Best Levi Finland Hotels – Reviews, Prices, Review

Levi, named after the mountain, which is called “Levitunturi” in Finnish, is one of the largest ski resorts in the northern country of Finland. Back in the 1950s, the suburbs of Levi began to develop tourism business. This is not surprising – Levi not only pleases with its northern landscapes, its drifts and evergreen trees, but also offers a variety of options for outdoor activities: from shopping in the city to the beautiful ski resorts outside.

No matter what you’re going to do at Levi, you need to choose the hotel you’re staying at. We have prepared for you a list of the best places in the city.


Break Sokos Hotel Levi


This hotel is located in a very picturesque location. Offers reasonable accommodation rates. Visitors note that the hotel offers very good and delicious breakfasts. The beautiful ski slope is just a short walk away. It is worth noting that the hotel is thought out to the smallest detail. The floor in the hallway has a heating function. Thanks to this, the shoes dry completely overnight. Rooms are cleaned qualitatively, and lifts are not far from the hotel. Next to the restaurant there is a delicious crab restaurant. In general, the hotel can be traced a unique Scandinavian style.

However, there are drawbacks: the quality of the local Wi-Fi network leaves much to be desired. But this is only a small flaw of the institution.




Levi Hotel Spa

As the name implies, this hotel offers all guests spa services, which can be very pleasant after an active winter holiday. Many tourists note that this is the best Hotel Levi.

The local outdoor pool, which runs all year round, is particularly popular with tourists. One of the saunas is combined for men and women. At the exit of the pool you can immediately have a snack. The kitchen is very high quality. The staff are very friendly and always willing to help.

The only downside is the distance of the local restaurant from the living rooms, which is why some sleepy people may miss breakfast. On the other hand, it will also encourage some to finally start waking up early and fully enjoy Levi.




Hotel K5 Levi and K5 Villas

Staying in this hotel for Christmas or New Year is an unforgettable pleasure that is worth trying everyone. Not all hotels can create such an atmosphere of winter holiday. Although the establishment itself is not large, the hotel rooms are very spacious, and on the tables in the room leave tea and coffee. However, the quality of the food in the hotel, against all costs, leaves much to be desired: the buffet very rarely serves hot food, and the only thing that saves the local food – it’s breakfast. In general, the hotel corresponds to the stated category of 4 stars. The staff as a whole are very helpful.

Sometimes guests can even see from the window of the room of the reindeer, which will not fail to tell friends and acquaintances. For deer, by the way, there is a separate paddock. A 5-minute walk away is a decent-sized supermarket, and a little further away – a frozen lake, through which walks are made. For the opportunity to fall asleep at the window, which can see the aurora, many are ready to give dearly.

The lift is only 500 metres away.



Hotel Levi Panorama

Many hotels boast their convenient location, but especially among them stands out Hotel Levi Panorama: this institution is located on the mountain, so that the windows of the rooms open amazing scenery. The Scandinavian-style rooms in Finland do not create a fairy tale as well as another hotel can do, but they give the living space an atmosphere of the northern country. Either way, the hotel justifies its 4 stars.

Unlike some other hotels, Levi Panorama offers delicious and varied food. The staff of the company are responsive and they sincerely try to resolve any issues that may arise from the guests of the rooms. The ski slopes are so close that you can roll right away at the exit of the hotel.





Lapland Hotel Sirkantahti

Accommodation in this hotel will cost the guest not cheap, but in return it will get a variety of services: from nearby ski lifts to electric saunas in the rooms. If you want to celebrate Christmas in Finland, this is one of those hotels that will suit you. For Christmas dinner, local workers always try to cook as many different types of food as possible, from traditional Finnish cuisine to French food. The sauna is made at altitude, and the rooms are cleaned every day. The hotel is a 10 minute walk from the mountainside, which is very important if you go to Levi to ski.





Hotel Hullu Poro – The Crazy Reindeer

Located close to the city’s main attractions, this institution,like many other hotels, strives to point out the high quality of its service.

The hotel has its own zest. The whole room is decorated with deer skins. After all, the name “The Crazy Reindeer” – “Crazy Deer” obliges to this. The staff are friendly and the red-brown building itself is very nice, especially at night. The rooms are also decorated with taste. Despite the fact that Levy itself is designed for active types of recreation, the hotel has a gym. There are no complaints about food and there can be no.




Levilehto Apartments

These apartments are primarily designed for active winter holidays: one way or another, everything, including the way the rooms themselves are arranged, is created for the ski resort. At an affordable price, you can get a living space just 400 meters from the ski rental. If you are unpretentious in everyday life, but at the same time looking for a base for sports holidays, then these apartments – for you. Houses are provided small, but they have everything you need for everyday life. Most likely, you do not even have to see the administration, as the keys are left in a special box with the code.

Although there are no frills here, all the rooms are clean and tidy. Houses differ from each other in spaciousness. There is Internet access and even Russian channels on television. Guests note that the kitchen is well equipped and perfect for self-cooking. Saunas, so important in winter frosts, are comfortable and warm.



Golden Crown Levin Iglut

This is one of the attractions of Finland, which should be tried at least for one night. The point is that the cabins of this hotel have a glass roof. It’s called a needle house. You see everything that’s going on over your head. The most interesting thing, of course, happens at night. In clear cloudless weather you can observe the starry sky, and in certain seasons you can observe the Northern Lights.

The location of this three-star hotel leaves no complaints. Many guests are delighted to tell about how they saw the Northern Lights. However, there are also problems: for example, the temperature of the needle is difficult to control because of the powerful operation of heating devices.

The igloos are not only adapted to observe the Northern Lights, but also made with taste – they are pleasant to be. The igloo differs from each other in its location and opening species. Given the local beauty, it would be better to overpay for a more beautiful look. Another advantage of the establishments are breakfasts of very decent quality. Visitors note how pleasant it is sometimes after a night under the ceiling of glass, during which they could observe the Northern Lights, wake up and taste delicious local food.




Design Hotel Levi

The highlight of this hotel is that at the same time as staying in it and relaxing you are in the Museum of Modern Art. Finland’s leading designers have worked on the interior of the hotel. The interior combines modern style with Finnish traditions. The finish artfully combines and gray Lapland pine, and natural stone, and deer antlers and copper and iron. The hotel opened in Noyarah in 2019.

Staying in this hotel will leave a lot of positive emotions. After all, all the staff is very attentive to each guest. Each room of this 5-star hotel has a French balcony and mountain views. The hotel itself has 2 swimming pools: indoor and outdoor – outdoors.

Also, the price of the room includes unlimited visit to Spa Waterworld, which is located just 70 meters from the hotel.




Levi Northern Lights Huts

This is another version of the hotel, where the houses have a glass roof. The views from inside the huts are beautiful, aided by the cleanliness of the skies of northern Finland. Falling asleep and seeing the stars through the glass ceiling is an unforgettable experience.

Breakfasts are distinguished by their excellent taste, and the staff – friendly. Among the entertainment is worth noting the opportunity to ride on reindeer sleds, which is highly recommended by guests. After all, the hotel itself is located on the territory of an old reindeer farm. The farm belongs to the family, which has owned it for more than 170 years.

Unfortunately, the cottages are located relatively far beyond the city at a distance of 13 kilometers. But by taxi you can easily get anywhere. The cleanliness of the premises leaves no complaints: snow-covered houses inside are very warm and cozy.




Levi Ice Hotel Luvattumaa

Want even more exotic? You are welcome.

The hotel is made of ice. It is a hotel and museum of ice sculptures at the same time. Ice is all here: ice walls, ice beds. There is an ice bar and an ice chapel.

So that you do not freeze at night you will be given a sleeping bag. The temperature in the room is -5 degrees.

This hotel changes every year and every time they do not disappoint the guests.

Local ice sculptures are perfect for the winter atmosphere of Levi, and in the whole of Finland.

The hotel is located on a very picturesque place on the slope of the mountain, which means that you can start skiing at the exit. The hotel becomes especially beautiful at night, in the moonlight.






Levy is a beautiful winter resort, which comes a huge number of both Russians and foreigners, with us celebrating local holidays and fully feeling the northern atmosphere of Finland. There are many reasons why you may want to visit this beautiful city: from the desire to admire the snow-capped forests and skiing, to plans to celebrate Christmas in another country.

Your plans also depend on the hotel that suits you.

If your goal is to admire the Northern Lights and remember its amazing beauty for a long time, then you should stay at Golden Crown – Levin Iglut. If your job is to have the luxury of relaxing in a ski resort, break Sokos Hotel Levi and Hotel Levi Panorama are the most suitable. And for those who want a family, far to the north, to celebrate Christmas, will be suitable Lapland Hotel Sirkantahti.