Holidays in Bulgaria: Hotel Samokov 4* in Borovets

Last year my husband and I decided to go on holiday to Bulgaria. We’ve been to this country before, but in the summer. We loved the atmosphere and the friendliness of the locals. So we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve and chose Hotel Samokov in Borovets.

Location and infrastructure

We wanted to spend active holidays in the mountains: to learn how to ski, to breathe fresh mountain air and to have a good time in the evenings in bars and discos. Having studied the information about the ski resorts in Bulgaria, we came to the conclusion that the resort called Borovets is ideal for us.

Since we bought our packages at the last minute, the choice of hotels was not great. We chose Samokov Hotel 4*. It is located in the heart of the resort, not far from the pine forest.

Atmosphere and service

I have a double impression of the hotel. Of course, we didn’t expect to get good service for the relatively small money we paid. So we were prepared for anything in advance.

The hotel felt the spirit of the Soviet times: old furniture, curtains, carpets – just like in our sanatoriums. Service is about the same, maybe a little better. The waiters are very lazy. They always took a long time to remove the dirty dishes from the tables or pretended not to notice them at all. So we would often get a seat at someone’s table.

Room stock

Our room was cleaned every day, but not very thoroughly. The bedding we have managed to change only once for all 10 days of stay. But we didn’t need to more often.

There weren’t too many flaws in our room. They are all inherent to hotels from the Soviet period. It’s better to just be prepared for them in advance. But, just in case, I will list them: outdated, poorly working TV, very old lock on the front door, shabby walls and doors in some places.

Hotel cuisine

The food at the hotel is a big plus. The breakfasts and dinners are very hearty and tasty. There was always a large selection of quality cooked food. By the way, holidaymakers in this hotel can safely take only food BB (breakfasts), as there are cafes and restaurants around the hotel.
We really liked the location of the hotel. Surrounded by stunning nature, with ski lifts nearby and many different bars and cafes within walking distance.

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay here and had a great time. In this hotel can safely go both fans of active recreation in the mountains and fans of incendiary youth recreation for which comfort and service is not very important.



Alina Abramova

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