Айс Клуб отель Шерегеш

Ice Club Hostel is located on one of the ski slopes of Sheregesh. This popular ski area in Siberia is located in the Kemerovo region. The highest point – the peak of Mount Mustag – rises above the plateau for almost one and a half kilometers. The length of the longest route is 3 km 900 m. Sharply continental climate, harsh winter, hot summer determined the nature of the rest on sheregesh. This is a promising ski center with a ski area formed of four peaks. Large funds are invested in the development of infrastructure. Every year there are new routes, and the number of tourists for 20 years has grown from 30 to 980 thousand visitors a year. The skiing season lasts from the beginning of November to the end of May.

Location and history

In 1981, the village of Sheregesh of the Kemerovo region was chosen as the venue for the Winter Spartakiad of the peoples of the USSR. After the sports festival, there was an infrastructure consisting of several hotels, lifts, ski slopes, recreational institutions. They functioned until the collapse of the USSR, then there was a slight stagnation in the work, and since 2000 Sheregesh began to develop as a ski resort.

The tourist area is located 5 km from the village of Sheregesh. Club Hotel Ice was created for skiers who love noisy companies and parties until the morning. The fun never ends here, and that’s the concept of the hotel. Affordable prices for accommodation, a full range of hotel services, a dryer for equipment – these and other advantages make the Ice Club in demand among young people, students and experienced skiers who do not age their souls.

The hotel belongs to the hotel chain AYS Hotel. The company builds hostels in the areas of ski resorts specifically for extremals and actively charged people. This is the first brand in Russia that already has similar hotels in Altai, Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor) and Sheregesh. They are all built on a single architectural project and work according to a single scheme for the provision of services. Ice Club in the Kemerovo region is built on the slope of Mount Green.

You can get to Sheregesh in the following ways:

  1. Airplane. The nearest airport is Spichenkovo Airport in Novokuznetsk (160 km). A little further are the airports of Kemerovo (370 km) and Novosibirsk (530 km). From Novokuznetsk you can go by taxi, from other cities it is better to get by public transport (intercity buses).
  2. Train. Go to the railway station of Novokuznetsk, then take the train to Chugunash (from there 16 km to Sheregesh).
  3. Bus. The route is as follows: go to Tashtagol (travel time – 3 hours), at the bus station Tashtagol you need to change to the regular bus number 101, which will take you to Sheregesh.

Bus tours to the resort are organized by travel agencies in Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Barnaul. This is a fun journey in the company on comfortable buses. Check-in to the hotel is carried out from 19.00, you need to leave before 17.00.

“Very nice staff at this hostel! The girls at the reception allowed us to leave our belongings as we arrived early. The time for check-in/check-out is thoughtful and comfortable. In the morning you can not rush to arrive, and on the day of departure enough to roll, wash (there is a shower in the rooms) and go home” Evgeny, Russia

Room stock

Although the Ice Club Hotel is called a student dormitory, it has different types of rooms suitable for both companies and couples. The fund has 26 rooms. All are decorated in a modern style of minimalism, without unnecessary details and a minimum of decorative elements.

It offers the services of:

  1. Two-room junior suite (40 sq. m.) with balcony and mountain view. The bedroom has a king size bed, the living room additionally has a sofa bed and an armchair. There is a kettle, tea utensils, shower, toilet.
  2. Three-room standard – a two-level room with a settlement. There are three isolated rooms and a common room. Each room has a double bed, wardrobes and racks for storing personal belongings, there is a private bathroom with a shower. In the hall there is a sofa bed, panoramic windows overlook the forest.
  3. Double standard (15 sq. m) with a double bed, chest of drawers for things, kettle, combined with a shower bathroom.
  4. 3, 4-bed dorm (20 sq. m.) – room with bunk beds. There is a bathroom, kettle, cups, table, stools.

Recently, dorms for 6 beds were added. This is a room of the “Economy” series with 3 bunk beds. The total area is 25 sq. m. There is a shower cabin and a toilet. There are 5 such rooms. Some have a balcony.

There are no analogues of the two-level three-room standard in the entire Kemerovo region. Since its foundation, the four-storey hotel has become the center of Sheregesh’s party life. The rooms are equipped with everything you need to stay at the resort and practice your favorite sport. Animals are not accepted. You will have to smoke in strictly designated places.

“Clean, comfortable, cleaned every day. We lived on the 2nd floor, but we didn’t even hear the neighbors. Surprisingly it was quiet because the hostel was full of people. I liked the restaurant – huge portions at affordable prices. There is a swimming pool and this is also a big plus for the owners” Vladislav, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Guests can prepare their own meals. For this purpose, a common kitchen with all necessary appliances and a set of dishes is equipped. For lovers of noisy dinners or hangover breakfasts, The Days Bar is located in the hostel building. Guests and guests of the resort are offered set breakfasts at a fixed price. During the day, you can relax from skiing, and in the evening you can fall into a noisy company and have a snack before visiting the nightclub.

If you are not satisfied with the kitchen of the bar, then there are other restaurants and cafes nearby, where you can also eat, take coffee with you, drink:

  • Café “Springboard” is located on site. This is a two-story building on top of Mount Green. It accommodates up to 100 people, works on a self-service system. The menu includes all items from salads to mulled meat and mulled grains;
  • café of the guest house Tyrolsky (100 m) – is located on the ground floor of the camp site, consists of 2 halls. It offers views of Mount Mustag. The menu offers a large selection of dishes of Russian and Tyrolean cuisine;
  • café “Perekati Pole” (700 m) is an ordinary catering establishment without frills and delicacies. Works in a self-service format, through panoramic windows overlooking the slopes;
  • restaurant “Shoria” (800 m) is located in the eponymous economy hotel. It offers set breakfasts and lunches. You can come here for dinner with a girl or for lunch with a child (there is a children’s menu). The average check is 800-1500 rubles per person).

Before going to the nightclub, guests like to visit the bar “Napoika”. Here they prepare food, serve tinctures. The interior is hung with retro posters, and the taste of the dishes from somewhere from distant childhood. After recharging in Napoika, companies go to night parties and a dance floor with sets from famous DJs.

In the nightclub “Bunker”, which is located on the territory of the ice hotel, also fed. The average check for dinner is from 1500 to 2000 rubles. Reservations must be made in advance. All guests of the hostel are given special bracelets, giving the right to free admission. The nightclub is a place where DJs from Moscow, St. Petersburg, foreign countries and major cities of Russia constantly perform. The club is open from 22.00 to 06.00.

Leisure and entertainment

If in the evening the guests of the hotel can share opinions on how best to spend the coming night, then in the morning such questions do not arise. All roads lead to the mountains. The ski area is distributed on four slopes: Green, Mustag, Kurgan, Utuya. The highest point is 1570 m, the height difference is 300 – 900 meters. 15 ski slopes are divided into 4 sectors and are designed for skiing and snowboarding. 20 lifts have already been built. The development of route No. 16 and the construction of the Utuya cable car continue.

The nearest Skyway lift is 200 metres away. Panorama will have to be reached by ski bus. Throughout the territory there are several parking lots, cafes, toilets, rescue services. Near the lifts there are ticket offices and ski equipment rental. Children under 8 years old are allowed free of charge.

Since 2017, a snow park has been operating at the lower station of the Panorama cable car. Here are all the shapes used in freestyle. There are three sites for beginners. They are located on routes No. 5, 7 and 15 on the lower sections of the slopes. Evening skiing is open on Fridays and Saturdays on the slope of Mount Green, to which the rope tow “Sporthotel” leads. From the lift number 6 in the direction of panorama there is a track for cross-country skis. The snowmobile route is laid from the camp site “Bear” to the cable car station “Winter Fairy Tale”. Instructors are available at sheregesh GLC.

In their free time or windy weather, when the cable cars are closed, guests of the hostel can relax in the sauna, play paintball, in summer take a dip in the outdoor pool.

Recreational opportunities for children

There are no special activities for children in the Ice Club. The family may well be accommodated in one of the rooms of the multi-bed rooms or rent a suite. Baby cots are not available. Board games and puzzles are offered as entertainment. Food will have to think over yourself. Age restrictions also apply. The minimum age for arrival is 18 years.

This is due to the fact that leisure and service are designed for adults. And it’s also the politics of the hotel complex. For holidays with children, it is better to consider other hotels where conditions are created for their restful sleep, food and games. At the same time, the owners went to meet their regular guests and arranged a small playground in the yard with a slide, swings and a sandbox. In the café there is a children’s corner with a small table, chairs, a drawing board.

Sheregesh is a developing resort, so a cycle of work on the organization of family and children’s recreation is carried out here. If we consider it as a trip to rest with a child, then it is worth considering the following nuances:

  • excellent gentle slopes, which means a convenient base for children to master the basics of ski skills;
  • the presence of patient instructors who are ready to take up the training of children;
  • excellent opportunities for ecotourism and hiking.

There are no attractions, around only taiga and mountains. Acquaintance with 40-meter pines, caves, slopes from which you can ski, will impress even a skeptical teenager.

Instructors take on training in skiing children from 3 years. You can snowboard from the age of six. In the rental points there are children’s equipment, skis, suits. The infrastructure of the resort is still being formed, so with crumbs under 3 years old, difficulties may arise. Older children will surely like it.

Excursions and attractions nearby

You can get acquainted with Sheregesh through its places of interest. There are not many of them, but each of them has its own history. In addition to skiing, excursions to the following facilities are offered here:

  • Museum of Ethnography and Nature of Mountain Shoria. These places are not in vain called Siberian Switzerland. Beautiful nature and mountains are the real heritage of these places, and the expositions of the museum will tell about the people who inhabited the territory – the ancient Shores – and their successors, Russian settlers;
  • Gulag Museum in ust-Kabyrza village. The Shor Gulag was in no way inferior in terms of the number of camps, deaths and harsh living conditions of the prisoners to other well-known Soviet zones (Vorkuta, Magadan, etc.). The exposition is located in a precisely recreated copy of the camp area with towers, barracks, barbed wire;
  • the sculpture “Golden Shoria” in Tashtagol is installed on a mound in the Park of Military Glory;
  • The Worship Cross – the most visited attraction – is located on Mount Kurgan. The statue with a pedestal 20 meter high is clearly visible from the resort area, and in clear weather it can be observed from the porthole of the aircraft.

Hostel Ice Club is always happy to receive guests, and the girls at the reception to tell you how to get to the right routes and where to spend the evening.



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