Hotel Tirvas (TIRVAS Hotel&Spa) Kirovsk

This amazing place in the foothills of the Khibiny is located on the Kola Peninsula. Here, beyond the Arctic Circle, you can admire the real northern lights, plunge into the polar night, as well as engage in comfort your favorite winter sports.

Location and history

The modern recreational and recreational complex “TIRVAS Hotel & Spa” is located on the banks of the Vudyavrchorr River, at the foot of the Khibiny Mountains, near the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk region. The name of the hotel “Tirvas” in the language of the Sáms, the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula, means “rest”. The complex itself has a very rich history. Medical health procedures in it began to be carried out since the first half of the last century. But over time, the equipment and techniques improved. Nowadays it is an advanced sanatorium and health complex. The set of medical services offered by him allows to treat the digestive organs, peripheral and central nervous system, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

People come here not only for treatment, but also for the sake of active recreation in nature, comfortable accommodation, and at the same time useful relaxing preventive procedures.

The city of Kirovsk is surrounded from different sides by the majestic Khibiny. Thanks to the mountainous terrain, this town is multi-level, its streets then go down, then go up, constantly bizarrely bending. The city is young, it was founded less than 100 years ago in the early XX century, after Soviet archaeologists discovered an apatite-oiline field in these places.

Such a fantastic natural phenomenon as the northern lights, the picturesque landscape of the mountains, well-developed infrastructure, the availability of rental equipment and lifts, affordable prices for accommodation – all this attracts an increasing number of tourists to the Kirovsk area every year.

Alexander, St. Petersburg “The hotel is clean and cozy. The building is very nice, modern. The room has a nice, comfortable bed. The room had bathrobes, slippers, everything you need. And there are many outlets in the room, and there is a kettle. Excellent equipment of the hotel: a children’s room for games and a playground on the street, a winter garden with birds, an area for walking, a swimming pool. Gorgeous observation staircase descending to the mountain river. We walked on foot to the lake Small Woodyavr and in the foothills of the Khibiny. Near the Snow Village. The service was very pleased.”

Room stock

Hotel Tirvas offers accommodation in rooms of different comfort levels. From single room to family suite. Each room has free Wi-Fi internet access.

Hotel infrastructure

The highlight of the hotel is a full 25-meter heated swimming pool with huge panoramic windows in the whole wall, which overlook the fantastic landscapes of the Khibiny. The pool is divided into several aqua zones, including a hydromassage room. The pool includes a Turkish hammam and a Finnish sauna.

The attending physician of the spa-complex will help to make a suitable program for the improvement of your body. Depending on the needs of your body, you may be recommended: massage, swimming pool with a complex of saunas, cosmetic wraps, herbal medicine, balneotherapy, caracalla, mud applications or non-contact hot tub.


For guests of the hotel “Tirvas” organized three meals a day on the system “buffet”. A new menu is offered every day. At the same time, it is possible to choose a diet menu depending on what contraindications you have. In addition to the restaurant, there is a café where you can also have a snack, refresh yourself with a soft drink, drink tea or coffee, try some delicacy.

Holidays with children

The sanatorium gladly accepts families with children. A baby cot is available free of charge for children under 3 years old on request. The café serves delicious pastries and ice cream. In the playroom, your children will be entertained by professional animators so that you can safely go for treatments or just relax. If you want to spend time in the pool, you will not worry about the child – there is a special area for children. It is absolutely safe, but at the same time interesting, thanks to the presence of a special fun attraction for kids.

Most importantly, the sanatorium has developed a special program “Healthy Child”. If you are worried about the frequent colds of your child, here they know what restorative and wellness procedures help children strengthen immunity. Attentive, friendly staff knows how to find an individual approach to each child. If the child has any disease or requires rehabilitation after an illness, you will be helped to choose a personal, suitable for your child, program. Wellness procedures combined with the unique climate of these places and active walks in the fresh air are ideal conditions for strengthening the immunity of young guests.

In addition, guests have a modern fitness center, equipped with the necessary equipment. Ski equipment and equipment can be rented. You can have fun with a game of billiards.

Skiing, excursion programs and healing procedures in a professional spa-complex – your vacation has never been so complete.

Veronika, Moscow “Hotel modern, fresh renovation. Loved the breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the form of a buffet at very affordable prices. Although it was possible to eat à la carte in another restaurant in the hotel. The place itself is very picturesque. The view of the mountains is magnificent! Illuminated ski track. My friend and I appreciated the spa treatments. Recommended!”

Leisure and entertainment

In the Khibiny, fans of winter sports go to visit the ski resort “Big Woodyavr”. It is located on the Northern and Southern slopes of Mount Aikuayvenchorr. The slopes of the resort meet the European level. To date, there are 23 of them, and more than half of them are equipped with artificial lighting, which provides a comfortable ride even on the polar night, which lasts from 15 to 29 December. At this time, the northern lights, for which these places are so famous, are best seen. The level of complexity of the slopes is different, it will be interesting for both professionals and those who are just planning to get acquainted with skiing. There is also a slope with untouched virgin snow, which was chosen by freeride lovers.

A few steps from the Hotel Tirvas is a ski stadium. This is a modern structure that is used for sports competitions of various levels. And here they hold city holidays and even organize dog sled races. You can also take a ski trip on it or just go to admire nature.

Snow covers the slopes of the Khibiny Mountains from November to June. In winter, there is a real paradise for those who love skiing, and in summer beginners and professional climbers and fans of hiking go here. In the local mountains there are a lot of routes of different categories of complexity.

Adventurers mani mountain Aikuayvenchorr. Its name translates from the local Sak language as “the head of the Mother of God”. For the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula, this mountain is sacred. And it got its name because of the unusual relief, which looks like a woman’s face, turned to the sky, if you look at the mountain from afar.

Incredibly beautiful Big Woodyavr Lake is incredibly beautiful. And it is the largest in the Khibiny. It is surrounded by mountains, so the view here is picturesque in any weather. The best on the lake you will open from the height of the observation deck on the mountain.

There is also a lake Small Woodyavr, which is located within walking distance from the hotel “Tirvas”. In summer, you can pick forest berries near the lake: blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, cloudberries. You can fish. Pike, perch, whitefish, redfish and grayling are found here. And in March of each year, the festival “Lapland Legends” is held here.

Next to the health and recreational complex “Tirvas” is the Snow Village. It is built every year in the winter. Everything here is made of snow and ice. The village was even included in the “Book of Records of Russia”. After all, this is the largest man-made structure made of snow. At the same time, the village changes its appearance from year to year. Masters do not get tired of showing the wonders of imagination, developing new and new types of jewelry and design. The fabulous impression is enhanced by special lighting. For adult visitors there is an ice bar, and children will meet fairy-tale characters. And here every year they organize the festival “Snowfall”, which gathers masters of ice sculptures from all over the country.

Not far from the hotel there is an equestrian club, where there is a “living corner” for horseback riding and horseback riding.

Take a walk from the hotel to the observation deck. On a comfortable wooden staircase you can go down a steep slope almost to the water of the turbulent mountain river Vudyavryok. So you will get to a small embankment, where you can relax on a bench surrounded by peaceful nature.

Sights and excursions

Just a couple of minutes walk from the hotel “Tirvas” is the entrance to the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute named after Aurorin, which is more than 80 years old. Even in winter, in its greenhouses you will find a riot of greenery of exotic trees, although snowdrifts lie outside the window at this time of year. Although many plants here help to take root on the street in the harsh conditions of the northern climate. The garden is the northernmost among the botanical gardens of Russia.

If you want to walk around the museums, start with the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Apatit Shipyard JSC. It is also called the Museum of Stone. It is very popular among tourists and is three museum expositions. The first consists of an extensive collection of minerals and mining ore that have been brought from all over the world. The second exposition is multimedia, it is called “Travels from the bowels of the Earth to the atmosphere”. And the third is dedicated to the Russian Empire and its inherent customs and way of life.

Kirovsk is a very small town. But there are several museums here. Near the city opened a museum-diorama, a visit to which will help you plunge into the events of the Great Patriotic War, in particular the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad and the historical operation “Iskra”. The building of the museum-diorama for a greater entourage was made similar to the long-term fire fortification of the war. In front of the museum right under the open sky there is a collection of tanks, which at one time were raised from the bottom of various swamps and rivers of the Kirov region. They were restored, and then they were brought here.

In Kirovsk there is a museum of Venedikt Erofeev – a famous writer, author of the poem in prose “Moscow-Petushki”, which is called the encyclopedia of Russian life. It was in Kirovsk that Venedikt Erofeev was born and raised.

The Kola Peninsula is the land of the Sami. It is here that this small indigenous people of the Russian North lives. In the village of Levozero, which is located next to Kirov, there is a museum, the exposition of which will tell you about the culture, history and features of the life of this people.

An unusual attraction of the city is a deserted abandoned railway station. Once it was the most beautiful building in the city, lined with granite and decorated inside with marble. After the ore deposit was discovered in these places, it was decided to provide a railway connection with Kirov. The station was built in the early 30’s. But for more than 20 years the station does not work, and the station building is destroyed.




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