Apart-hotel Dacha Steingoltsa Alushta Crimea

Apart-hotel“Dacha dr. Steinholz”is one of the few places on the entire coast, where you can rent a penthouse at an affordable price. This is not a holiday in a complex where “all inclusive”. Renting comfortable apartments in the club house, guests can cook their own meals in the kitchen, use the infrastructure of the city, choose beaches on the coast, as well as swimming pools, spa services – all in many variations without reference to the hotel.

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Abram Steinholz was a doctor who treated diseases of the respiratory system, and his wife Leia was a dentist. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were receiving patients in the country, since doctors of the Jewish faith were allowed in the Russian Empire to live outside the Pale of Settlement. His patients were also celebrities: Ivan Poddubny and writer Jules Verne. Now the beautiful building is reconstructed for residents. An indoor swimming pool has been added, a park of relict plants and a children’s playground have been landscaped.

Tatarin writes a review: “Steinholtz’s dacha” was chosen as a result because in Yalta there are inflated prices, in Gurzuf there are many stairs, and in Sudak there were already ones. I was surprised that from Simferopol we got on an ordinary trolleybus. In general, all movements around the city: trolleybus and electric cars. Budget! I liked the identity of the city: many cafes, museums, oceanarium, parks, monuments, delicious seafood and fruits, free beaches for every taste. “

Spacious apartments in the center of Alushta

All rooms are essentially private apartments with several bedrooms, kitchen, balcony and bathroom. The price also includes: swimming pool, house park, wi-fi and parking. Spa services are charged separately. Each room is designed for a certain number of residents, but you can buy additional seats.

The 1 bedroom apartment has an area of 110 m2 and zoning in the form of a studio: a huge living room with a built-in kitchen, a bedroom, a large bathroom and a balcony. Facilities: hot tub, bidet, washing machine, air conditioning and TV with cable TV. Clean linen, cosmetic set, hair dryer, iron. This is standard equipment for all rooms. Repair is not bad: walls in light colors, tiles on the floor, hinged ceilings made of GCR, decorative decorations. Modern upholstered and prefabricated furniture is selected in the same style. The room is designed to accommodate 3-5 people.

The apartments on the second floor consist of a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen-dining room. In addition, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies. The room is made in the style of inhabited apartments with elements of designer decoration. The large bathroom has a bathtub and shower. Modern furniture, carpets, lighting, niches, hinged ceilings make up a solid composition that looks nice and cozy. The room can accommodate 4 people.

Penthouse with terrace on the 9th floor is a great option for relaxing in a fold with a company of 4-6 people. 470 m2 of area includes: two bedrooms, two living rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms. Stained glass windows around the perimeter offer a gorgeous view of the sea and the panorama of the coast. Along the perimeter there is a balcony with handrails, where you can sunbathe, drink wine and enjoy the sea breeze.

Apartments of 330 m2 will be even cheaper, because. accommodates 9 people in 5 rooms. For one person, 36 m2 is obtained at a cost of 2100r per day – this is in the high season from May to July 2021. There are other options for layouts, which differ in area, interior, number of residents.

Meals in rooms and restaurants

In any of the apartments, the kitchen is equipped with everything you need, so you can eat at home. This will require effort: procurement, cutting, cooking. But it will be cheaper by 2-3 times than eating in cafes and restaurants. The kitchen has furniture, utensils, utensils, ceramic hob and refrigerator. A microwave is provided for heating dishes. Of the gadgets: juicer, electricturka.

To purchase products in Alushta, you can use 2 large supermarkets (“Pud” – local Auchan) and markets. Simferopol beer, cherries, peaches, smoked mullet, fresh fish, which will be cleaned with you. There is food delivery to the house. In addition, a large number of restaurants with delivery, cafes and inexpensive canteens will feed anyone.

Restaurant “Jules Verne” has an entrance from the courtyard of the hotel and from the street, which is convenient for residents. Inside is very beautiful: expensive furniture, soft armchairs and sofas, arched windows let in a lot of light, and high ceilings give volume to the room. The hall is decorated in the style of French salons of the 19th century, where once Steinholtz’s patient Jules Verne wrote the novel “Children of Captain Grant”.

The average bill is 1000-1200 p without alcohol. The chef will deliciously prepare popular dishes of Crimean, Russian and European cuisine. Seafood of local catch: rapana, mussels, snails, etc. Slices of cheeses, branded sausages, steaks, sausages, burger. Exquisite salads according to the recipes of famous foreign chefs. Serving with spices and sauces. In short, an inexpensive restaurant with good cuisine.

Cafe Beijing is 100 metres from Steinholtz’s Dacha next to the city’s beach. This is one of the many options to eat inexpensively and deliciously near the hotel.

Albert writes a review: “In fact, this is an ordinary dining room in the building of the former restaurant “Beijing”. Pleasant atmospheric park in typical Crimean style. Tables in separate gazebos, next to the uncle sings songs live. Sometimes local cats run up and accept payment for music in the form of a piece of cutlet. A lot of different greenery: thuja above human height, bushes, flower arrangements. Fed on the principle of buffet, liked the delicious ginger tea. The average price tag is 500r per person, but in the district there are canteens and cheaper. You can bring any alcohol with you. There is a good playground for children. Recommendation in general.”

Leisure and entertainment

There are two swimming pools here: a large one for adults with sea water and a small warm one for children. The roof is glass, so it lets in a lot of light. Near the sun loungers, tubs with ornamental plants. The pool is quite long, so lovers of swimming should be satisfied. There are not many people, since the club hotel is designed for a small number of tourists.

The children’s playground is laid out on a green lawn: a slide, a sandbox, and next to the benches for parents. Around the greenery, neat paths of tiles, a stream and a bridge over it. For outdoor activities, there is also a fitness centre. There is billiards, card tables and a bar. The spa has a number of paid services, including massages.

Local therapy – recovery through swimming in the sea, walking through the coniferous forest and sunbathing. At the same time, you need to drink water from the local mountain spring Savluh-Su, rich in zinc and silver ions. Food – fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables in season. Serious chronic diseases are treated in sanatoriums of Alushta by professional doctors according to the developed programs. There are anti-stress techniques, carbon dioxide and naphthal baths, massages and hydromassages, aroma and herbal medicine. For their passage it is not necessary to buy a ticket to the sanatorium. Guests of the “Steinholtz Dacha” can easily choose and visit the wellness procedures in any of the boarding houses.

Beaches and coast

In Alushta, all beaches are pebbly and free, except for a few closed areas. If you need money, it is to rent a chaise longue, umbrella, to buy drinks, etc. The rule of choosing a beach: the farther from the center, the less people. You can get there by minibus, trolleybus, taxi, electric car or just walk. The best time for bathing and sunbathing is early morning. No matter what anyone says, but the water here is clean, the pebbles are small and do not cut the feet. The beaches of Alushta and the surrounding area are divided into 3 parts: western, central and eastern. It is interesting to walk on them and you can easily find a suitable place for a constant visit.

Excursions and attractions

The embankment of the city is the central place of leisure. There are attractions for children and adults, a fair of souvenirs and goods, a stage for singers under a phonogram. Numerous lounge cafes, trendy restaurants, inexpensive eateries. Everything sparkles with lights and attracts tourists to fork out.

The fortress “Aluston” gave the name to this resort town. It was built in the 6th-7th century under emperor Justinian. Today it is an open-air museum, where a tour of the ruins and excavations costs 200r.

There are two dolphinariums in the city. In “Nemo” excursion costs 3000r for 45 minutes. Includes a lecture, acquaintance with dolphins, joint games, swimming with an animal one circle and a photo for memory. Just watch the show with dolphins and fur seals – 800r. Dolphin therapy (bathing with an animal) costs 6000r for 10 minutes.

IvaMaria writes a review: “the price for Alushta seemed high, but after the end of the presentation of money was no longer a pity. Dolphins and their trainers are great! I thought, “Well, jump over the ring, but the balls leave.” And they did such things – I did not expect from the Alushta dolphinarium. It is better to sit not lower than the third row, lions and cats pass through the first. Squeals and splashes! My child and I loved it.”

Communication with a dolphin has a beneficial effect on the psyche and the human central nervous system, especially useful for children. Sleep improves, stress is relieved, a positive attitude appears. With the help of this pleasant therapy, autism, speech and mental retardation, depression are treated. In the dolphinarium “Watercolor” to watch a show with dolphins costs 1000r – for adults, 500r – for children.

Nightlife in this resort town is represented by clubs on the waterfront: “Sound Club” has a children’s and adult program, a closed paid beach with sun loungers, umbrellas and cocktails. In the afternoon, animators arrange shows and games for children, in the evening – a children’s disco. After 22:00 the time for adults begins, admission is free. Tables, hookah, cocktails and disco with music in the style of Techno and Electro. Foam parties and erotic shows are arranged.

“El faro” (lighthouse) is located right on the closed beach, where a light breeze refreshes the heated public. Music – dance hits in the club version. Cocktails, wine and other alcohol are also bottled at reasonable prices. The feature of the club is an unusual fire show from bartenders.

“Morphius” is an institution in the style of “hi-tech”. Face control does not allow persons under 20 years of age. There are no tables here: a bar counter with chairs and ottomans in the hall. Disco in the style of techno. Laser show with pyrotechnics is the highlight of this place.

Also popular among tourists clubs: “Kiwi-kiwi”, “Cave”, “Archive”. Here they dance, drink, get acquainted and communicate. Alushta never sleep.

Museums: writer I. S. Shmelev, academician from architecture A. N. Beketov, history and local history, nature and arboretum.

Stakheev’s dacha is interesting for its architecture of the 19th century with rotundas, balconies and other intricate elements of the facade. Around the cottage grow cedars, sequoias and huge plane trees, the age of which reaches 300 years. Now there is a center of children’s creativity.

The aquarium is one of the favorite places to visit couples with children. Here you can see rare inhabitants of the underwater world, as well as parrots, playful monkeys, raccoons-stripes and other animals.

The miniature park is located opposite the aquarium. Here are small copies of castles, palaces and other tourist sites of the Crimea, made with extraordinary art. After the animals, vacationers like to explore this man-made park.

The valley of ghosts or the tract Demerdzhi is the ruins of a medieval fortress with mysterious figures. Excursions here are organized by jeeps. The cost is 2000r per person.

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