Review of the hotel Resort Marinha Dourada 3* in Goa

After reading a huge amount of interesting information about India, you will certainly decide to spend your vacation in Goa. An exotic country with a distinctive culture, a local population, an unusual flora and fauna, gentle sun and ocean will definitely attract your attention.


Hotel Resort Marinha Dourada 3 *,is located in the small village of Arpore, 15-20 kilometers from Panaji. Arriving at the place, you will find that the hotel area is quite large. Around there are a lot of greenery, exotic and interesting plants.

In total, the hotel has two buildings. But this is not a disadvantage, since the music that plays near the pool does not interfere with resting in the far building. In the first, as a rule, Hindus are accommodated, of which there are quite a lot of people in the hotel.

Room stock

The rooms at the hotel are quite spacious and bright and clean. Furniture of average quality, but for a three-star hotel is quite tolerable. Room service is not at a high level. Staff often forget to change towels. This is done only after an additional reminder.

Despite the many negative reviews about stealing from hotel rooms in India, it is unlikely that something like this will happen to you in this hotel.


The hotel does not have its own private beach. Tourists to the nearest beach Baga (located 40 minutes walk from the hotel) every hour take a free bus.

Despite the fact that the beach is quite dirty and crowded, we went only on it so as not to spend extra money on a taxi.


Pretty good food in the hotel. The price of our trip included only breakfast, but for an additional fee we agreed on lunches and dinners. Eating in the nearest cafes and restaurants was scary because of the complete unsanitary conditions and dirt.

A small minus of the hotel is the lack of free Internet. At the reception it is, but for an additional fee. I would like to pay special attention to the service personnel. Very kind, friendly and helpful people. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised. A smile is their main virtue. There is a night market nearby. It is definitely worth a visit. Although prices are quite inflated and sellers are not very willing to bargain, there is something to see and buy as souvenirs. If you do not pay attention to small trifles, then we were satisfied with our choice. The hotel is in a very good and beautiful location. From India, we brought a huge amount of new positive emotions and full suitcases of souvenirs.



Alina Abramova

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