Unsurpassed Regnum Kariya Golf & SPA Resort 5* Turkey, Belek is a hotel that everyone should visit!

Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort 5* (Turkey) is a fashionable five-star hotel center of the highest class. The cost of staying here is quite high. But for the sake of such pleasure, it is worth tightening your belt during the year and saving for a quality vacation in luxury apartments.

As you have already understood, the service and maintenance in this institution are at the highest level, and travelers are completely delighted with the food. Most guests are satisfied with their vacation and leave only positive reviews about the institution. Let’s understand all the intricacies of spending time in this paradise, after which you will certainly want to visit this oasis to fully enjoy all the entertainment and beauty treatments.

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Basic information

For several years now, the suburb of Belek has been very popular with tourists from all over the world. Someone is attracted by favorable conditions of food under the “all inclusive” program, the second go here for adventures and entertainment on the clean and warm Mediterranean Sea, the third is captivated by the European quality of service for guests. And the coast is concentrated in the maximum number of hotels offering various concepts and entertainment programs, which creates some difficulties in choosing a suitable place for recreation.

This institution rightfully deserves the title of one of the best tourist complexes of this eastern country. It is comfortably located in the resort village with the sonorous name Kadriye. The distance from the center is no more than one kilometer, so hotel guests often rent cars or bicycles and make forays into shopping centers, mosques, synagogues, churches and excursions to local attractions.

In order to get to the hotel you need to make a flight from your country to Antalya International Airport. The journey to the accommodation is only 25 minutes. If you have not discussed with the tour operator the details of returning from the hotel, the staff offers a convenient paid transfer to the airport.

Now about nature. You will be amazed at how picturesque and beautiful the local landscapes are. The administration during the construction of buildings took into account all the features of local landscapes and preserved its originality and uniqueness in interior design. The hotel has a beautiful garden with many exotic plants and perfectly mowed lawns. Such magnificence fits perfectly into the main background and looks even brighter against the background of the purest Mediterranean Sea.

Room stock

Earlier we have already said that accommodation in Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort 5 * is not cheap, but, judging by the reviews of guests, these costs more than compensate for the arrangement of rooms, chic service and well-thought-out food system. The hotel offers a wide range of apartments for every taste and budget. In general, it consists of the main five-story building and a hundred detached villas. Impressive, isn’t it?

In total, the accommodation area includes 553 rooms, fully adapted for different categories of tourists. So, let’s proceed to the description:

  • Luxury Room Golf View – the simplest, but very comfortable rooms. The living area is 62 square meters. Indoors, there are small balconies with views of tennis courts and golf courses. Special attention here deserve spacious dressing rooms – the dream of any woman. Capacity – up to four people.
  • Spacious rooms of increased comfort – apartments with an area of 100 square meters. Almost all rooms of this type are located in the main building. The windows overlook the seaside. The premises have coffee machines for personal use of vacationers. The cost is about $ 250 per day.
  • Junior Room Sea View. The square footage is 50 sq.m., the windows overlook the Mediterranean Sea, they are complemented by a cozy balcony where you can have breakfast and read morning newspapers.
  • Family rooms (85 sq.m.). There are two spacious bedrooms, a small comfortable terrace, two bathrooms and a dressing room. At the request of customers, you can choose rooms with a view of the sea or golf courses.
  • Apartment with private access to a heated pond. Practically no different from the previous version with the exception of the area – it is 100 square meters. m. has a private area for lying in the sun.
  • “Golf Family Room”. As you may have guessed, they are located next to golf courses and are designed to accommodate tourists who came with the whole family.
  • Presidential Suite. In addition to all the above amenities, there is a jacuzzi and coffee machines. Accommodation in them will cost the hotel half a thousand dollars.
  • Baron Villa is a luxury apartment with an area of 250 square meters. Here you will find a huge terrace, which houses a private heated outdoor pool. In the living room there are kitchen and dining areas, three bedrooms and the same number of toilets. The list of free services includes a personal valet.
  • “Golf Villa” – huge rooms, the footage of which exceeds 300 square meters. m. There are three bathrooms, the same number of bedrooms, dressing rooms and its own valet.
  • “King Villa” is a cottage with two floors filled with exclusive furniture and décor. On the terrace there are adult and children’s pools, sauna, kitchen, dining room, gym, massage room, three dressing rooms, five bedrooms and five bathrooms. From the windows of the villa you can see the picturesque pine forest and golf course.
  • Crown Villa – three-storey cottage for guests with high incomes. Just imagine, in a separate building there are comfortable bedrooms of increased comfort, a small spa center, a gym, a conference room, a children’s room and dressing rooms.

Polina, Moscow: “For a very long time I saved for a vacation, and now I am writing to you from a fantastic tourist center. Took standard housing, if, of course, it can be called such. The total area is 65 square meters, which turned out to be very much for me. The room has everything for a royal stay – a huge bed, a spacious bathroom with shower and bath (all accessories are provided free of charge). The room is always cool, so in the hottest hours I hide here from the scorching sun. The view is astounding, despite the fact that these are golf courses. I’m happy with everything.”

Additional services

As befits establishments with five stars of the category “luxury”, this hotel welcomes guests warmly and cordially. Each of the guests on arrival receives a compliment in the form of a glass of champagne, children are offered soft drinks (lemonade or orange juice). Instead of a lunch box (it is usually provided in budgetary institutions), guests feast on locally produced chocolate, rakhat-lukum or fruit. For those who check in early or leave late, a special waiting room is reserved.

Of course, guests who have booked comfortable villas are waiting for special privileges. For example, they are offered a Vip-transfer with the involvement of a helicopter. Those who rent three-storey apartments are given a free use of a premium car “Maybach”.

Newlyweds coming to Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort 5*can count on special privileges. As a wedding gift, the administration presents free champagne, fruits, flowers, free dinner in one of the lia carte restaurants located on site, as well as discounts on high-tech spa.

Alexandra, Novosibirsk: “I came here with my mother. She is disabled and has not been able to move independently for five years. Anyone who comes on vacation accompanied by people with disabilities, I recommend to visit this place. In public premises and restaurants, all conditions have been created so that wheelchair guests can safely move around the territory and use the services provided by the administration. “

Food system

In the institution we are discussing, they work on an all-inclusive system. It should be noted that the place is simply replete with various restaurants, bars and cafes. Legends about the dishes that are prepared here have spread around the world. Guests can visit each of the presented objects free of charge. The main establishment is called Gourmet. On its territory is constantly served buffet, characterized by a rich range of products. The interior of the institution is made with incredible chic and luxury. The whole room is divided into several zones: tables for the youngest guests, a terrace, a main dining area and a diet department. All drinks are served by waiters, so you do not have to get up to take the right products at the bar.

Also on the territory of the tourist center there are several restaurants of the category “al-carte”. In one of them it is offered to taste Italian cuisine, in the second you can serve various exotics, in the third you can enjoy dishes from raw fish and seafood, in the fourth – Turkish food. In summer, there is an outdoor restaurant where chefs serve exclusively Brazilian cuisine. Another establishment also works only during the tourist season and offers guests service on the coast of the sea.

Konstantin, St. Petersburg: “I loved it. I did not like only the fact that my wife gained a few extra pounds. The food here is delicious. In the morning, the buffet is replete with various fruits, pastries, oatmeal, cereals, dairy products. In the evening, you can treat yourself to steaks and various types of meat. We went to a romantic dinner in a restaurant of Turkish cuisine – the impressions of visiting are the most favorable, I will never forget it. “

Beauty and health

The tourist centre has its own spa called Green Door Spa & Wellness. Most guests note that the quality of the services and procedures provided here is at the highest level, so without exaggeration they call it the best cosmetology institution of this resort area of Turkey. The people working here have the necessary knowledge and many years of experience, which allows them to select individual programs of recovery and rejuvenation for each hotel guest who applied. Also in the mornings and evenings you can visit the fitness club, equipped with the latest technology. Its staff offers guests to play sports on the world-famous Les Mills program.

Many modern fashionistas, striving for beauty and physical improvement of their appearance, are familiar with this concept firsthand. Experienced instructors, at the request of clients, develop individual programs, according to which the first results appear in a week.

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Maxim, Nizhnevartovsk: “My back often hurt, as in my youth I often lifted weights. I did not go to the doctor, but I suspect that we are talking about a vertebral hernia. Arriving at this hotel, it was as if I had thrown a heavy weight off my shoulders. The masseurs worked on me for 10 days, and today, on the last day of my vacation, it seems to me that I can fly to my home without a plane. “

Hotel Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort 5 * – a unique place for relaxation and eternal bliss. Days here are held in pleasant pleasure and entertainment. Luxurious interior, huge golf courses, a beach owned, a huge spa of a new generation, cozy restaurants, bars and cafes – all this beckons with its magnificence and makes your stay in the hotel as comfortable as possible. If you can afford to stay in an apartment worth more than $ 250 per day, we recommend visiting this paradise.