocktails from the bartender and grill – menu.

Vasily and Elena, Moscow “We want to express our gratitude to the hotel staff, and its founders, for creating such a cool institution in the city. We are travelers with experience, but this level of service is rarely seen anywhere. The chef of the restaurant is just a magician! For a long time we will remember his breakfasts. We liked the interior design very much, we love everything unusual. Definitely, I want to come back here, and with your help we fell in love with Rostov – on – Don! Keep it up!”

Additional services for the comfort of guests

The space of the boutique hotel is also used for conferences and business meetings, seminars and trainings. It offers three modern halls with a total capacity of more than 200 people. There are various options for placing participants of events, all the necessary sound and lighting equipment, comfortable furniture are provided.

For business negotiations there are special offices, with state-of-the-art equipment and stylish furniture. The hotel guarantees the creation of an optimal working atmosphere for transactions. Present your project or company in such a modern and stylish room, and your negotiations are sure to succeed.

Among the additional services there is also the organization of a banquet or buffet, as well as the invitation of a professional interpreter.

After a busy day of work or a long exploration of the city, the hotel invites its guests to the spa center and swimming pool.

The beauty center specializes in skin care products of the premium segment, which perfectly restore it and preserve youth.

Masters of the salon use natural French cosmetics and regularly improve their professional level in Paris.

Rest in the design hotel “No39” – a pleasure. The hotel staff does everything possible to make guests feel at home and wake up every morning with joy and a desire to get to know the city better.

What interesting things can be seen in Rostov – on – Don?

City Embankment

On a spring or summer evening, it is very pleasant to walk along the landscaped embankment along the Don. It is officially named after Fyodor Ushakov – the famous naval commander. Take a ride on a small boat or boat, explore the surroundings from the water. There is a place to walk here – the footpaths are neatly laid out and surrounded by flower beds. The musical fountain gathers around itself vacationers no less than all the events and concerts that are usually held on the embankment.

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street

Be sure to stroll along this street, especially since our hotel is a few minutes from it. Bolshaya Sadovaya is beautiful architecturally: there are former merchant houses, monuments to Mikhail Lomonosov, Empress Elizabeth. Take the time to visit the Museum of Local Lore and the Philharmonic, which are also located here, in the heart of Rostov.

Surprise guests of the city and less “classical” monuments: Water supply, Merchant, Flower Girl. These are popular photo zones in the center.

River station building and pier

Unusual in its shape, the building of concrete and glass was erected in 1977 on the embankment, and it housed the river station. If you look closely, it looks something like a ship, with ladders and galleries. Now it is a multifunctional complex with a café, a hotel, offices of travel agencies. It is from this station that you can start your journey to Kazan, Samara, Astrakhan.

Paramonov warehouses

Founded in the 19th century to store grain and other supplies, the architectural style is more like classicism or Romanesque. Unfortunately, they were able to survive the Second World War and its bombing, and the time of Soviet devastation did not brighten up their fate. Today it is a ruin, outwardly very reminiscent of an ancient fortress, surrounded by lakes and waterfalls. This is a monument of culture and history of Rostov.


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Our southern Rostov (“Rostov is a dad”, as the locals call it) is an unusually colorful and original city. Here autumn is much unusual, but this is also its uniqueness. Come to enjoy its southern temperament and beautiful nature, stay in a boutique – hotel “No39”, and you definitely do not want to leave!