Best Apartments in Adler

Adler is one of the most popular resorts in Russia on the Black Sea coast. Here go those who do not want to push on the crowded beaches of Sochi and like to save, but at the same time not to deny themselves all the delights of a southern holiday. Couples with children, young people and the elderly will feel comfortable here. The city has a well-developed entertainment infrastructure. It is here that the Olympic Village, the Olympic Park, the airport are located. 40 kilometers from Adler is the modern resort of Krasnaya Polyana.


Spacious and cozy apartments “North” are located in Adler on Lenin Street, just 350 meters from the sea coast. This is a great option for a family holiday and for those who do not like to stay in noisy hotels. The apartment is located on the first floor of a four-storey building. The total area of 40 square meters, on which there is a bedroom, a recreation area, a kitchen, a bathroom.

The apartments are decorated in light shades, which allows you to maintain a feeling of coyness and comfort even during a long stay. Thanks to a well-planned space, there is a lot of free space in the apartment. Here a family or a company of 4 people will feel comfortable.

For self-catering, the apartments have a modern, well-equipped kitchen. Here, everyone can try their culinary talents and cook delicious food at home. Grocery stores are within walking distance.

Olga, 29 years old, Moscow: We have already stayed in apartments several times during the summer vacation. We have two kids, so this is a great option for us. Friendly hosts, diligently monitor cleanliness and order. Always fresh bed linen, towels. Well equipped kitchen. And the location is good, you can walk to the sea in a few minutes.



Coffee-style room

One of the best places to relax in Adler is the “Coffee Style Room”,located 200 meters from the sea on Lenin Street. There is a well-developed infrastructure around. There is a public transport stop, gas stations, canteens, cafes. In a few minutes you can get to the dolphinarium, oceanarium, park areas. The train station is 10 minutes away.

For guests traveling by private transport, there is a paid parking. It is located just 30 meters from the hotel. “Coffee style room” is a one-room studio apartment. The cozy space is decorated in a coffee style. It is located on the second floor of a three-story building. The apartment is perfect for any category of vacationers. Here, both newlyweds and couples with children will feel comfortable. The apartment for a comfortable stay has absolutely everything. Thanks to the well-equipped kitchen, guests can prepare their favorite, homemade, delicious food at any time.



Apartment with parking by the sea

One-bedroom apartment,with a total area of 43 square meters, is located in the residential complex “Korona”. This is a modern apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms. Here, 4 guests will feel comfortable at the same time. The apartment is suitable for couples with children and for those who travel alone, but are not used to staying in noisy hotels.

Around the house in which the apartment is located, the infrastructure is well developed. Just a short walk away is the perekrestok store. To get to the sea will take no more than 5 minutes. The beach area is well equipped, there is all the necessary tourist infrastructure. The road to the sea coast passes through the park area, even in the hot heat the walk will be as comfortable as possible. The apartment provides everything you need for a long stay.

Veronika, 31 years old, Rostov-on-Don: excellent apartment, clean and spacious. Located on the 13th floor, the windows offer a stunning view. Friendly hosts, the check-in process takes a minimum of time. There is a kitchen and all the necessary appliances. This is very convenient if you travel with children. You don’t depend on anyone in nutrition. Thank you for the warm welcome, we will come to you again.



New cozy apartment with French balcony

Spacious apartments with a French balcony are a cozy apartment located on the 5th floor of a ten-storey building of the elite residential complex “Sorento Park”. Here, even the most demanding guests will feel a high level of comfort and warmth of home coyness. Literally in 5-7 minutes walk through the park area is the Black Sea coast, which makes this accommodation option just ideal for families with children.

The style and design of the apartments are thought out to the smallest detail. Every detail of the interior, even the smallest, complements the overall space. In the apartment, everything has a pleasant stay and a quiet pastime. It is divided into a separate bedroom and a spacious living room. Sleeping places are represented by a king-size double bed and one fold-out sofa.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the kitchen, equipped with all necessary appliances and utensils. Here, even the most familiar dishes can be turned into real culinary masterpieces. Extras include a TV, air conditioning and a washing machine. From the panoramic windows offer beautiful views of the surrounding nature.




Spacious apartments are ideal for a large company or family. The area of the apartment is 52 square meters, and thanks to the successful layout inside there is a lot of free space. Even families with children will feel comfortable here. The apartment is located on the second floor of a three-storey building. The road to the sea takes about 5-7 minutes. A good beach with a well-developed tourist infrastructure will appeal to the most experienced travelers.

The apartment is decorated in light shades, it is always warm and cozy. The large panoramic windows offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The apartment is equipped with a kitchen. Modern technology and a full set of necessary utensils make it possible not to abandon the usual homemade dishes even on vacation in another city.

Oleg, 25 years old, Kirov: We came here with friends. We booked an apartment for 5 days. The conditions are excellent, fully consistent with their cost. It’s quiet all around, you can’t hear the neighbors. Rest comfortably. The road to the sea takes just a few minutes. Thank you for the warm welcome.



Deluxe Apartment in Chistye Prudy

Cozy apartment with a stylish modern renovation is located in the area of the Olympic Park, on the first coastline. This is an excellent accommodation option for tourists who come to relax at the sea, and for business travelers during a business trip. The area of the apartments is 47 square meters, which can accommodate up to 4 people at the same time.

The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, stove, electric kettle and a full set of dishes. This solution allows you not to give up the usual homemade food, even being in another city. The seating area has a seating area with a TV. The fold-out sofa can be used as an extra bed.

The neighborhood in which the apartments are located has a well-developed infrastructure. Nearby are the Olympic Park, the Ornithological Park, the embankment with singing fountains, the Formula 1 track, the ice palace. The road to the sea takes 5-7 minutes.

Margarita, 32 years old, Armavir: We rested here together with my husband. Not for a minute did we regret the chosen option. Excellent value for money. Many places can be reached on foot, the beach is nearby. There are cafes, canteens, restaurants. I was pleased with the peace and tranquility. You don’t depend on anyone, no one bothers.



Duplex Apartment with Pool View

On the ground floor of the five-storey building there are modern “Duplex apartments with a view of the pool”. Their area is 40 square meters. The apartment is divided into several zones. On the second level there is a cozy bedroom with a large double bed. The first level is a comfortable living room with a soft sofa and TV. Thanks to the sofa bed, the apartment can accommodate up to 4 people at a time. In the yard there is a swimming pool, a great opportunity to refresh on a hot day. The road to the sea takes no more than 10 minutes.

Near the apartment there are grocery stores, cafes, canteens. For those who travel with small children, a playground is equipped.



Apartment 54m

On Tavricheskaya Street there are one of the coziest apartments in the city of Adler – “Apartment 54m”. This is a modern apartmentwith a total area of 54 square meters. Friendly hosts tried to do their best to keep the warmest and brightest memories from staying here.

The apartments are decorated in light shades, which are perfectly combined with classic furniture. Thanks to the large window inside is always bright and cozy. The apartment is divided into several zones. The separate bedroom has a large double bed. Comfortable mattress with quality bed linen guarantees a good night’s sleep at home.

The spacious living room has a seating area and a TV. Here you can gather a friendly company and have fun with a cup of fragrant tea or a glass of your favorite drink. For self-catering, the apartments are equipped with a kitchen. Guests can always prepare a familiar homemade dish or organize a light snack.

Angelina, 56 years old, Shakhty: We rested here with my husband and grandchildren. I do not really like hotels, I always try to give preference to apartments. Very clean, lots of free space. The kids were comfortable. Lovely kitchen, you can cook something at any time. The sea is not far away, there are cafes nearby. The hosts are friendly, when checking in, they tell and show.



Deluxe Apartment in Art Light City

In 3 kilometers from the ice palace “Iceberg” are located apartments “Deluxe Apartment in Art Light City”. They are a stylish apartment with high-quality repairs in the microdistrict of the Olympic Park. The apartments are well equipped. For guests’ convenience, air conditioning, a seating area and a kitchen are included. High-speed Internet access is provided. Guests arriving by car can make use of the parking lot. Within walking distance of several grocery stores, restaurants, bars, cafes. A little further there is an embankment, a Formula 1 track, a tennis academy, the Palace of Alina Kabaeva.

The apartments have a well-thought-out layout. A separate bedroom with a large bed allows you to relax in peace and tranquility. The living room is equipped with a soft sofa, which can be used as an extra bed.



Deluxe Apartment in Catherine Quarter

70 meters from the Olympic beach there are apartments «Deluxe Apartment in Catherine Quarter», which will be an excellent option for a quality and unforgettable holiday. Due to its favorable location, the apartment is popular with family tourists, young people and the elderly. Its area of 77 square meters, consists of two separate bedrooms. Up to 6 people can live here at the same time.

Extras include a fully equipped kitchen. Stove, full set of dishes, microwave, electric kettle make it possible to prepare a full breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Irina, 33 years old, Moscow: Two families with children came here. I liked the conditions. There was a lot of space, everyone was comfortable. There is a kitchen, you can cook. Meals can be enjoyed at a café nearby. The sea is not far away, the beach is clean, there is all the necessary infrastructure.



In Adler there is a large selection of housing for every taste and budget. The apartments will appeal to those who are accustomed to relax in silence and independently manage their time. All apartments are modernly renovated, equipped with kitchens, which makes them an ideal option for families with children.