Attractions in Mirissa, Sri Lanka – what to see in 1 day

Mirissa is considered an expensive resort in Sri Lanka. This piece of coast was discovered by hippies in the early 80s. The conditions of rest were more than acceptable. Enterprising businessmen built the first hotel here, which became the basis for the future of the city. Soon the entire shore was built up. There were 5-star hotels and hotel complexes of different categories of comfort.

Tourists from all over the world come here. They are attracted by the hot sun, tropical fruits and the main entertainment – watching the migration of blue whales. Mirissa is one of the 4 places on the island where you can go to the open ocean in search of unique pictures of the largest aquatic inhabitants.

On the shore, too, there is something to do. The sandy coastal strip is divided into 2 beach areas. One is called “secret”, but not because of the secret location, but therefore sheltered from the waves by reefs and boulders. The entrance to the water is smooth, the depth increases gradually, so parents with children come here to swim. The second is the main beach of Mirissa Beach. It is ideal for surfing, diving, snorkeling. If there are no waves, then you can swim with children.

Mirissa’s attractions are available at any time. It is for them that most tourists come here. Many hotels provide excursion services, provide transport and lunch boxes.

Whale Bay

Whale safari is the most popular entertainment at the resort. To look at whales and dolphins, pleasure boats and boats go daily to the open ocean. They leave at 6-7 a.m. The walk lasts up to 15-19 hours. It all depends on how quickly you can detect whales. It is advisable to stock up on sandwiches (there is drinking water on the ship). Sometimes the organizers of the trip offer lunch and a light snack – bread and fruit.

It is not always possible to swim up to whales at close range. Such an opportunity will be a rare success. In addition, travelers should remember that whales do not migrate all year round, but only from January to April, i.e. from January to April. in high season. The cost of the walk varies from 2 to 6 thousand rupees. Experienced travelers are advised to buy a ticket for a boat where there are fewer passengers. In this case, the chance of taking unique pictures increases. On boats with a large number of seats, someone is sure to interfere with enjoying the spectacle.



Coconut Tree Hill

A great place for a walk will be a picturesque hill with coconut palms. This beautiful place is usually visited before sunset. From here it is pleasant to watch the sunset, take colorful pictures. By evening, a large number of people gather here. In the morning come those who wish to conduct a meditation session and meet the dawn. The hill offers stunning views of the ocean. This is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka according to the testimony of many travelers.

A unique rock with palm trees is a 15-minute walk from Mirissa Beach. You can get there faster by bike or bike. From the observation deck, you can take a photo against the background of the island, located near the shore, ocean waves and boulders and reefs lost among the water. The place has long ceased to be secluded, so everyone tries to come here early to occupy the best viewing areas.



Parrot Rock Bridge

The best observation deck of the coast is considered to be the island of Parrot Rock Bridge. It is 50 metres from Mirissa Beach. At low tide, it can be reached on foot. On the one hand, it seems that visiting this place will not be difficult. But during high tide, it is quite possible to get injured, fall into the water, damage photographic equipment. People come to the rocky islet to take wonderful pictures of both the open ocean and the views of the coast of Mirissa. A comfortable wooden staircase with handrails leads to the top of the hill.

None of the residents knows who and when called the islet Parrot Rock (parrot island). But there are several hypotheses. First, it has the shape of a parrot’s head, although this is from which side to look. Secondly, parrots once lived on the island. But, again, now they are not here at all. Now crows gather here, which surround this place at high tide. So the name will remain a mystery for now.



Snake Farm

A trip to the snake farm is a half-day tour. It is located 15 km from Mirissa. Travelers will have a half-hour trip inland past rice paddies and lush tropical gardens. The entrance ticket costs 1 thousand rupees, the driver of the tuk-tuk will take 2 thousand rupees for the road (prices are current for January 2022). A sign is installed at the entrance to the farm. The object is owned by the hereditary snakes and the manufacturer of miraculous local medicines with the use of snake venom.

The farm is home to 15 species of snakes, scorpions and venomous spiders. The most dangerous are kept in tanks and aviaries. But they are sometimes released for a walk, so it is not recommended to walk around the yard without an employee’s accompaniment. The owner likes to arrange demonstration performances with catching and taming snakes. He shows guests how to properly capture a reptile so that it does not cause a fatal bite. In addition to poisonous individuals, pythons live on the farm. During the tour, visitors will learn a lot of interesting things from the life of the inhabitants of the farm.



JUNGLE PLAYGROUND Mirissa (Adventure Park)

In the heart of Mirissa, the first amusement park in the South of the country was built. The playground is decorated in the form of a jungle, and adventures on it are offered accordingly. The area is a mixture of American Ninja, a climbing park and a mini golf course. An adventure quest has been developed, which lasts 2 hours. During this time, visitors will have to face fun challenges, for example, play mini golf in the jungle, go through the “Hell’s Bells”, become a participant in the match on “Coconut Basketball”, experience “Swinging Tuter” and, of course, conquer the terrible Angry Mountain.

After an exciting quest, everyone is waiting for food and drinks at the top of the hill. Here, sitting in a cozy hut, you can explore the surroundings from a bird’s eye view, recuperate, take a picture. This is a great place to relax with the whole family or in the company of friends. The park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Address: Temple Road, Mirissa 81740, Sri Lanka


Kushta Raja Gala

Not far from the Marriott Hotel there is a rock with a bas-relief of the deity Bothisatva carved into it. Legend has it that in the 7th-9th centuries, the great Indian Raja arrived on the island for healing. He was terminally ill and had his last hope in the wonders of Sri Lankan Ayurveda. In the vicinity of Mirissa, he met a doctor who healed him of leprosy. As a token of appreciation and gratitude, the Raja ordered to perpetuate the image of the doctor. As it turned out, later, it was none other than the Buddhist bothisattva of compassion Avalokiteshvara.

Next to the bas-relief on the hill is an ancient Buddhist temple. It was built in the 3rd century BC, when the first Buddhist monks came to the island. The monastery was destroyed in the Middle Ages, but then rebuilt. The monks miraculously managed to save the sacred Bodhi tree, planted and grown from the first seedlings taken from the main Bo tree growing in Anuradhapura. On the territory of the temple you can see three restored buddha statues, visit places for meditation. Shoes must be removed before entering. There is no fee for the inspection, but the monks will be happy with any donations.

Secret Beach

But back to shore. Secret Beach (Mirissa Secret) is located in a small bay just west of the main beach of the resort. Its territory is visually divided into 2 parts by a heap of boulders. The sunbathing area is covered with golden sand with shells and fragments of coral. In order not to injure your feet, you need to have beach shoes with you. Near the shore there are many shoals and natural pools, convenient for swimming children. Admission is free.

There are several bars on site, where you can take a free sunbed for food and drinks. Helpful owners will also provide fishing equipment and sports equipment, but for a fee. This picturesque place is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, so its infrastructure is expanding from year to year. The beach is surrounded by a palm forest. If you want to relax in the shade of its thickets, you will have to use repellents, since the inside is full of gnus and mosquitoes.



Graffiti on the wall of Giragala Village

Some hotels in Mirissa boast their own attractions. For example, graffiti near the wall of “Giragala Village” has become the hallmark of the entire resort. The hotel is located at the southernmost point of Mirissa, at the very shore of the ocean. Leaving the building, you can immediately go to a small peninsula, on which there is a unique beach, washed by the ocean on three sides. This piece of land was bought in 1994 by Nimmank Gooneskera, a retired employee of the airline. He built a cozy villa with 4 bedrooms on the shore. Today, the complex has 18 luxury suites.

On one of the walls of the hotel made graffiti in the form of a peacock tail. Against its background, tourists like to be photographed. The drawing is made very realistically, so that the pictures get an image of a peacock man. The place is popular, by the way, the owner does not take money for a photo shoot.

Graffiti at First Mirissa Hostel

Such graphic pictures can afford not only fashionable hotels. The image of the muzzle of a friendly lion is painted on the wall of the hostel “First Mirissa”. Against its background, all guests of the resort like to be photographed. The peacefulness of the predator is emphasized by bright colors, and in his eyes all the kindness and hospitality of the population of the island are reflected. Travelers find confirmation of the above at the reception desk. Pleasant prices, spacious rooms, new modern plumbing and other benefits of rest are waiting for them on the territory of the hostel. You can come here with pets.

The owners are adherents of a healthy lifestyle. In the morning, guests can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast. During the day, guests can prepare their own meals in the shared kitchen. Other facilities offered at the property include scooter rental and a tour desk. You can not overpay for elite hotels, but stay here, next to one of the attractions of Mirissa.

Blue Lagoon

Excursion “Eco Lagoon Safari” is one of the popular destinations of local guides. This is a walk along the river, which flows into the ocean nearby. Berths with boats are located near its mouth. The waterway will pass by the shores overgrown with mangrove plants. It is home to a huge number of birds, monitor lizards, bats. On the coast there will be families of colorful parrots, flocks of monkeys, many rare and beautiful plants. The walk will help to combine a pleasant pastime with a useful lesson on the study of the nature of the jungle. Tours are very popular with children.



Samudragiri Viharaya

At the top of the hill is a snow-white and unexplored Buddhist temple. That’s the beauty of it. The temple is active, the entrance is free. When it was built, not even the caretakers know. But its walls were dilapidated, the frescoes were erased. It seems that it was erected several centuries ago. Now restoration work is being carried out on the territory, but this does not prevent monks from educating the future generation of Buddhists. A theological school is organized here, in which children study.

In the center of the room is a statue of the reclining Buddha, around it there is a large number of various figures of bothisattvas. The walls are painted with fragments from stories about the life and enlightenment of the Buddha. The temple has a library with ancient manuscripts. Manuscripts made on tablets and bamboo sheets have been preserved here. Some of them are more than 800 years old. Another relic of the temple is a bottle with an ancient balm. Incense is used during meditations and services.



Kushtarajagala Statue

The statue of the leper king is located in the vicinity of Mirissa. About 12 centuries ago, a terminally ill monarch arrived on the island. Leprosy was eating away at his body. Sri Lankan Ayurveda remained the last hope for recovery. At the place where the statue is now installed, the king met the healer Avalokiteshvara, who cured him. In memory of the event, the king ordered to carve his image into the rock, and at the bottom to put a niche for delay. Everyone who comes here can be healed if his thoughts are pure. Many believe and come here in search of a miracle. At the foot of the rock there is a spring from which tourists collect healing water. But basically this square is intended for meditation.

Parewi Duwa Temple

Another Buddhist temple is located in the village of Matara. It is close to Mirissa and can be reached by tuk-tuk or scooter. Its notable feature is its location. It is built on an island, and a bridge leads to its entrance from the shore. The island is rocky, so the main premises of the temple are carved in stone. The monks planted a garden around the buildings, and now the roofs of the buildings are hidden behind tall palm trees. The bridge itself is Matara’s calling card and is often imprinted in a set of gift cards or on magnets.

Just behind the bridge is a small pagoda with Buddha. The entrance is guarded by stone lions with good-natured faces. To the right of the bridge there is another niche for worship and meditation. She is guarded by 4 guards. Stone steps lead to the top of the rock. Here is the central temple with two Buddha statues and a golden cast of the foot located between them. On the territory you can stroll through the garden, explore the ocean expanses, get acquainted with the traditions of offering gifts to the Buddha.

In Mirissa, there are a lot of interesting places that are worth visiting during a holiday in Sri Lanka. Tours from all over the island can be arranged. You can independently take a car and drive through all of the above places. The review is compiled so that everyone can make their own route to get acquainted with the sights of Mirissa.