Attractions Analipsi – all that you can see at the resort and in its vicinity

A cozy and peaceful village 24 km from Heraklion Analipsi in the summer turns into a small resort of the coast of Crete. No ancient settlements of the Minoan period have been found in the vicinity. But nearby is Hersonissos (7.5 km along the beaches), so there will be no shortage of historical sights. There is a hiking route between the town and the village. It passes through several ancient chapels and churches. The territory of Analipsi people began to populate in the 18th century. Initially, it was an ordinary fishing village. Starting from the middle of the 20th century, it gradually began to turn into a resort center.

Today, 600 people of the local population are engaged in fishing and tourism. Both directions are well developed. Here you can always buy freshly caught fish or hire a boat for a boat trip (swimming, fishing, photo shoots against the backdrop of coastal and sea landscapes). The hospitality sector is also developing. In the village there are hotels of different levels of price and comfort, taverns, coffee shops with aromatic coffee in Greek. In your free time, you can visit the nearby attractions. To distant objects it is better to go on a rented car. Public transport will take a lot of time, besides, buses do not go to the village. Passengers are usually dropped off on the track at the turn.

Church of the Ascension in Analipsi

The very name of the settlement is translated as Ascension. It is no accident that the main temple was consecrated in honor of the Ascension of Christ. Before reunification with Orthodox Greece, there were possessions of the rich Turk Svuru Metohi. But he in the 19th century allowed the Orthodox to build a temple on the territory. The church was built in the Byzantine style. Above the main entrance rises the belfry of their three bells. Services are held not regularly, but periodically. The priest apparently serves several parishes. Inside there is a traditional iconostasis, on the walls there is a painting.

Address: Analipseos, Analipsi 700 14, Greece

Chapel of St. Marina

Unlike the Church of the Ascension, the snow-white chapel, consecrated in honor of St. Marina, is an ornament of the coast. It is located on a small pier in the extreme part of the village to the sea. The area around the temple is landscaped, benches are placed for viewing the sea. But, as is typical for the whole of Crete, there are very few trees, so people come here when the evening coolness comes. The chapel is a white one-story building with a blue roof and platbands. Two doors lead inside. Above the main entrance is a belfry for one bell.

Address: Unnamed Road, Chersonisos 700 14, Greece

Folklore Museum of Gouves

The “Gouves Folklore Museum” is located on the main shopping street of Kato Gouves. Here is a large collection of original objects and photographs that give an idea of the daily life and events of the inhabitants in the 19th century. The exposition includes real artifacts of the ancestors of local residents. Thanks to the created collection, you can get a better idea of the history of this beautiful place. The museum is open every day from 9.00 to 14.00 only in the holiday season, in winter the object is closed. The ticket price is 2 euros.


Address: Nik Kazantzaki, Gouves 700 14 village, Crete, Greece

Lychnostatis Museum

Not far from the outskirts of Hersonissos there is an open-air museum Lychnostatis. Its founders, Yorgis Markakis, a professor of ophthalmology at the University and a writer, and his wife Elsa Markaki, a teacher of English literature, donated their ethnographic collection to create an exposition and museum fund. Together with their son Yannis and with the assistance of 4 local workers, they began construction in 1986. Markakis’ two daughters Ada and Tatiana also contributed to the first part of the construction, which was completed in 1991. About the creation of the museum to shoot a short film “Building with stones and rhymes”. Today there are four main collections – the flora of Crete, ethnographic traditions and finds, folk art (folklore), pre-industrial technologies (handicraft production). The museum is open every day except Saturday, from 09.00 to 14.00. On the territory there is a café, a library, a souvenir shop, an amphitheater, where entertainment events are held.


Address: Hersonissos, Crete, Greece



Labyrinth Theme Park

The theme park is located 4 km from Hersonissos on the road to Kastelli. The concept includes ancient Greek myths about Knossos, minotaur, Theseus, Ariadne and its guiding thread. The main entertainment is exciting quests in the Labyrinth. Over the past couple of years, interactive tours with game moments related to the history of the conquest of Troy have appeared. On the territory there are several more interesting objects – a riding center, a field for a minigolf, two cinemas, a small farm with a petting zoo, an ecological garden with fruit trees, a pottery workshop. Everything is decorated in the ancient Minoan style, even a coffee shop serving aromatic Greek coffee. An amusement park in the ancient Greek world is ideal for children and their parents.

Official site:

Address: Ano Hersonissos District, 70014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece



Mountain gorge Aposelemis

Aposelemis Canyon is not that big. like other famous gorges of Crete. Its length is about 6 km, but it will be possible to drive along the bottom by car. It is dotted with large stones and boulders. This is a hiking route for hardy tourists. Aposelemis entered the list of tourist sites only after 2014. The territory is not landscaped, so you need to take care of drinking water, comfortable shoes and sandwiches for a snack. The total duration of the walk will be 2-3 hours. The only thing that the authorities did, they fenced the area in front of the entrance to the gorge, arranged a recreation area there. Perhaps soon there will be food cor and other benefits.

Address: Analipsi, Hersonissos, Heraklion Prefecture, Crete, Greece



Acqua Plus Water Park

A large water park is located 5 km from Hersonissos. This is a landscaped recreation area with a very beautiful park. Against the background of the surrounding landscapes, this place seems to be a real oasis. It is also called the “Garden of Eden”. The water park was originally conceived as an elite and comfortable place to relax. It was built next to a golf course, pools and water slides were installed, taking into account the local mountain landscape. The lounge is located on the top of a hill, offering amazing views of the sea and mountains. Attractions are constantly updated, instead of obsolete designs there are new ones. The territory is divided into children’s and adult zones. You can’t come here with your food and drinks. For this can be fined. For those who want to have a snack, there is a food court with a wide range of dishes. The service base includes photo shoots with a professional photographer, “fish manicure”, souvenir shop, billiards and air hockey.

Here you can stay for a few days to spend time in the aqua zone or play golf. Nearby hotels are located: Crete Golf Club Hotel, Esperides Resort Crete, The Authentic Experience, Avli Traditional Home with Private Jacuzzi.


Address: 5th km on the highway Hersonissos-Kastelli, 71200, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece



WaterCity Water Park

Unlike the previous one, this water park is the largest in Crete. Its visit is included in all tourist routes of an entertainment nature. On the territory there are more than 20 modern attractions, several swimming pools, a “lazy” and “crazy” river, a beauty salon, a food court, parking, a tourism center. The water park is open only during the holiday season. For the winter, the site is closed. The design concept is based on the architecture and mythology of Ancient Greece. Near the pools there are sun loungers with umbrellas, for lovers of relaxation there is a large jacuzzi. You can get here by taxi or rented car. Buses do not run regularly. Guests are always glad to take the hotel Mira Living Concept,SEA VIEW FAMILY VILLA, Erato Hotel, Christi apartments.

Official site:

Address: Water City Waterpark, Anopolis, Heraklion, Crete, Greece




The owners of the aquarium “Aquaworld” position their offspring as a kind of center for saving animals. There are about 20 aquariums with waterfowl inhabitants of the seas and oceans, as well as a large terrarium with reptiles. Petting zoo. Moreover, each visitor is perceived as a sponsor. Here you can take home a lizard, iguana, spiketail or chameleon and take care of your pet at home. For tourists who can not take care of the wards in this way, a box for donations is installed. At the same time, the entrance is paid. The box office has a single price for all ages – 6 euros.

Official site:

Address: Filikis Etairias 7, Limenas Hersonissou, Crete 700 14, GREECE



Океанариум Cretaquarium

The marine aquarium in Gournes Pediados is the largest in Crete. It was created thanks to the efforts of the scientific community of the island. The exposition was collected from all corners of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, about 200 species of fish, plants, and marine animals “live” in 60 aquariums. The organizers set themselves the task of introducing the guests of Crete to the inhabitants of the mediterranean water space. The oceanarium works all year round without days off and holidays. It opens at 9.30 regardless of the time of year, in winter it closes at 16.00, in summer – at 19.00. A ticket in summer costs 10 euros, in winter – 6 euros. Discounts are available for children and students.

Official site:

Address: Gournes Pediados, Heraklion 71003, Crete, Greece



Where to stay in Analipsi

25 hotel complexes have been built on the first coastline. Among them there are hotels of different categories of comfort. The most popular are;

  • Stella Village 4 stars – 20 rooms, restaurant-bar, the ability to book a tourist tour and excursions, parking;
  • five-star Atlantica Caldera Palace – spa, water sports, billiards, convenient for families with children;
  • Lyttos Beach – works on the system “All inclusive”, provides concierge and babysitting services, there is a bicycle rental.

In the village itself, hotels are not so common. Basically, apartments with a kitchen are offered, where guests prepare their own meals. For families or companies that love such a “semi-decoy” vacation, this option will be one of the most acceptable. In addition, the locals continue to fish, grow olives, cultivate gardens, produce cheese and wine. Every morning at the market you can buy the freshest products of local production, as well as choose a fish from the morning catch.

In the center of the village there is a hotel that is in demand among travelers. This is a 3-star apartment «Paul Marie». Around it there is a landscaped area with playgrounds and a swimming pool. Check-out time for all hotels is one – 12.00 – check-out, 14.00 – check-in.

Analipsi is not yet the most expensive Cretan resort. Prices are several times lower than in Malia or Hersonissos. Infrastructure, of course, is inferior in the number of entertainment, but local taverns in some ways will even give odds to the world-recognized centers of sea recreation. Families with small children, elderly people, travelers looking for a secluded quiet place like to come here. Experienced tourists recommend immediately renting a car at the airport of Heraklion and not trying to get to Analipsi by public transport.