Отель Grand Судак Крым

The small town of Sudak is considered a traditional center of winemaking and resort tourism. It is located on the south-eastern coast of Crimea in the valley of the river of the same name. On the west side it is protected from the winds by mount Fortress, on the east adorns the picturesque Cape Alchak. In the north there are mountains covered with oak trees and beech groves. In a cozy bay recorded the longest swimming season along the coast. It begins in May and lasts as much as 138 days. Holidaymakers are attracted by a variety of beaches: pebbly, sandy, wild, pleasant Mediterranean climate, always warm sea.

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Location and history

One of the most convenient places to stay is the hotel “Grand”. It is in close proximity to the tourist infrastructure of the city, historical sights and entertainment facilities. All objects are located on the city Embankment, and it is within walking distance from the hotel. The spa park is just 300 metres away.

The complex was built and first received guests in 2001. In 2021, it was completely reconstructed. In addition to updating the rooms, the façade was restored, an elevator was installed, and centralized heating was connected. Now it works all year round and is ready to provide vacationers with a three-star level service. Here they are ready to accept pets if their weight does not exceed 5 kg, there is a passport with all veterinary marks, and dogs walk in muzzles. The animal at check-in should be clean and well-groomed.

Important! When booking a room, it is necessary to inform the administrator that you plan to stay with a pet.

Simferopol Airport is 120 km away. In order not to waste time and effort on public transport, as well as extra money for a taxi, the management recommends ordering a transfer. The driver will arrive at a clearly established time, will meet with a sign in his hands. If the flight is delayed, it will definitely wait for its passengers. For young guests of the hotel there are child car seats. If guests come by their own transport, then there is an open guarded parking for them. The service is free of charge for hotel guests.

“Great place even to stay in winter. We just stayed in February 2021 with the football team FC Gurzuf. Apart from the excellent service, I really liked the location. The windows offer a view of the Genoese fortress, the sea, the hotel itself is built on a picturesque slope. The presence of a small sports complex gives it another plus. We will definitely come here to spend our summer vacation” Dmitry, Crimea

Room stock

To accommodate guests, 2 buildings were originally built. Both consist of 4 floors. The hotel has 44 rooms. They are equipped according to three levels of comfort. Regardless of this, each of them provides household appliances (TV, mini-refrigerator, split system, hairdryer), a balcony with a table and chairs for rest and tea drinking. Without exception, all territories have access to high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi), a photo zone with a panoramic view of Sudak. By the way, for a fee you can order a professional photo shoot.

Pay attention! Minimum stay in the hotel – 3 nights!

To accommodate guests are offered the following categories of rooms:

  1. Standard with a view of Cape Alchak or the Genoese fortress (25 sq. m.) – comfortable square rooms for 2 people with a full set of necessary furniture. The bathroom is combined, a bath with a shower-watering can is installed. As an extra bed, an armchair-bed or a folding bed is used.
  2. Junior with a view of the Genoese fortress or Cape Alchak (40 sq. m.) is a comfortable two-room suite for 2-4 guests. In one room there is a living room with comfortable upholstered furniture, in the second – a bedroom with a double bed. Extra beds are possible on a sofa bed or folding beds.
  3. Premium Suite with a view of the Genoese fortress (60 sq. m.) is a three-room suite with two balconies overlooking the Sudak and Novosvetskaya bays. There are two bathrooms. One with a bathtub, the other with a multifunctional shower. In the first bedroom there is a double bed, in the second – two sliding semi-double sofas. You can accommodate two more people on extra beds.

Guests of the hotel can use swimming pools, exercise equipment, parking free of charge. For an additional fee, the caring staff will ensure the delivery of food and drinks to the rooms (Room Service), order flowers, organize excursions, wash clothes, invite a nanny for the child.

Meals and restaurants

Meals can be initially included in the price. The hotel reserves the right to change its format. It can be a buffet or a set menu. It all depends on the workload of the complex. Breakfast by default is included in the room rate, and what to add to it: lunch or dinner, the guest himself decides. The menu is small, mainly represented by European and Black Sea cuisine. The restaurant is located in a separate one-storey building.

Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10 am. Dinner is served from 17.30 to 20.00. Until 21.00 you can order food on the main menu. From six o’clock in the evening to 23.00 opens a mangal area, where you can fry kebabs or order dishes from the chef on the grill. For guests there are cozy gazebos with tables. They offer views of Sudak Bay. Here you can spend a pleasant evening, listen to music and take part in the evening show program. Rent of gazebo is paid.

Near the pool there is a “Grand Bar”. It is located in a one-storey building with a summer outdoor terrace. In order to order a cocktail or a glass of beer, it is not necessary to go inside. The room is decorated in the form of a tropical beach bungalow with an open bar, wicker furniture under a shade canopy. The assortment includes cold beer, cocktails, burger menu, fresh juices, lemonades.

Leisure and entertainment

On the territory there is an open sports ground. Under the shadow canopies there are simulators designed to train different muscle groups. Among them are cardio systems, power units and other sports equipment. There is also a table tennis table. Inventory is issued by the administrator from 7 am to 11 pm. The site is served by a professional trainer who will help to draw up an individual training program. For those who want to play volleyball there is a separate field with a net.

“Lovely hotel with great service! Next to the pool there is a bar. Every evening on its site there are entertainment programs. Evening shows for children are organized, animators come to them, dances, discos, thematic parties are arranged for adults. For those who want to play sports on the street there are simulators. The restaurant offers an additional menu and dinner with your other half in the gazebo overlooking the sea and the Genoese fortress. The food is excellent, the cook cooks very well. Crimean wines are offered» Andrey, Russia

With entertainment outside the hotel, there is also no hassle. Entrepreneurs of Sudak with knowledge approached the organization of leisure vacationers. Active recreation and extreme sports are very popular. Club «Quadro 4×4 Active» offers several routes on ATVs through the steppe landscapes of the Kapsel valley. They vary in complexity and duration, so experienced and novice fans of extreme sports will choose a suitable option for themselves.

Dive center “Varyag” is located near Sudak in Kapsel Bay near Cape Megan. The nearest sunken torpedo boat is just 400 meters from the club. Experienced instructors will prepare novice divers for diving and go with them on the first underwater campaign. For more experienced divers, tours of underwater caves are offered. For those who want to enjoy the external beauty of the cape, sea kayak tours are arranged. Those who are not yet familiar with the sea and are still afraid to go on long hikes, snorkeling training services are provided. This is swimming in flippers and with a snorkel accompanied by an experienced instructor.

In Sudak you can rent a comfortable catamaran or fishing boat. A day on the high seas will give a lot of impressions. After all, from the deck of the vessel you can not only fish, but also dive, take pictures against the background of the picturesque shore or endless sea expanses. To deal with the catch will help in the kitchen of the restaurant “Grand”. Cooks will either cook fish for guests according to a unique recipe, or guests will cope with it themselves using the grill.

Beaches & Pools

It features a large swimming pool with a sunbathing area. Around the perimeter there are sun loungers with umbrellas. There is also a bar. The water is fresh, without heating. The bowl is divided into adult and shallow sections. In order not to bypass the pool, its two “banks” are connected by a bridge of a pleasant white color. Use is included in the price.

A private beach is 800 metres away. A shuttle service is available. A comfortable minibus picks up those who wish in the morning, and in the afternoon brings back. Shipping is free. the schedule should be checked with the administrator. On the beach there are already sun loungers and umbrellas, changing cabins, showers, toilets. There is a café. You can walk, but the road goes downhill, so it will be difficult to climb.

The beach is covered with sand with small pebbles. The entrance to the water is gentle. There is a rescue service. Beach towels are also provided here. At the rental point you can take inflatable toys and mattresses, a children’s pool, flippers, masks, sleeves. Nearby there are water attractions. You can ride a banana, jet ski, catamaran or go on a boat trip.

Recreational opportunities for children

Small holidaymakers are accepted from any age. Baby cots are provided free of charge. A separate bed for a child over 5 years old is charged a surcharge. For children, the hotel provides a whole infrastructure with separate services:

  • the restaurant has a children’s menu;
  • near the buildings there is a playground;
  • every day animators come to the kids;
  • a special shallow zone is separated in the pool;
  • in a separate room there is a children’s room, where experienced teachers and educators are engaged with young guests.

Right on the territory there is a small amusement park. Here, adults and children can practice trap shooting, fish in an artificial pool, sweep darts, and the youngest will be able to learn how to drive a children’s car.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Hotel “Grand” provides services for the organization of excursions and tours throughout the Crimean peninsula. They are diverse in theme, cover historical places, natural attractions, entertainment sites. The list of offers includes:

  • horseback riding;
  • jeep riding;
  • diving;
  • parachute flight;
  • hiking mountain routes;
  • wineries with tasting rooms;
  • archaeological and historical monuments.

Sudak has a long history. From the windows of the hotel you can see the Genoese fortress, built in 1371. It is located on the mountain Fortress and you can see it yourself. This is the main tourist attraction, which is located in close proximity to the hotel complex.

Other architectural monuments include the oldest of the existing Orthodox churches of the Crimea Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah (9-13 century), the Byzantine Church of the Twelve Apostles (12-13 century), the ruins of a large temple built in honor of John Chrysostom.


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Staying in the hotel “Grand”, guests will be able to be in the center of the resort life of Sudak, without worrying about everyday problems faced by most vacationers on the southern coast of the Crimea.