Azor Hotel, Livadia, Crimea

In order to make the rest unforgettable, it is not enough just to come to a beautiful place, it is important that the hotel is comfortable and pleasant. Hotel “Azor” in Livadia is part of a large complex in a developed infrastructure, and many guests call it the best in Livadia. Relax pleasantly and interestingly in “Azor”.

The village of Livadia belongs to the region of Big Yalta and is located only 3 km from the “capital” of the southern coast. Here you can relax quietly and calmly, and at the same time quickly get to the center of youth entertainment. Of course, Livadia is a place for a beach holiday first of all, but the historical sights here are directly royal: temples and a palace that belonged to the Romanovs.

The climate of Livadia is subtropical, the mountains close the resort from the winds, so in summer the air temperature is stable to +30, and the sea is also very warm. Agree, perfect for a vacation. Swim on the beaches of Livadia from May to October.

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Hotel Location

Luxury hotel built in the west of Big Yalta, within walking distance from the Seaside Park and the promenade of the embankment. The centre of Yalta is just 5 km away and you can book a taxi at the hotel. You can get from the airport in an hour. In this part of the resort, the system of public transport is well established, and guests like to travel in this way to the water park, zoo and dolphinarium of Yalta.

The hotel complex is located on the first coastline, does not receive tourists all year round, but only in the season from June to September.

Room stock

Being a part of the complex, “Azor” is a detached building of 5 floors with a capacity of 80 rooms of various types. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, saving in the heat, refrigerator, kettle, satellite TV. In the courtyard of the building there is a spacious area – the solarium was equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, and if you do not go to the beach, then you can fully sunbathe here. By the way, on the roof of the building there is an observation deck, and you can admire the panorama of the surroundings.

The sea and sunsets can be observed from the balcony of the room, and the proximity to the water and the coastline, the sound of the surf will set up peace and quiet.

Types of rooms for guests:

  • comfort;
  • premium comfort 2 – x room;
  • Junior Suite ordinary and family;
  • Luxury comfort: the most spacious and luxurious room, with exquisite design. Suitable for families with children.

Maria, Moscow “The hotel, or rather a separate building in a large complex of Livadia, we liked very much, although we ordered the most ordinary comfort room. Repairs, everything is fresh and new, the equipment worked well for us. Nice view from the balcony to the sea, but if there was a view of the courtyard, also good, because it is quiet. If there is not enough sea, you can walk to it through the beautiful territory. Clean daily and very carefully, something – something valuable lost in the room, the staff found, for which thank you. Of course, this is not the city center, but for a relaxing quality holiday – the place is ideal”

Meals at the hotel

The accommodation includes 3 meals a day according to the buffet system during the high season (June – September). We are talking about the building “Azor”, and guests visit the restaurant “Coastal”.

If you are located in the “Azor” part of the large complex “Livadia”, then the cost of living includes the use of the entire infrastructure of the territory, the entrance to all cafes, bars and restaurants, and there are many of them here:

  • The main restaurant “Dolphin” is ideal for a relaxing holiday with live music. Beautiful sea views and delicious food will help you relax.
  • Restaurant “Coastal” for all guests is located on the top floor of the building and also boasts ideal sea views.
  • Cafe – bar “Hat”, panoramic, suitable even for a large men’s company for evening gatherings and not only. Sweet tooth can come here for sweets.
  • Phyto – bar “Fresh”, where you are waiting for the Crimean mountain tea, oxygen cocktails, fresh and smoothies.
  • Lobby bar, working around the clock and created for perfect leisure with watching movies on the big screen.

Additional services at the hotel

In order for the holiday to be bright and on a positive note, it is important that the hotel is interesting in terms of infrastructure and leisure activities, then everyone will want to come here, both adults and children.

Hotel “Azor” is part of a large complex “Livadia”, so all guests use everything that is included in its composition.

The main part of the summer holiday is a visit to the beach and the sea, this is indisputable, so the hotel is attentive to the quality and cleanliness of its coastal area. There are always sunbeds and umbrellas from the sun, changing cabins and toilets with showers. The area is decorated modernly and the sea is clean.

The hotel has several swimming pools, which are filled with tourists even in good weather, but the most popular and favorite is the panoramic on the roof of one of the buildings. Swimming has a beneficial effect on the body, and the views from here are amazing. It offers water aerobics classes and morning exercises.

Animation programs for children and adults help not only to diversify leisure, but also to get acquainted with the staff and other vacationers, often on vacation make friends. Children are especially interested in quests, sports activities and just games in the fresh air with experienced educators.

Hotel Spa Complex

After an active day on excursions or a beach holiday, it is pleasant and useful to visit the spa center of the hotel, where there are so many procedures that there are for everyone to taste:

  • Russian steam room. As a result of her visit, toxins are removed, blood circulation is established and the body is rejuvenated.
  • The Roman steam room is lined with granite and has a very pleasant temperature. Here you can gain strength and restore the nervous system. There is a cleansing of the body from toxins, sleep is restored and the mood simply improves.
  • Jacuzzi with modern hydraulic installations. In it you can fully relax and escape from the hustle and bustle.
  • Hammam – Turkish steam room – is ideal for many due to the low humidity and air temperature. Here arrange whole gatherings in the rest room for Crimean tea.
  • Pressure therapy is a modern technique for weight loss. In “Azor” you can order a full range of such procedures to get a good result: lose weight and get rid of cellulite. The work of the circulatory system improves, excess fluid is excreted from the body, and the skin is rejuvenated.
  • Massage, namely several of its types, is done in the hotel by experienced specialists who will help you choose the best combination of healing and body care.
  • Wraps saturate the skin with useful substances, remove wrinkles and increase elasticity. You can choose chocolate, berry, vegetable and algae.
  • Cosmetic procedures: masks, peels, cleanings.

Olga and Vadim, Voronezh “When my husband and I go on vacation, we try to spend all the time together, but it’s great when the hotel has entertainment for every taste. I would like to separately note the high-quality spa complex, in which everyone is good: who has a sauna with a jacuzzi, who massages and a cosmetologist. Both girls and boys feel great here. Actually, a great hotel! Swimming pools, sports grounds and the beach – on top! The spa is super, it’s something that is so lacking at home. We recommend it to everyone!”

What to see in Livadia

The history of the area has its roots in 3 thousand BC, and in the Middle Ages the main craft here was pottery. In the 19th century, the land was acquired by Count Potocki and gave the name Livadia from the Greek word “meadow”. Initially, there was a temple, vineyards and master houses. A park was set up, and it was very beautiful, with fountains, greenhouses and statues.

A little later, the estate passed into the hands of the Romanovs, when Emperor Alexander II brought his sick wife here. In the USSR, a wine state farm was formed, but during the Second World Peace almost all the buildings were destroyed by the Nazis.

In 1945, a historic meeting of the heads of the countries of the anti-fascist coalition was held here.

Livadia Palace and Italian Courtyard

Without a doubt, this is the most famous landmark of Livadia, the former residence of the Romanovs. The palace, which we see now, was built at the behest of Nicholas II, and in it in 1945 there was a meeting known throughout history – Yalta.

Architect Krasnov set himself the goal of hiring a comfortable palace, and he succeeded. The building fits perfectly into the landscape, a huge amount of Inkerman limestone was brought for the process. Inside there are about 60 rooms, each of which is distinguished by beauty and originality.

Around the palace building there is a garden with evergreen plants, it is decorated with an arcade with roses, and for its style it is called an Italian courtyard. European masters forged the gate and created a marble fountain.

When the emperor’s family visited Livadia, she was accompanied by a large retinue. To accommodate it next to the palace, the Page Building of exquisite architecture was built.

Holy Cross Church

It was built next to the Livadia Palace at the request of Empress Maria Alexandrovna. Its architect was Monighetti, and the prototype was the Church of St. Luke. The Byzantine style was chosen for the temple, which was going to be made a repository of valuables and relics of the royal family.

The church, at first glance, is very inconspicuous. This is a one-story building with a dome and arched windows, but its highlight is not in the external structure. The interior decoration was very rich in those days: a carved iconostasis of white marble, expensive carpets, artsy panic and lattices. The temple is truly historical, it served a memorial service for Alexander III and accepted Orthodoxy Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Nicholas II.

Now the church is active, services have resumed since 1991.

Wine Museum

The art of winemaking in Crimea is famous all over the world. The Wine Museum in Livadia houses a huge collection of bottles – more than 22,000 – wines of the best varieties. Many of them, according to tradition, are aged for centuries, the rest are young, rather rare varieties. Nicholas II and his family port wine “Livadia” was a favorite local drink, and therefore it occupies a special place in the collection.

On the tour you will learn interesting facts of their history of Crimean winemaking, as well as learn how to drink wine correctly, no matter how strange it may sound. Come to the tasting, and everything you like can be purchased.

Waterfall “Uchan-Su”

In the Yalta mountains, at an altitude of 400 m above sea level is a unique natural landmark, known throughout the world. This is a beautiful waterfall with a height of almost 100 m, which for its violent temper the locals nicknamed “flying water”. In winter, when frosts come, the water freezes and everything that happens turns into an icefall.

In spring and summer, the flow of water is so powerful that it is dangerous to come close to it, and it is better to do it along an organized path through the forest or admire it from the observation decks.

Monument to the Big Three

There is one modern monument in Livadia that reminds us of a landmark historical event in Livadia in 1945. It was in the local palace that the meeting of the heads of state of the anti-Hitler coalition took place. Sculptor Zurab Tseretelli presented the monument to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Yalta meeting of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

At the heart of his plot – the moment of a photo shoot in an Italian courtyard in May 1945, the leaders of the three states solemnly finished the meeting.

House-Museum of Mikhail Pugovkin

Everyone’s favorite Soviet actor Mikhail Pugovkin moved to live in Yalta in 1991. He was very fond of the city, where many films were made with his participation and there were catch phrases and expressions that we will remember for a long time.

After the actor passed away, his widow opened a museum in honor of her husband. In it, we can see personal belongings, props from the filming and the actor’s awards.

Interestingly, already posthumously, his colleagues came up with and released a medal, which was awarded to the best comedic actors, and it is called “Button”, it can also be seen in the museum.


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Livadia is a very cozy and warm village, and it’s not about its southern location, but about the atmosphere. Come to the hotel “Azor” with excellent service and fall in love with Livadia!