Best Hotels Espoo Finland – Outdoors – Prices, Reviews

Espoo is a garden town on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. The area is famous for its castles and picturesque parks. Here tourists will visit museums and old estates, play a game of golf, breathe pine air on a foot walk along the lakes, fish and bathe in the sea. In winter, holidaymakers will be able to ski and dog sledding in the national park. After the walk, steam in a real Finnish sauna and keep warm with your local salmon ear.

Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo

In the “Family Hotels” category, Radisson Blu takes pride of place because of a well-thought-out holiday plan for adults and children. Stay here and during official trips.

Rest on the shores of the Gulf of Finland without interruption from the benefits of civilization

The hotel overlooks the Gulf of Finland, 30 minutes from Helsinki. Not far from the complex are shopping malls, airport, subway, water park and the main attractions of the city:

  • An Orthodox church in the Byzantine style;
  • Aalto University;
  • Wee Gee Exhibition Complex

Bright and cozy rooms for connoisseurs of home furnishings

The complex has 209 Scandinavian-style rooms divided into three categories:

  1. Standard .
  2. Improved (Superior).
  3. Luxury (Junior).

The rooms can feel the sea air and the aroma of pine needles outside the window. Visitors are used for healthy sleep beds Magic Bed. Furniture is equipped with mattresses with the effect of memory of the weight and temperature of the person’s body.

Traditional Finnish and international cuisine on the terrace overlooking the bay

The menu includes national Finnish dishes and cuisine of the peoples of the world. You can dine with a traditional pea soup with crispy potato tortilla or take a classic burger. The restaurant and bar have a wide range of meat and fish dishes. There is also a vegan menu. The free breakfast is arranged in the form of a buffet.

Win a penalty shootout or swim in silence

In addition to the usual entertainment that all hotels provide, Radisson Blu offers:

  • Participation in sporting events
  • Boat trip;
  • Visiting the city centre.

Rest with health benefits

The complex feels the friendly attitude of the staff to visitors. Here do everything for a comfortable holiday. Prepare lunch in accordance with the preferences of the guest (with intolerance to any products), to choose from offer bedding.


Were at the hotel in the summer. Most of all here liked lunches on the open veranda, you can enjoy food and look at the sea.




Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden

The Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden is no more than 10 minutes from the centre of Helsinki. The complex is awarded for careful attitude to nature and participation in the environmental program.

Life in nature and services of the metropolis

The hotel is built on Tapiola Square with developed infrastructure. It’s close to the Waterfront and Stockmann department store, Tapiola Garden City, a park with fountains and a library. It overlooks the central pool. 2 km from Tapiola is a house of museums, 1.5 km further – the concert and sports complex Barona Arena. The road to the Serena Water Park will take half an hour.

A combination of modern style and eco-friendly Finnish design traditions

All 154 hotel rooms are made in a modern style, almost all have a balcony. There is a separate accommodation for smokers, it is possible to enter with animals.

Hot and cold snacks in the hotel’s restaurant area

Grill It, grill bar and lobby bar are on site. Here you can try local dishes. Not every restaurant boasts a juicy with fragrant spices meat and vegetables grilled on charcoal.

Different types of rest at any time of year

For outdoor activities, the following options are available:

  • Gym classes;
  • SUP-board rides in summer;
  • Ice skating games in winter;
  • cycling.

Or you can just sit at a table in the restaurant, enjoying the view of the fountains.

The quality of the 4

The hotel lives up to the name of the 4. Holidaymakers note the variety of dishes on the menu, the caring attitude of the staff. Providing services, cleaning rooms does not cause complaints. The staff speaks several languages.

This year’s best holiday

I was lucky enough to relax with my husband and daughter at the Original Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden for the New Year holidays. The ice rink and Finnish cinnamon buns called “corvapuusti” will be remembered for a long time.



Hotel Korpilampi

Life in the realm of pine forest, mountains and the mirrored surface of Lake Korpilampi – so characterize the rest in Hotel Koramppili. It’s an unusual place. The magnificent nature will surround the guest from the moment he appears here. Half an hour’s drive from Helsinki – and the man is in a fairy tale.

Life in the bosom of nature

The complex has 156 home-cozy rooms. All rooms, like almost all Finnish hotels, are made in the Scandinavian style. The discreet interior is diluted with luscious photographs of nature. There are double rooms, possibly group accommodation.

Burning hump of fresh bread for lunch and air croissants for breakfast

The restaurant offers soft pastries, fruits, dairy products and meat slicing vegetables. Chefs use local farm products to prepare meals.

Outdoor entertainment

Life in Korpilampi is not only a love of nature and breakfast by the lake. The management of the hotel complex has prepared a lot of classes for all tastes. Some of them:

  • “Shabaam” fitness class;
  • Walking to the protected area;
  • Swimming
  • golf in the woods.

Serena Ski Is 400m away.

The air is soaked with needles and freshness

It’s not the first time we’ve vacationed with girlfriends in this place. Delicious food, incendiary zumba and coniferous aroma everywhere – all it makes to come back here again.


GLO Hotel Sello

The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Gallen-Callel Museum, home of a local artist. Nearby is the Restaurant Mezza and Fuku Supreme. The Gallen-Kallela Museum is a short walk away. The church of St. Herman of Alaska is 4 km from the complex. From the train station you can go to different parts of the city, it is also close to Hotel Sello.

Comfortable living with health care

There is an entrance to the building from the side of the underground parking lot of the Sello Shopping Center. The hotel has 147 rooms. Guests of this eco-hotel can choose the appropriate sleeping facilities themselves: pillows, blankets. There are rooms for allergy sufferers on site.

Glo Grill Kitchen restaurant and Glo Bar

Grilled vegetables and fish, cream soup and rye cakes are just a small part of the guest menu. Breakfast buffet: coffee, fruit, oatmeal, buns and nutella. Guests celebrate a large selection of dishes.

What is interesting for visitors, except trips to museums and shopping center

The hotel has a library and a golf course (3 km from the building). You can rent a bike, for guests this service is free.

Reviews of holidays for the Christmas holidays

We came with friends for Christmas. To go to the center of Sello do not even need to go out, there is a transition from hotel to building. We got to the capital on the train in 20 minutes, there looked everything that was planned earlier.




Hellsten Espoo

When you live in Hellsten Espoo, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re home. The city centre nearby, the Sello shopping centre and the train station near the complex make the rest leisurely and comfortable. From Leppiavaara station, a 12-minute train ride from Helsinki and the most interesting places:

  1. The Palace of “Finland” on the shore of the bay.
  2. Temple in the rock (Lutheran parish church).
  3. The famous national museum.

Great sports opportunities in the hotel

In Leppiavaara Park, guests are invited to take up active recreational activities:

  • Playing football, tennis;
  • Skiing in winter;
  • swimming in the pool.

Delicious and hearty food

Breakfast at the hotel until 11am local time. The rooms have their own kitchenette.

Room stock

Single studios, improved family rooms and sauna rooms are in demand on the site.

Review of hotel stays during the competition

During the sporting events stayed here with the team. It is very convenient that there are such hotels with a place for training and a roomy sauna.



Scandic Espoo

Scandic Espoo awaits guests near the large Sports Ground of Hartvall Arena. The airport is a 20-minute drive away. The hotel complex is surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafes, the rest is suitable for travelers in his car. It will be more convenient to visit museums and cultural monuments.

Entertainment and recreation at Scandic Espoo

Guests are encouraged to relax in the spa, practice in the fitness center and visit the wellness center. There is a sauna and a swimming pool on site.

Menu for all tastes

Menus, if desired, are made individually. There is a preparation for allergy sufferers.

A review of your holiday with your family

Pleased with the sauna, which is on every floor of the building. Rooms are cleaned on time. Polite staff.




Hotel Lepolampi

The hotel is built in breathtaking terrain by a crystal clear lake called Kivilampi. Nearby is Nuuksio National Park.

Dinner by the lake

The restaurant area and bar can accommodate about 130 guests at the same time. In the warmer years, you can dine on the terrace by the lake.

Outdoor festivities

For outdoor time, the hotel offers:

  • a traditional “cat” tent – a Finnish gazebo for outdoor recreation;
  • Prepared mini-golf course;
  • saunas near the lake.

Hotel for true nature lovers

It’s an eco-hotel! I advise everyone who wants to visit the national park to come here. Such beauty should be called the jewel of Finland.




Forenom Aparthotel Espoo Leppavaara

The hotel is close to the train. Leppawar station. From here it is easy to get to the capital in 15-20 minutes by train.

Interesting places and old buildings of the city

Attractions near the complex:

  1. Museum Tamminiemi (former residence of the President of Finland).
  2. The open-air island museum of Seurasaari.
  3. The Aalto House.

Leisure and outdoor activities

Guests are invited to play on the Helsinki golf course. On all floors of the building there are cozy areas for rest and work.


Enjoyed the stay at the hotel. Nearby (a 10-minute walk) is the Sello Centre and many historical cultural monuments.




Forenom Serviced Apartments Espoo Tapiola

Hotels in the Tapiola area are close to the capital. This complex is also a 20-minute drive from Helsinki. The apartment is close to the swimming pool and Tapiola Shopping Centre. Keilaniemi Business Park and the University of Otoniami are 2 km away.

Interior and convenience in rooms

The rooms have subdued lighting, wall and floor decoration in calm beige tones. The design is simple. There’s nothing superfluous. For an additional fee, you can stay with a pet.

Very calm green area

We came with our little daughter for the weekend. The hotel and the area are quite calm, there were few visitors at this time. We brought a bologna with us, agreed in advance about living with the dog in the room. There was no inconvenience.



Backbyn Kartano

The hotel is located in the north of Espoo. From the centre of Helsinki to Backbyn Kartano is a 20-minute drive away.

Buffet and individual order

The restaurant has different types of breakfast:

  • gluten-free:
  • Vegetarian;
  • Vegan;
  • continental.

What to do in the apartment

The complex conducts wellness procedures and classes:

  1. massage.
  2. Swimming in the pool.
  3. Scandinavian walking.
  4. Cycling.

Where to go: interesting places near the hotel

There is also entertainment for guests outside the hotel:

  1. Swimming in Lake Milliarvi (1 km from the hotel).
  2. Playing at the Master Golf Club (3 km from the apartment).
  3. Walk to the centre of Espoo.


For the first time was in this picturesque place. Pleased with a walk with fans of the Scandinavian walk. Sticks for classes were at the organizer of the class – a hotel employee.




Holidays in hotels in Finland will appeal to nature lovers, lovers of lakes and forests. Guests of the country will be able to choose entertainment to their liking. Someone will be pleased with riding on dog sleds, someone will enjoy only local cuisine and admire the sea.