Sights of Prokopyevsk, Kemerovo region – what to see in 1 day

Prokopyevsk is a city in Kemerovo Oblast in southern Western Siberia, located 200 km from Kemerovo. It is located on the site of ancient Siberian villages: Safonovo, Zenkovo, Monastyrskoye, Usyat and others that arose here since the XVII century. The city of Prokopyevsk is considered the largest center of coal mining in the country, in addition, it is one of the oldest cities in the region, so there are many interesting sights.

Museum of Military Equipment

The open-air museum of military equipment is located on the Walk of Fame. Built in 2000. On the day of the 55th anniversary of the Victory on the Alley of Heroes and opened a museum of military equipment in the open air. Here are various artifacts of military equipment:

  • aircraft;
  • armoured personnel carrier;
  • artillery tractor;
  • armoured personnel carrier;
  • tank;
  • reconnaissance vehicle;
  • helicopter.

The equipment was donated to the city by military units of the West Siberian Military District. The engines were removed from the cars, cleaned and painted. Nearby are the best hotels in Prokopyevsk.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Alley of Heroes

Prokopyevsk City Museum of Local Lore named after B. V. Volynova

The Museum of Local Lore of the city of Prokopyevsk was established on August 14, 1961 on the basis of the school historical and local history museum. Since 1964, the museum has been located on the first floor of a residential building on Shakhtyerov Avenue, 63.

The exhibits of the museum have 18,000 items. It includes several themes:

  • ethnography;
  • flora and fauna of the region;
  • WWII and World War II;
  • archaeology.

Initially, the Museum of Local Lore of the city of Prokopyevsk was created under the leadership of the director M. G. Elkin. He also created on the basis of the museum of local lore circle “Young Historian”. For 26 years of existence, young local historians, made 24 scientific expeditions with the participation of 27 students and made five major discoveries. In addition, several paleontological expeditions were conducted, four expeditions to the territory of the Tomsk Metallurgical Plant and campaigns related to guerrilla battles during the Civil War.

In 2012, another hall was opened, in which the space theme is presented. In the center of the hall is the original ship from space, on which a resident of the city of Prokopyevsk, Hero of the USSR B, flew. V. Volinov. The exhibition more broadly reveals the history of domestic and world cosmonautics, and also contains information about space flights. In this part of the museum of local lore are also presented personal belongings B. V. Volynova, real spacesuits, food and so on.

The museum staff offers excursions, city bus trips, visiting lectures, consultations on local history, thematic evenings and other museum educational events.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Shakhterov avenue, 63


House of Architect Van Lohem

The house was built in 1925 by dutch architect Van Lohem. As a romantic in love with Russia, he gladly got to work. But here he was met with difficulties. It was necessary to build from raw materials that are not common in other countries: wood.

As a rational and creative person, the Dutchman immediately understood how to carry out the construction. Having mastered the raw materials, he built a house with a unique stylistic exterior – these were multi-level houses.

The first level was built of brick, which Van Lohem made himself, and the second – of wood. Such houses in the city of Prokopyevsk were nicknamed “sausages” because of their elongation. Despite the low quality of raw materials, in the buildings of Lochem still live.

Near the house of architect Van Lohem are famous hotels in the city of Prokopyevsk. These are, for example, the hotel “Zarya”, “Alliance”, Sports and Health Center “Rus”, hotel complex “Sokol-NK” and other hotels.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Prospect Shakhterov, 59

Cultural and Exhibition Center “Vernissage”

The founders and members of the City Artists Club have long wanted to create an exhibition center in the city that meets all the requirements of a modern exhibition. And in 2004, the cultural and exhibition center “Vernissage” was built, which since then has been the center of urban culture.

The cultural and exhibition center of the city of Prokopyevsk for many years was created on the territory of the Children’s School of Art Orientation No. 8. The overhaul took almost four years. Today there are only photos of the old building, which frighten it with dilapidation and leave an impression of the huge work that the builders have done.

From the very beginning of the renovation of the building, the artists were not idle. They developed interior design projects, interior decoration and lighting solutions. The original design solution of the roof and facade was proposed by the famous artist V. Morozov. The sculpture of bronze material, depicting a nymph, is installed in front of the cultural and exhibition center of the city of Prokopyevsk as a kind of eternal muse of beauty, has become a kind of visiting card of the cultural center and exhibitions.

The Cultural and Exhibition Center “Vernissage” successfully holds regional exhibitions, which are becoming increasingly popular with Siberian artists. Today, the cultural and exhibition center “Vernissage” is the basis of the cultural life of the city of Prokopyevsk.

The task of the center is to acquaint the residents of the city of Prokopyevsk with different styles and genres of fine art, to train them, to influence the formation of artistic taste. Only here you can see the famous collection of royal objects made of birch bark, made by the inhabitants of the city of Prokopyevsk at the beginning of the XVII century.

For those who want not only to see, but also to create something of their own, the cultural and exhibition center “Vernissage” has prepared many master classes on a variety of topics.

Not a single visitor to the exhibition left this place upset. And all because the friendly staff will accompany you, and the guides will tell you about each exhibition, which, by the way, is constantly updated.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Instytutska street, 12


Zenkovsky Park

If you like to stay with nature one on one, then this place in the city of Prokopyevsk will definitely appeal to you. Two hundred hectares of greenery, an alley in the twilight of scattered fir trees, a clean pond from which coolness blows on the hottest days. All this will allow you to forget about the problems for a while and immerse yourself in nature.

The area is full of squirrels. According to visitors, Zenkovskie-tailed residents are not shy and gladly accept food from the hands of tourists. So it is best to take nuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkins with you on vacation.

Will like the park and lovers of outdoor activities. Here you can see the sights, rent a bicycle or ride a horse, swim on boats and catamarans. And for the bravest, the park offers a helicopter ride. From a bird’s eye view of the city opens.

Entrance to the territory of Zenkovsky Park is free. Another free event is the opportunity to see and photograph numerous metal and wooden sculptures in Zenkovsky Park. In particular, there is a horseshoe the size of a man, and in front of her is a small dragon with an umbrella.

At the beginning of the park there is a wooden bell tower, and next to it is a sculpture of a heart pierced by an arrow. On the shore you will find a mermaid, and in the park there is a house of Baba Yaga. Here you will find the mistress of the house: her wooden sculpture, placed in a mortar, stands on the branches of a tree near the house.

There is a small area with free swings. No need to pay for the use of the beach. The only paid service is guarded parking. However, the price of parking is quite cheap – 50 rubles.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Zaparkovaya street, 30



Youth Park

In Prokopyevsk, in Tyrgan, there is a beautiful place, a whole pine forest in the middle of the city. Now it is called “Youth Park”, this name was received recently, after the improvement of the territory. It used to be called the Alley of Heroes. Now he combines the Alley of Heroes and the park itself.

The length of the park is several kilometers, and it can be bypassed in a few hours. According to the tradition of the city of Prokopyevsk in the forest park there are many sculptures made of wood, not only of wood.

Fabulous inhabitants of the forest: the Youth Park is also home to a large number of squirrels, which are constantly fed by everyone who walks in the park.

Here you can see a monument to the saints: Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia, the patrons of the family, love and loyalty. A photo at the monument is a kind of ritual for local newlyweds.

On the other hand, there is a children’s playground with two beautiful playgrounds in the form of a pirate ship and the Kremlin Tower. There is also a large shopping center with shops, restaurants, cinemas and other services.

For those who just want to relax, benches are installed, paths are laid that are suitable not only for easy walks, but also for bicycles, scooters, roller skates. On both sides of the forest there are open areas for training.

In winter, excellent ski slopes are created here and an ice rink is filled; Also on site there is a rental of winter equipment. After an active holiday in the park, the most pleasant thing is to spend a warm and cozy evening in your room. Hotels, hostels: choose what you like best.

At the end of the youth park there is a sports and entertainment complex with attractions “Sunny City”.

Address: Prokopyevsk city, Heroes Alley, 32



Museum-Reserve “Tomsk Pisanitsa”

In the south of Western Siberia, in a picturesque corner of the Siberian forest, there is a museum of nature and human history – “Tomsk Scribe”. Today it is a dynamically developing modern multidisciplinary cultural complex, which successfully combines museum features, scientific, cultural and educational activities. For 30 years, it has turned into a real museum of the XXI century and is rightfully the pride of Kuzbass.

The basis of the museum is the ancient shrine “Tomsk Scribe” – the first certified museum of rock art in Siberia, a unique complex of history and culture of the peoples of Eurasia. In the ancient historical and naturalistic sanctuary there are about 280 drawings. The first drawings date back to the end of the Neolithic III-IV millennium BC.

Many paintings are unique and are masterpieces of primitive art. The museum includes several complex open-air exhibition areas.

Ticket price:

  1. Adults – 400 rubles on weekdays and 450 rubles on weekends and holidays.
  2. Children from 5 years old, schoolchildren, students, pensioners and other preferential categories of citizens – 350 rubles.
  3. For foreign citizens – 500 rubles on weekdays and 550 rubles on weekends and holidays.

Address: Kemerovo region, Yashkinsky district, Pisanay village




Kara-Chumysh quarry

One of the most picturesque natural attractions of the Kemerovo region is located in the Prokopyevsky district, near the village of Kara-Chumysh. Away from the road, an old marble quarry of exceptional beauty has been preserved.

In 1953, a large deposit was discovered, the precious rock was cut into blocks weighing several tons and transported to a stone processing plant. Today, the quarry looks like an amphitheater of rectangular shape, surprisingly flat two-meter steps descend to the bottom of a huge pit. The descent is possible only by a special staircase. In the upper part there are pieces of pink-white and red marble.



Kuznetsk Fortress

The Museum-Reserve “Kuznetsk Fortress” is located high above the city of Novokuznetsk on Voznesenskaya Hill. The main attraction of the museum is the Kuznetsk Fortress, the history of which is inextricably linked with the history of the city.

Kuznetsk fortress is an outstanding monument of history, architecture and fortification. The fortress was built at the beginning of the XIX century in compliance with all the rules of military equipment and was once considered one of the most important in the protection of the Siberian border. It was never taken by enemies.

Kuznetsk fortress is considered one of the seven wonders of Kuzbass and is considered one of the symbols of Novokuznetsk. Of course, not all the buildings of the fortress have survived to this day, but here you can still feel the breath of history.

Ascension Mountain with the fortress that rises on it, has become the center of the most exciting rumors. Ghost stories and the various types of unidentified objects that are said to have been seen on Ascension Mountain are particularly popular today. The most persistent myth for many decades remains the myth of the underground passage, which supposedly originates in the fortress walls and leads through the mountain to the opposite bank of the Tomi.

On the territory of the museum-reserve there is not only the fortress itself, but also other historical and natural monuments, including a real waterfall in a narrow gorge near the place of the Verkhotom redoubt of the Kuznetsk fortress.

Another feature of the museum-reserve: it is located in the open air. From the fortress offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Thus, you can take a pleasant walk and admire the beauty of nature and architectural structures.

Address: Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk city, Kremostnoy proezd, 1




Kostyonkovsky or blue rocks

Kostenkovskie rocks are located in a narrow gorge of the Chumysh river bed within the Salair Range and are characterized by a variety of rare species of plants and animals. Here grow juniper pseudo-Cossack, foreign snakehead, low sedge, there are large butterflies – Apollo ordinary, listed in the Red Books of the Russian Federation and Kuzbass.

At the top of the slope there is a forest, in the middle of which there are the remains of a dark taiga with a predominance of Siberian fir. The eastern part and the northern border of the natural monument are occupied by secondary poplar and birch forests. Closer to the rocks are pine and birch forests with a well-developed grass cover, in which rare species of orchids are found.

Address: Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk district



Prokopyevsk is the “heart” of Kuzbass, the son of mines and Soviet culture. This provincial city continues to develop again, and again pleases tourists with new attractions that can be seen during the day’s hikes. And in the evening you can go to hotels, which are located on almost every street.

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