Marina Plaza Tala Bay Hotel 4* in Jordan

Hotel Marina Plaza Tala Bay 4* is located in a paradise in Jordan, near Aqaba, on the shores of the Red Sea. From the airport the bus ride time is 15-20 minutes. The ride offers a great view of Israel and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Geographically the hotel is opposite the town of Taba.

Location and infrastructure

Architecture and low buildings no higher than three floors in Marina Plaza Tala Bay 4 * somewhat reminiscent of images from the cartoon “Aladdin”, in the air soars the atmosphere of the Arabian night. The hotel itself satisfies all European standards. In the middle is its own cove with parked boats and even a bathyscaphe.

There are plenty of souvenir shops with Dead Sea cosmetics, scarves, towels and clothes (cheaper than in Aqaba). There is a bank where you can exchange dollars for the local currency – dinars, there is a boutique, grocery store and a mini-market. For the most part, only local currency is accepted everywhere.

The hotel mostly speaks English.


Marina Plaza Hotel has up to 260 rooms with a balcony and an adjacent terrace, the doors are opened with electronic keys, which are very often demagnetized. The area is vast and borders with the neighboring Radisson Blue Resort 5*, their territory is not separated by a fence, as the hotels have one owner.

Rooms are cleaned daily and linen is changed upon request.


The restaurant has a multinational buffet and is open from 7:00 to 22:30. There is also an oriental café, open from 17:00-24:00 and the pool bar is open from 9:00-24:00.

Services and entertainment

The Wi-Fi in the hotel is excellent, no hassle.

There are several swimming pools: outdoor, with umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as two with heated water, there is a volleyball field, a tennis court and a gym.
For sporty guests there is a diving centre where you can do windsurfing, water gymnastics, fishing, canoeing, snorkelling and water skiing.

Ladies will enjoy the sauna, massage, fitness center, spa services.
From the rooms to the Red Sea 150-200 meters. The entrance to the sea is coral and there is a pontoon. Sandy beach with umbrellas.

On Fridays, Marina Plaza is visited by locals with their families. For a day, the hotel turns into an anthill. There are women everywhere in headscarves with Arab babies running and screaming. In Jordan, Friday is considered a day off. On Sunday, the locals disperse to their homes and everything falls into place.



Alina Abramova

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