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In order for the vacation to be spent in comfortable conditions and with pleasure it is necessary to choose a proven place – the resort of Aldego Abzakovo is just such a place that meets all the requirements of the tourist.

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Hotel Aldego Abzakovo is located in the valley of the South Ural ridge Kryktau. Clean mountain air contributes to both spiritual and physical rest of the human body, setting up positive emotions. A whole complex for housing and entertainment is built on the territory. Every visitor will be able to find a suitable option to escape from the routine life and relax for real.

Important! Exact legal address: Russia, Republic of Bashkotarstan, Novoabzakovo village, Kizilskaya str. 23.

You can get to Aldego Abzakovo by comfortable minibus. The driver meets customers at the railway station or at the airport and delivers exactly to the destination.

Options and room reservations

The hotel is decorated in country style. The interior features natural wood and stone combined with modern details. A wide range of rooms and additional accommodation conditions are available for customers.

  • Standard. Total area 28 m2. The room is divided into a sleeping and dining area, there is a small kitchen, refrigerator and microwave. The bathroom has a hydromassage shower. Also in the room there can be a balcony at the request of the client. Room rate including breakfast — 6000 rub.*
  • Deluxe. Area 48m2,large bed, LCD TV, kitchen, large bathroom. The room has two balconies and panoramic windows with a beautiful view of the mountains. The total cost of the room together with breakfast is 6500 rubles.*
  • Suite. Two-storey room, 60m2in size, with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on the second floor. The room has LCD-TV, shower with hydromassage, large double bed.
  • Chalet. It is a separate two-storey house with panoramic windows, with a total area of 70 m2. The room has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room and outdoor terrace with stunning views. The cost of the chalet is 6500 rubles.*

*Prices are as of February 2021.

Staff speak English and Russian. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Each employee is ready to provide all possible assistance to all vacationers at any time.


Visitors are offered a wide selection of dishes for every taste. Italian, Japanese, Bashkir, as well as traditionally Russian cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. The restaurant is decorated in a similar style of the hotel with bright spacious rooms and French windows. Two floors of the building allow you to choose a suitable place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the territory of the restaurant you can hold various festive events, corporate events, etc. The maximum capacity of the hall is 70 people. Planning of events is carried out with the development of an individual menu and taking into account all the wishes of the customer.


Aldego Abzakovo offers a wide range of entertainment. The hotel is suitable for privacy, lovers of extreme sports, family holidays and relaxation. Here everyone will find something to their liking. Throughout the residential and entertainment complex there is a Wi-Fi zone that allows you to share your impressions of the rest on the Internet.

Ski resort

The main attraction of Aldego Abzakovo is the ski resort. The total length of the trails is 16 kilometers. General characteristics:

  • elevation differences of 320 meters;
  • 6 rope tows;
  • chairlift;
  • 13 ski slopes;
  • 3 levels of descent difficulty;
  • 4 fis-tracks.

For three years in a row, Aldego Abzakovo was in the top 5 ski hotels since 2015.

Importantly! Visitors to the ski resort can try their hand at green, blue and red trails for real pros.

A special ski room is available for storage of equipment equipment. The room is equipped with modern Swiss technology, providing convenient and proper storage. In the ski room, the necessary temperature and humidity are constantly maintained, the floor covering is additionally rubberized.

The mountain slopes and the surrounding nature create a favorable atmosphere for outdoor activities. Fans of biathlon sports can try their hand at specially equipped tracks with a spare lap. A total of 30 firing lines and 5 kilometers of asphalt distance are available.

In winter, snowmobiling is added to skiing. This type of pastime is very popular. In the summer, round-the-clock quad bike rides are available for visitors. Experienced instructors conduct mandatory briefing before the start of the trip. Novice drivers can make a trip together with an instructor on the same vehicle.

Water park and swimming pool

On the territory of the neighboring holiday home “Abzakovo” there are two swimming pools for adults and children. The water park is called the Aquarium. The room is covered, so the opportunity to swim and lie on the sun loungers is available all year round. For kids there is a baby-pool with a depth of 25 cm Adherents of active water recreation have the opportunity to ride on water slides.

Round-the-clock maintained temperature of water and air is +30 degrees. The pools are equipped with a modern water purification system without the use of chlorine and other chemicals.

The relaxation area is also equipped with a jacuzzi, sauna, dry steam room and vertical solarium. Soft drinks for adults and children are waiting for customers in a specially equipped bar.

Russian bath

Especially popular in Aldego Abzakovo is the bath complex of services. Modernly equipped premises make it possible to enjoy a real Russian holiday. Steam rooms are designed for 6 people, for cooling there is a shower and a jacuzzi. For the most hardened, it is possible to overturn a barrel of cold water on themselves.

At the entrance to the bath complex, employees provide visitors with everything they need free of charge:

  • bath shoes;
  • hats;
  • terry towels;
  • Sheets.

In the relaxation room visitors are waiting for comfortable sofas and karaoke. In the bar list of bath drinks invariably there are mors and kvass, ready to please with a truly Russian recipe for cooking.


Visitors who prefer a relaxing holiday, massage and rejuvenating treatments can use the services of the spa-complex. When you take a special tour, the cost of the entire spa service will be reduced. Also, a discount can be obtained in the regard of the selected accommodation number. The following types of spa-procedures are available to clients:

  • Nu-SKIN Express Youth;
  • application of alginate masks;
  • relaxing massage;
  • classical massage;
  • Spanish massage;
  • chocolate wrap;
  • algae wrap;
  • thermal wrap.

“Good afternoon I want to express my gratitude to the spa-complex. I chose two treatments – chocolate wrap and Spanish massage. After the procedures as reborn. I was at the hotel in November 2020 and will definitely come again!”

Games room

The hotel offers the opportunity to leave the child in the playroom to please children with exciting games and provide free time for parents. Experienced animators will not let you get bored. The developed program of games and viewing of informative cartoons is suitable for children of different ages. The room is equipped with playhouses, soft toys, puzzles and other puzzles. Highly qualified staff will take care of children with all due responsibility.


The natural zoo on site contains about 30 representatives of the fauna. All animals are in the most comfortable conditions, close to the natural way of their habitat. The forest zone provides an opportunity to communicate with the following representatives of the animal world:

  • bears;
  • wolves;
  • Amur tigers;
  • spotted deer.

The zoo has a picturesque pond, which is inhabited by various waterfowl. All the inhabitants are accustomed to people and almost tame. Visitors to the zoo can feed the animals and take memorable photos.

Husky Town

The management of the hotel created a mini-kennel, which contains an unusual breed of dogs – husky. Residents of the nursery are in favorable conditions and under the constant supervision of a veterinarian. The total number of adult husky dogs has 20 individuals.

In the winter season, visitors to the husky city have the opportunity to ride sleds, capturing their trip on video camera and fully enjoy the variation of the Arctic way of transportation.

In summer, various quests for visitors are established in the nursery. In the passage of tasks people help specially trained huskies. This way of pastime is especially to the liking of children, which makes them feel like real detectives.

“We had a rest with the whole family in Aldego Abzakovo – I liked everything very much. We lived in Chalet as if we had rented a private house. Separately, I want to note the amount of entertainment for children. We tried everything from the children’s room and pool to the house with the husky. Still impressed. Many thanks to the staff for the service at a high level and the restaurant for the very tasty food. We’ll come again for sure.”

Hotel Aldego Abzakovo is a modern resort with clean mountain air and a variety of recreation all year round. Fans of outdoor activities can test their hand at the ski slope with a large selection of trails. Visitors who prefer a relaxed other pastime have access to the services of a bath, a swimming pool with water attractions and the services of a spa-complex with an abundance of massage and wellness procedures.

A Wi-Fi signal is available throughout the hotel for quick internet access.

Entertainment for children includes a modernly equipped room, a zoo and a whole husky city.

The comfortable rooms are equipped with natural materials. Large panoramic windows, balconies and terraces – from all corners there is a beautiful view.

The restaurant has top-class chefs. The menu amazes with an abundance of choice and observance of the canons of Italian, Japanese, Bashkir and Russian cuisine. Favorite delicacy for visitors invariably remains Bashkir honey.

The hotel meets all the requirements of a modern holidayr and is able to meet any needs of the guest. Experienced and friendly staff will provide the necessary assistance at the required time.

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