5 unusual hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam boasts many world-class hotels offering a wide range of services aimed at travelers of all categories. Regardless of whether you come to the capital of Holland to relax or on a business trip, you will certainly want to stay in one of the most unusual hotels in Amsterdam.

Amstel Botel

This ship-shaped hotel is housed in a restored cruise ship moored to the northern shores of Ay Bay. Guests can relax in one of the 170 spacious rooms. For VIP-clients there are five individually decorated rooms located inside the red letters of the Botel, which are located on the upper deck of the liner. Hotel guests have direct access to Amsterdam’s trendy, post-industrial NDSM Wharf quarter during their stay. From here, they can reach the city centre in a matter of minutes by a high-speed ferry that stops nearby.



Hotel Not Hotel

Due to its creative layout and avant-garde interior elements, the Not Hotel looks more like a gallery of contemporary art than a place to stay. But do not worry, there are many areas for rest and recuperation. Plus, guests will surely enjoy Thai cuisine from an establishment called Kevin Bacon Bar. Each of the 23 hotel rooms at the Not Hotel is individually designed and has an unusual style. For example, guests can book a room in a renovated early 20th-century tram or spend the night in secret rooms hidden behind false bookcases. In addition to such quirks, each room is equipped with a double bed, a bathroom and other necessary household items.




Conscious Hotel Westerpark

This eco-friendly hotel is designed for travelers who are worried about the environment. It uses exclusively renewable energy for heating and power supply. The hotel has 89 modern rooms. It is located in a monumental building between the charming Westerpark and the picturesque Westergasfabric Culture Park. The entire hotel is surrounded by green spaces. Guests have round-the-clock access to the pub, café and bar, which offers organic meals and snacks. Bicycles can be rented on site, so guests have the opportunity to explore Amsterdam without harmful carbon dioxide emissions.




Conservatorium Hotel

The hotel is famous for its stunning neoclassical architecture, upscale services and luxurious wellness center. It is one of the most exquisite hotels in the Netherlands. Built in a former music conservatory, the hotel is located about halfway between the Wondelpark and the Museum Court, in one of Amsterdam’s wealthiest districts, Oud-Zuid. The interior and rooms of the hotel are masterfully created using elements of modern style, which harmoniously complement the historical character of the hotel. The Conservatorium has award-winning restaurants, a charming cocktail bar and a luxurious spa.




Breitner House

Because of its historic setting, elegant interior and overall atmosphere, this charming two-suite hotel is easy to mistake for a museum. Long before Breitner House became a hotel, Dutch impressionist painter George Breitner lived and worked in the house, creating works of art in its high halls. Although today the hotel successfully hides some “touches” of the modern world, in general it is decorated in a style corresponding to the time of Breitner. Both suites at the hotel are luxuriously furnished and look as if they were frozen in time at the end of the 19th century. Therefore, Breitner House is considered an ideal place for newlyweds or couples going on a romantic vacation.


Alina Abramova

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