Hotel Ai Todor Yug Gaspra Crimea

Hotel “Ai Todor South” is located on the first coastline and has its own landscaped beach. On the territory of the hotel there is a swimming pool with a children’s section and a hydromassage area, as well as a restaurant, bars, a beauty salon, a solarium, a children’s room, a conference hall.

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About the hotel

Hotel “Ai-Todor-South” is a comfortable house with 8 rooms and a six-storey building (elevator to the 5th floor), which has 121 rooms for 245 people. The total capacity is 300 beds. The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay: refrigerator, TV, shower or bath, toilet, balcony. All rooms have individual air conditioning.

Hotel “Ai Todor South” is located in the unique climatic zone of the Crimea, which combines a mild climate and fresh air. Such an alliance contributes to the prevention of treatment of the upper respiratory tract, as well as cardiovascular and nervous diseases. The hotel “Ai Todor South” has all the conditions for a full and high-quality rest.

Meals in the restaurant at the hotel. Here you can not only taste all the dishes, but also just spend time in a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is designed for 120 seats. In addition to the boarding option, here at any time of the day you can order à la carte meals or complex meals, including dietary.

Location: Hotel “Ai-Todor-South” is located 300 meters from the sea, in one of the picturesque corners of the southern coast, between the monument “Swallow’s Nest” and the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka. Nearby there is a cable car to Mount Ai-Petri. The famous Yalta Zoo “Fairy Tale” is only a 20-minute drive away.

More information! The pebbly beach, located 400 metres from the Ai Todor South Hotel, can be reached in the summer season by a special elevator or free minibus.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel “Ai-Todor-South” is an excellent accommodation in a picturesque area in a cottage or in the main six-storey house. All 121 rooms meet high standards of hotel service and are able to meet any guest accommodation needs.

The main building has an elevator that takes guests to the 5th floor. The style of all rooms is thoughtful, classic, but with a modern interpretation. The bathrooms are made in the style of high-tech, modernly equipped and shine with its cleanliness.

Junior suites look very impressive – beautiful curtains, elegant furniture, elegant curtains. And for the rooms in the cottage is characterized by the presence in the block of the kitchen, in which those who wish can independently prepare their own breakfast, dinner or lunch. The division of family rooms and democratic pricing policy will appeal to all guests, including those who took children on vacation.

When choosing an apartment, guests should consider the type of landscape they would like to see from their balcony or window: these can be north-facing rooms overlooking the park or south-facing rooms with panoramic sea views.

Important! The hotel has hot water and independent heating all year round.

Meals at the hotel

Hotel “Ai-Todor-Yug” expresses respect to every vacationer. This is due not only to ensuring the highest living conditions, but also to a democratic approach to nutrition. Meals in the hotel 3 meals a day, carried out in a cozy restaurant. The diet is based on dishes from vegetables and fruits, salads from fresh ingredients, as well as dishes of Ukrainian, European, Russian, vegetarian cuisines. Taking into account the wishes of vacationers, a children’s menu is carried out. And for people who follow a diet, there is a separate service for the preparation of dietary dishes.

In the boarding house “Ai-Todor-Yug” we are always happy to provide guests with the most delicious, fresh products, dishes and drinks. To do this, the institution uses modern equipment and technologies that allow you to make tasty, useful and fragrant. Chefs cook with love, and each of the dishes at home is unique and inimitable in its taste.

On the ground floor of the main building of the hotel there is a cozy and elegant café “Silver”, which offers tables for those who have chosen accommodation with breakfast, half board or boarding house. “Silver” has a pleasant interior and an experienced team of chefs. A great way to enjoy delicious meals is the furnished terrace, where vacationers are waiting for delicious meals and friendly service. The assortment includes not only traditional, but also original author’s dishes, so everyone will be full and satisfied. On the outdoor terrace of the bar you can simultaneously enjoy food and the beauty of the Crimean nature.

For those who want to relax with a glass of the famous Crimean wine or drink something stronger, there is a bar in the elegant style of seascapes. Here it is pleasant to distract from worries and communicate in a cheerful company, meet on business, spend a romantic evening together. The bartender, who is also a barista, prepares aromatic coffee, offers dessert of the day or a refreshing cocktail. Visiting and communicating in the bar leaves positive emotions, gives guests fabulous moments of impeccable leisure and a desire to return here the next evening.

More information! The bar has a TV, so all major sporting events are broadcast here.

If you want to dine in the apartment, you can order room service, and after a while the dish from the chef will be served. Room service serves guests staying in any room. There are no restrictions on the order, since all dishes of the menu of the restaurant “Silver” are available for delivery. Thanks to this service, it is possible to have dinner with partners in the room or organize a romantic dinner for two followed by a walk through the night resort.

SPA complex

A real holiday is unthinkable without SPA procedures, so the Crimean hotel “Ai Todor South” immediately offers its guests a wide range of effective SPA and recreational activities. In the format of the declared services, vacationers are offered a bath, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the center of the resort and is designed for no more than 8 people at a time. Here, visitors can completely distract from everyday worries and relax under the influence of steam and high temperatures.

A modern sauna awaits lovers of high temperatures and wet steam on the first floor of the central building of the guest house. Staying in this place, you can not only take a steam, but also chat with friends. At the same time, a wide selection of dishes is presented in the hall, so in between meetings you can enjoy delicious tea. The sauna also has a steam room, a swimming pool and a bathroom with shower.

Also vacationers of the hotel appreciate the incredible relaxation area with Jacuzzi located on one of the open terraces of the guest house. Here it is pleasant to spend water procedures in the bubbling streams or pamper yourself with air baths on a comfortable bed. The area around the hot tub has a decorative coating. Especially surprised guests growing southern trees.

The spa complex and ultra-modern open-air jacuzzi in the Crimea will give each guest of the boarding house a few minutes of rest, relieve insomnia, relieve mental and physical stress. In the massage salon of the boarding house there are experienced specialists, thanks to which a visit here becomes a pleasant and useful pastime. Here guests can appreciate modern massage techniques, choose a tonic or relaxing procedure.

The list includes acupressure, health, sports, relaxing and others. Such a holiday on the coast of the Crimea helps vacationers to improve their health, rejuvenate the skin and strengthen the immune system. All events are designed to give guests positive and harmony.

Important! All procedures of the SPA complex of the hotel “Ai Todor South” are not included in the price and are paid separately.


Hotel “Ai Todor South” always welcomes guests with children, which makes it possible to have fun and fully relax with the whole family. Children will find a wonderful playground on the street with many attractions, a safe sandy surface and places of rest for parents.

Every child on vacation needs a place for active recreation, so the hotel has a special area for children – a playground with swings and treadmills. Here children can learn to sculpt castles from sand and figurines, swing on swings, play with other children on vacation. Swings, a spacious sandbox, bright colors – all this is liked by children of any age.

A lot of interactive entertainment will allow you to spend time with your peers. When the child leaves this place, he makes new friends, he has a good mood and an enviable appetite. And in the café “Silver” you can order a children’s menu, sweets and dairy products. Also, parents can walk and run with children in the park, which is located next to the playground.

A creative and experienced team of animators organizes children’s leisure activities in the summer season. Staff arrange fun contests, relay races and other creative and educational activities at the hotel. On some days there are discos for children and darts competitions.

Also in the hotel there is a babysitting service – this ensures the safety of the child under qualified supervision.

The management of the hotel tries to entertain children here and they have only bright and cheerful impressions, and they have repeatedly wanted to return to the hotel “Ai Todor South”.

Attractions nearby

Swallow’s Nest. This is the most popular attraction of the Crimea – the castle, which was built on a steep rock. It offers a delightful view of Mount Ai-Petri and the sea. The place is not only beautiful, but also very quiet and secluded. In the past, there was a small fishing village, and on the site of the structure itself there used to be another castle, but during the war it was destroyed. “Swallow’s Nest” has no analogues on the peninsula. This is the largest rock sculpture. The castle is a symbol of the Crimea. Its height is 34 meters, width – 18 meters. The castle stands on a ledge of a rock, at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level. “Swallow’s Nest” – a monument of architecture and history, is included in the list of unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also in 2009, the castle was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest structure standing on a rocky base.

Fortress Charax. This is the largest Roman fortress on the Crimean peninsula. It is located on the slope of Mount Ai-Todor, 15 km west of Yalta, 8 km north-east of Foros, near the Black Sea coast. The fortress was built in the III century AD to protect the coast from the raids of the militant Goths. In the IV century it was captured by the Byzantines, and later destroyed by the Goths. After that, the structure was repeatedly restored and rebuilt. It is now fully restored and turned into a museum. A lift road leads to the fortress, which begins from the site at an altitude of 60 meters. The ascent takes about 30 minutes. On the way there are observation decks, which offers an excellent view of the Black Sea and Yalta. As well as numerous monuments and excavation sites. The fortress of Charax itself is under the protection of UNESCO.

Hotel “Ai Todor South” is a holiday for everyone: here you can have a great time together with a loved one, the whole family or alone. Everyone will find something to do and how to relax.

How to get there

  1. By plane to the airport of Simferopol, then from the airport by bus or bus to the bus station of Yalta, then by bus Number 102 to the stop “Park-Hotel Marat”.
  2. By train to the railway station of Simferopol, then from the bus station Kurortnaya by bus to the bus station of Yalta, then by bus No. 102 to the stop “Park-Hotel Marat”.
  3. By intercity bus to the bus station of Yalta, then by bus Number 102 to the stop “Park-Hotel Marat”.
  4. By private car on the Crimean bridge, then in the direction of Yalta, Gaspra.

Pay attention! Hotel “Ai Todor South” can provide its guests with a transfer.

Good value for money. Loved the location: shops, stops, attractions and, most importantly, the sea-e-e. It’s close. You can have a drink and enjoy a coffee on the balcony overlooking Ai-Petri. Swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness room, everything is there. Change of linen, cleaning, everything as usual. However, the kettle is only at the reception. Excursions were practically not conducted, due to restrictions, but no one canceled independent trips. We climbed wherever we could and couldn’t. In general, we liked everything, we will definitely come back. Hello hotel staff and all the best!


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