Riga hotels in the old city

The capital of Latvia, Riga, is a traditional European city built on both sides of the Western Dvina (Daugava). In the 13th century, the construction of the city began on the right bank, and now there is the historical center of Riga – the Old City. This part of Riga is closed to public transport, and is great for hiking and exploring the scenic architecture of the largest of the Baltic cities.

Old Riga attracts guests with a romantic old look. The city administration and the residents themselves try to maintain the cobblestone pavement, tiled roofs and ancient buildings in good condition; thanks to their efforts, we can see The Old Riga almost as it was hundreds of years ago. The streets of Riga have repeatedly become heroes of feature films.

Boutique Hotel Justus

The atmosphere of your favorite movie will impress guests at the Justus boutique hotel,4. The painstaking restoration of the old classic mansion was completed in 2009. Guests can enjoy the stylish interiors of the rooms and the Alex restaurant, which successfully combines elements of the old brickwork of walls and details of the Soviet era.

The center of the Old Town is Riga Castle, built in 1330 and repeatedly rebuilt afterwards. Now the Castle is the residence of the President of Latvia, the Museum of the History of the country, as well as museum collections dedicated to foreign and Latvian art. Nearby are the oldest buildings in Riga – the church of St. built in the early 13th century. Petra, Dome Cathedral and The Convention Court. You can spend the whole day here – to climb to the observation decks of the church, located at an altitude of 57 and 71 meters, which offers a beautiful view of the city, to visit the Lutheran service, which takes place in the church on Sundays, listen to the world’s largest organ of the Dome Cathedral.

Initially, the city center was surrounded by a fortified wall with towers and gates – the Powder Tower and the Swedish Gate have survived to this day. Now the Tower is home to the War Museum. The square often hosts concerts, folk festivals and fairs, and the surrounding streets are full of cafes and restaurants, where guests prepare national cuisine, and serve coffee with fragrant Riga balm. Hotels of Old Riga On the streets of Old Riga are many picturesque mansions, originally owned by wealthy citizens and merchants.

The most famous are the houses “Three Brothers” on the street Maza Pils, the eldest of which was built in the late 15th century, and is a model of a medieval apartment building, the luxurious House of Blackheads, built in the first half of the 14th century, stylized as the Gothic House of Cats, built by a wealthy merchant and crowned with animal figures, as well as the ornate building of the Small Guild, reconstructed recently.



Hotel Konventa Seta

One of the largest hotel complexes in the center of Riga – hotel Konventa Seta, 3 – united at once 9 medieval mansions. It now offers guests accommodation in more than 140 rooms decorated in an old style. This is a real town inside Riga – in the courtyard of the hotel is a cozy restaurant and souvenir shops.




Hotel Ekes Konvents

One of Riga’s oldest buildings, a 15th century mansion, now hosts Ekes Konvents. By the way, this building housed the first inn in Riga.




Gutenbergs Boutique Hotel

In order to create the Gutenbergs boutique hotel,named after the first printer Johann Guttenberg, the owners also had to combine several buildings of the old printing house. There are many modern hotels in the center of Riga of all kinds of stardom. Located in old mansions and modern buildings, they guarantee guests a comfortable stay near the most popular tourist routes all year round.




Hotel de Rome, 5

One of the most luxurious is the Hotel de Rome, which offers European-level service and rooms with stunning views of the city.



Grand Palace Hotel

Another five-star hotel in Riga, famous for its excellent service and comfort level, is the Grand Palace Hotel, located just 50 metres from Riga Castle.




Отель Old Riga Palace Hotel

In the style of an old mansion, the Old Riga Palace Hotelis created, and the palace is a real palace with a rich collection of antique furniture and paintings.




Metropole Hotel

The small Metropole Hotel was built in 1871 and has 41 rooms; The hotel is conveniently located next door to the most popular attractions in Riga.




Opera Hotel and Spa (ex Nordic Hotel Bellevue)

The Opera Hotel and Spa, among other services, offers guests the procedures of a modern spa complex located within its walls.




Отель Old City Boutique Hotel

Fans of exclusive holidays will be pleased with the abundance of offers from boutique hotels in Riga. For example, the Old City Boutique Hotel,4, offers accommodation in 66 spacious rooms, the interior of which uses elements of medieval walls and the most modern technical innovations.




Boutique Hotel Viesturs

Cheap hotels in the center of Riga Among riga economy-class hotels should be noted exquisite Boutique Hotel Viesturs, 3, 15 rooms located in a 17th century building, and furnished with exclusive furniture and interior items.


Man-Tess Hotel

As well as the Man-Tess Hotel, 3, in each of the 11 rooms, guests can count on peace, privacy and impeccable service.


Hotel Radi un Draugi

The modern and stylish Radi un DraugiHotel will delight guests with a variety of special offers.




Hotel Forums

The cozy ForumsHotel is located in a 19th-century building; The recent renovation has been completed by a complete technical renovation of the hotel.



Green Apple Hostel

There are many hotels for young people and hostels in the center of Riga, such as the popular and comfortable Green Apple Hostel,which is perfect for a large friendly company.