Boca Chica, Dominican Republic: Attractions

One of the famous resorts of the Dominican Republic, Boca Chica, is located near the country’s capital Santo Domingo. Tourists from all over the world come here to spend their holidays on the beaches covered with snow-white sand. The gentle Caribbean Sea is always clean, the water is warm and clear. The rainy season falls in the summer months. Precipitation is mainly short-term torrential, so it does not prevent vacationers from sunbathing, swimming and sightseeing.

The city is conditionally divided into 6 districts. Each of them has open hotels, many of which are located near the beaches. The city center consists of 2 parts. On the southern side, entertainment venues are concentrated, it is closer to the sea, and it is here that visitors try to settle. Its main attraction is Rue Duarte.

Rue Duarte

This is the tourist center of the resort. There are shops, restaurants and cafés. Here you can buy everything you need for recreation. The street runs parallel to the central beach. In the evenings, a huge number of people gather on it. Midnight parties are arranged for holidaymakers. They are held in 2 stages. The first starts at 19:00 and lasts until 23:30. At this time, the street overlaps on both sides and turns into a continuous pedestrian zone. Musicians appear, and the owners of drinking establishments take out tables on the sidewalk and roadway.

Guests of the resort dine to the sounds of live music, participate in master classes on merengue and bachata. This, by the way, is the most popular entertainment in the evenings. For this purpose, temporary dance floors are installed. On Fridays, show programs are held with the invitation of professional artists.

The second wave of parties begins after midnight. Family tourists return to their hotels, and young people move to nightclubs and discos. Their owners also take out tables on the sidewalk, but the main fun and noise takes place inside the institution. Minor children are not allowed at night discos. Warning signs hang on all doors. Security also makes sure that there are no prostitutes or drug dealers in the bar.

Usually, guests begin to disperse from 3 to 4 am. Security on Rue Duarte is provided by police patrols, so you can be here at any time of the day without fear of being robbed or beaten.

On Rue Duarte there are hotels focused on the organization of leisure activities for tourists. In the evenings, they open their doors to everyone who wants to join themed parties, discos, dance workshops. The casino is open in coral Hamaca Resort. It offers 70 modern slot machines, 4 roulettes, a poker table and a bone table, a blackjack area. The casino is open every day from 19:00 to 03:00. Admission is free.

There are not very many attractions in the vicinity, as people come here because of the luxurious beaches. Tour desks can offer tours of the Dominican Republic. Since Boca Chica is close to the capital (only 34 km by road), you can book a sightseeing tour of Santo Domingo. The cost of any tour starts from $ 40.

In the vicinity of the resort there are places that you can visit on your own. The review presents the most interesting of them.

La Matica Island

The beaches of Boca Chica are a paradise for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. A special charm is the rest on the remote from the coast island of La Matica. You can take a boat and swim in the mangroves. The forest, growing right in the water, fascinates with mystery and gloomy beauty. It looks especially impressive at low tide, when the black ornate roots of plants are exposed, forming a kind of arches through which boats can sail. The island beach is not crowded, so it is ideal for lovers of a quiet pastime.



Los Pinos Island

The island of Los Pinos is perfectly visible from the central beach of Boca Chica. It attracts surfers. The island has a beautiful sandy beach and a pine forest. Yachts from the capital’s Santo Domingo Yacht Club and the Zar-Par Maritime Center often sail here. Despite the fact that the waters here are shallow, guests of the resort are not recommended to get to the island by swimming. The depth gradually increases, and sea currents can be dangerous.

The island is quite large. Previously, people lived here, production was established. The infrastructure was destroyed by a severe hurricane. Now Los Pinos is used by tourists for hiking. In order to explore the island, you will need shoes and a mosquito repellent.

La Caleta National Underwater Park

The Dominican Republic is one of the world’s diving centers. Therefore, it will be wrong to spend the whole vacation lying on a chaise longue, and not to experience the charms of scuba diving. La Caleta National Underwater Park is 10 km from Boca Chica. It covers an area of 1550 square kilometers. Two ships were specially sunk here, to which even beginners can descend. Padre Nuestro Cave, located in the eastern part of the pool, is suitable for experienced divers. Many underwater tunnels and caves make each dive unique and unforgettable.

Address: Calle Jacinto Mañón No. 20, Edif. Paraíso, Apto. B-1, Ens. Paraíso, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana




The 3 Eyes National Park

The Three Lakes National Nature Park is a great place to immerse yourself in the ancient history of the island. Many centuries ago, as a result of earthquakes, a cave resembling a bowl was formed here. It contains three unique lakes with water of different colors and chemical composition. A 15 m long descent leads to the reservoir, and the lakes are connected by stone steps. Recently, the 4th lake of unprecedented beauty was discovered. Its shores resemble the nature of Jurassic Park. A ferry is launched to the facility through an underground tunnel. The park is open to the public from 09:00 to 18:00.

Address: Museo Parque Los Tres Ojos, Parque Mirador del Este, Ave. Las Américas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



Santo Domingo

Tour desks offer unique excursions around the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Some hotels in Boca Chica will help to develop an independent route for a tourist trip to the sights. The capital is conditionally divided into 2 parts. Historically significant objects are located in the Colonial District (“Zona Colonial”). In it are the very first street built on the island – Calle de Las Damas; home of the 4th Viceroy of Hispaniola, Diego Columbus; the oldest fortress of the New World, Osama; Кафедральный собор BASILICA MENOR DE SANTA MARIA; numerous museums.



Excursions to Boca Chica can be booked at the tour desks or hire a private guide through their hotels. Be sure to visit both historical and natural attractions to make a complete impression of the resort.

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