Best villas in Goa, India — List of the most popular tourist complexes with description and photos

The best villas in Goa – what are they? How are they different from each other, and what are they willing to offer their guests? What criteria are used to judge the quality of service? All the knowledge gained, which you will learn from the following sections, will be useful to you so that you are ready for any development of events in a foreign country and protect yourself as much as possible from potential dangers and experiences.

General information about the resort

Paradise called Goa is located in the east of India. Today it is considered one of the most popular resorts in the world. The city is divided into two parts – North and South. According to the beliefs of tourists who have already visited this place, the best time to relax is the period from October to March. It is in winter, when blizzards and frosts rage in one part of the world, in another part of the world there is the most pleasant weather.

Why was there a division into the Southern and Northern regions, and how are they different? In the first we are talking about comfortable hotel complexes, in which a very cozy and soft atmosphere reigns, in which it is easy to relax and get new emotions, to look at the world in a different way.

The second option does not imply the presence of luxury hotels, but, according to tourists, this fact in no way interferes with a good rest. Young people constantly come here, because in this part of the city there are many interesting and even fascinating things. For example, such a musical direction as trance originated on the streets of this area.

Many recommend a mandatory visit to the heart of Goa – Panaji. Among the narrow streets you are sure to find buildings with unique architecture, souvenir shops, small shops. Especially popular is the spice garden “Savoy”, where you can always buy the most exquisite seasonings and bring them home as gifts to relatives and friends.

Maxim, St. Petersburg: “Goa is an amazing place that everyone should definitely visit. But still, if you want to quietly spend your vacation with health benefits, I advise you to go to the Southern part. There is a large selection of different hotels, there are institutions of the category “luxury”. From here you can go on excursions to Panaji, as well as make forays into the main attractions and shrines. “

Vista Elaine Gardens

This property is located in Mapusa. The living quarters are equipped with powerful air conditioning systems, TVs, telephones, safes. There are dining areas, spacious terraces with mountain views. The list of free services includes: a parking space in a guarded parking lot for a car, free access to wireless network, ordering soft drinks and light snacks in bars.

The capital Goa is 12 kilometers from the villa. You can rent a car or use the services of a fixed-route taxi or hotel transfer. The official opening date is July 19, 2017. Yes, the institution is very young, but this should not be feared, since for six months there was not a single complaint from former guests.

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Albert, Stavropol: “The area is very cozy, there is a neat parking, you can come here by your own car. The food is excellent, cooked at home delicious, as they say, with a soul. The room was clean and tidy, the bathroom was serviceable, the water was supplied constantly.”

OYO 7206 Spartan Inn

Built near the Church of St. Peter in the city of Calangute. In the immediate vicinity of the complex are comfortably located restaurants and cafes, markets and shops, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. The rooms are very beautiful, the design is made in light colors. All rooms are air-conditioned, all hygiene supplies, towels, bed linen and hairdryer are provided free of charge.

The only drawback is the considerable remoteness from the beach. In order to swim in the sea, you will have to overcome a distance of two kilometers.

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Mikhail, Taganrog: “I’m not impressed. During check-in in, I found a bottle of water left in the refrigerator. She was probably undersaw by the previous guest. I rented a motorcycle – his deplorable condition immediately pushed away from the desire to ride around Goa. And the kitchen staff is a separate topic for conversation. They are so sluggish that once they even forgot that I even ordered something at all. “

Casa Azure

Luxury hotel complex,built almost on the beach. All the way from the room to the beach you will take only 6 minutes. The villas, where you will spend several weeks, are equipped with spacious terraces or balconies with beautiful wicker furniture.

The rooms feature flat-screen TVs, a seating and dining area with a microwave and an electric kettle. There is a patio with a beautiful view of the pool built in the courtyard.

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Anna, Nizhny Novgorod: “I always wanted to visit Goa, and now my dream came true! I found myself in a real fairy tale. The villa had everything you need for a comfortable stay and a great stay. There is where to roam the kid who loves to explore the world and learn new subjects. I especially want to note the quality of local water. The villa itself is located on the outskirts of the city, so it is always quiet, you can not hear the roar of motorcycles and human noise. The owner is a very hospitable person who solves all problems very quickly. Thank you very much!”

Luxury Villa Goa

Built in Candolim. Luxury Villa Goa has secure parking and the pool is open at any time of the year. The building has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The rooms are very spacious and well ventilated. In the kitchen, you can always prepare food, as there is an oven, stove, coffee machine, microwave, toaster and much more.

The living area includes flat-screen TVs, telephones and air conditioning. Free wireless Internet access is allowed throughout the property.

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Evgeniya, Krasnodar: “I give exceptionally high marks. I really liked the villa, the design is made in a modern style, the furniture is new, modern, there is no dirt, everything is clean and neat. In the bedroom there is a huge double bed, in the bathroom – a hairdryer and toiletries. “

Casa A Boa Vida

Lovely apartment built near the sea coast. The distance to the beach is so small that the whole way will take you no more than two minutes. There is a rooftop bar where you can buy refreshing drinks and light snacks.

Nearby there are many souvenir shops, markets, shops, as well as nightclubs and other entertainment facilities. As in all the above options, the villa has a spacious kitchen, living room and several bedrooms with beautiful design and modern furniture. In the courtyard there is an artificial pond in which the water is always fresh and cool.

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Andrey, Khabarovsk: “I spent an unforgettable holiday in this apartment. The rooms always keep the optimal temperature level, and all thanks to a powerful ventilation system. Otherwise, everything is like everywhere: plasma screen, wireless Internet, telephone and much more. Cleaning is always carried out, drinks are constantly cooled in the refrigerator. Very good service, I am happy with everything. If the cook had come and cooked, I would have stayed here.”

Villa Klavdia

The villa is designed to accommodate a small family or two people. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom – here you can live for a long time, because the conditions are more than attractive. Kids will love the large swimming pool, located near the building, in which the water is regularly changed.

Benches are placed everywhere, a garden with exotic flowers and plants is laid out, parking is equipped.

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Catherine, Sochi: “Basically, very cozy, peaceful and quiet place. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of people, this is the best option, and the cost of living is very attractive. I advise everyone to visit here, because, in my personal opinion, this part of Goa is the most interesting and exciting. “

Well, the description of the villas has come to an end, and you just have to consider the photos of the living quarters and exterior, and make the only right decision. Do not doubt about buying vouchers, because going to Goa,you are guaranteed to get a lot of positive impressions and for many years remember this trip.

The only thing that should be taken care of in advance is housing, which in the high season is sorely lacking. Discuss with the tour operator all the nuances and search for a suitable villa. Perhaps in this article you have already considered for yourself several options, it remains only to pay for the room and collect suitcases! Have a nice holiday!