Friendly Hotel Baumancasa Beach Resort, Thailand, Phuket – Complete overview, prices, reviews

Baumankasa Karon Beach Resort is located in the city of Phuket,it is constantly left only positive reviews and advised to visit in 2018. It was built back in 2010. During these 8 years, there were practically no dissatisfied among the guests. Every year the organizers take into account all the wishes of tourists and are getting better.

You can call this place truly paradise. A good location near the beach, a wide range of various services, service at a high level in combination with chic weather conditions – all this makes vacationers return here every year.

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Baumankasa is located not far, literally five minutes from the Karon market. From the international airport drive 50 minutes. This is the first coastline – to the sea 3 minutes, you just need to cross the road. There along the coast stretches karon beach. On the way back to the hotel there is an opportunity to rinse with fresh water, right on the street there are specially equipped barrels and showers.

The complex consists of 5 five- and six-storey buildings. It stands perpendicular to the road and the beach, so there are few rooms with sea views. And these rooms will be with a view of the road, and this does not suit everyone because of the dust and noise. There is no fenced territory, but around there are sprawling tall trees, birds sing, butterflies fly.

Also around comfortably nestled restaurants, pavilions, shops and street hucksters. Almost side by side is the building of another hotel, called Old Phuket. From the roof you can see the mountains, hills, and even see the great Buddha.

The hotel itself has 2 gyms. They are furnished with various modern simulators. Air conditioning creates a cool pleasant environment on a hot day. After a work session, guests can relax in the Finnish sauna. It does not differ in special heat, the maximum temperature is 90 degrees. But as they say, to warm the bones of the heat is enough.

In the main building there are billiard tables, you can come at any time and drive the balls. For children’s entertainment there are specially equipped playgrounds. For serious, business travelers, a conference hall equipped with modern technology is provided.

Olga, Tashtagol: “We spent two weeks in this hotel. They checked us in immediately after we arrived. He definitely justifies his three stars. Daily cleaning and replenishment. Across the street is a gorgeous beach, where there is singing sand. The breakfasts are delicious and cool. A variety of dishes in the rich buffet. I was pleased that there are several swimming pools, gyms and a sauna. And, by the way, despite the fact that the building is next to the road, the noise is not heard at all. “


Separately, it is worth noting the number of reservoirs on the territory of the boarding house. There are 3 swimming pools in total. They are different in depth, size and functionality. One is on the roof of the fourth building. It is quite deep, with a children’s area and a jacuzzi with convenient steps, along which it is comfortable to descend into the main pit. Along the perimeter of the reservoir are placed soft sunbeds, light pleasant music plays, and the salty aroma of the ocean hovers in the air. There is also a bar nearby.

The second is located on the second floor of the fifth building. It’s pretty cozy. Some rooms have direct access from the balcony. Surrounded by buildings, this pond is characterized by relative silence. There is no noise from the road to this place. For children, there is a shallow part with a fence so that the kids can not independently move to the depth. On one side of the pool there are faucetes through which water flows into the pit.

The third is also located on the roof, in the first building. Soft sunbeds, umbrellas and a small canopy have a pleasant rest by the water. In addition to sunbeds, there are tables and chairs, you can have a full snack by ordering food at the bar. The depth is different. The water is very clean, so you can see where the depth is.

Natalia, Leninsk-Kuznetsky: “Overall, we loved it. Yes, there are disadvantages: they do not clean very well, the bed in general for two weeks has never been changed. Sprinkled stains with talc and that’s it. It was surprising, of course. The furniture is not new. At all. But we were almost never in penates. Mostly stuck out on the beach or in the pool. There are three of them here! They are all of different depths and with children’s areas, very convenient. We especially liked the roof of the fourth building. Unfortunately, the gym didn’t work.”

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Karon Beach Resort can compete with other nearby hotels in terms of cash costs. Quite affordable prices for cozy and well-furnished rooms. Given the fact that the beach is very close, you can even say that it is very cheap.

The rooms are decorated in a suitable Asian design. Each has a balcony with beautiful views of the surrounding tropical nature. On the balconies there are chairs and a table. There are rooms called pool access, with direct access from the balcony to the pool. The rooms are furnished with wooden furniture in a simple classical style, which gives the interior a special chic and refinement. There are also 203 deluxe rooms. They provide an increased level of comfort for an acceptable amount.

Family apartments are designed for a family of three. Furniture is provided with a large double bed and a small single bed for a child. In addition to beds, there are cozy armchairs, tables, wardrobes, chests of drawers, modern new TVs. Additionally, upon arrival, you can ask for a baby cot at the reception. Cleaned daily, and also replenish the supply of coffee, water, tea.

All apartments have a refrigerator, kettle, hairdryer, safe. Everywhere catches Wi-Fi. In addition, in the main hall there are two computers with Internet access. It is worth noting the wonderful fact that there is no deposit at check-in. In Thailand, this is a rarity, as good-natured workers usually try to do everything possible not to return the deposit.

Lina, Moscow: “Clean up wouldn’t say it’s good. The audience here gathers average, after all, vacationers are mostly packaged from Pegasus. But I liked the location very much. There are many cafes, shops and restaurants nearby.”


Buffet breakfasts are served in the hotel’s Casablanca restaurant. The main menu is quite simple, with the usual food for a tourist.

In addition to the local catering baumankas,you can have a delicious lunch in any of the adjacent cafes. It serves delicious seafood, as well as international cuisine in case you miss homemade potions. There are a lot of similar establishments nearby, so you will not be left hungry.

Usually, several types of fruits are served for the morning meal (among them pineapple, watermelon, dragon fruit or fruit salad), cereals, muesli, yogurts, several types of toast (butter or jam to them), different types of pastries (macrosse, donuts, snails). In addition, several egg dishes, a variety of meat, poultry and necessarily fresh and cooked vegetables. The usual rice and mashed potatoes are served as a side dish. From drinks – tea, milk (cold and hot), coffee, fruit and berry juices, water.

Evgeniya, Ekaterinburg: “Everything is wonderful! Friendly girls at the reception, they responded to all comments and requests instantly. Everywhere is clean, cleaned every day, towels even beach constantly changed. Very tasty food. A very wide choice for breakfast – chicken, pork, ham, several dishes of eggs, toast, pancakes and a sea of sweets and fruits. In addition to the usual For local Thai food, offered borscht, Olivier and even okroshka. Restaurants provided discounts for guests. In general, thank you very much for the warm welcome, we did not make a mistake in choosing you!”


Since this hotel has been on the market for a good 7 years, the management company has fully adapted the staff for visitors.

The staff is very friendly and highly qualified. They are not trying to impose additional services or pull more money from vacationers. If you come here on any significant day for you, for example, a birthday or a wedding, then you will be greeted in a special way.

On a festive day, the staff will decorate the room in an exquisite romantic style. At the reception you will be warmly welcomed, congratulated and put to sleep with gifts. On the birthday, the organizers always make a special surprise, a fruit plate and a gift.

For the safety of guests, a general practitioner is provided in the boarding house. When buying a voucher, medical insurance is issued, so that medical services will be free. In addition, from the wellness services, guests can enjoy the famous Thai massage. Also in the hotel there is a beauty salon and spa, where you can not only put yourself in order, but also relax, have fun.

Ekaterina, Moscow: “The complex is good, in principle we are satisfied. Rested with friends in October. Very pleased with the local massage. I can responsibly say that of all the places I have visited in Thailand, this is the best. The cleaner, however, did not clean very well. I once found two dead cockroaches right in the middle of the room. And the bed didn’t seem to have been changed. Breakfasts were quite suitable for us, everything was in abundance. I also want to note that the deposit was not taken. A friend broke a glass, but he was not charged extra at the eviction.”

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The most remarkable feature of this boarding houseis, of course, the price. Rooms here are provided from one and a half thousand rubles. The fact that the hotel does not have its own territory is fully compensated by the wide functionality and the presence of three swimming pools. Moreover, the special proximity to the ocean makes it tempting for tourists.

Since Baumankasa is located in the city of Phuket,there is a fairly developed infrastructure nearby. Exchange currency, visit a bar or a nightclub – all this is possible and available in a stone’s throw. Nearby there is a great shopping center where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and local products.

The hotel is suitable both for a quiet family holiday, and for a stormy youth breakaway. There are no animators in the Resort itself, but there are all opportunities for entertainment nearby. Round-the-clock bars and clubs fully compensate for the calm atmosphere inside.

But for families there are also a lot of advantages – a playground, dedicated areas for kids in the pools, interesting excursions. Up to three years old, the child stays absolutely free of charge, for him you can ask for a crib at the registration.

Comfortable rooms, helpful staff, delicious food – these are the main advantages in favor of choosing this boarding house for holidays in Thailand. Karon Beach,which is within walking distance, is municipal, does not belong to the hotel. Umbrellas and sunbeds on it are paid. But near the hotel pools all this is free. You can take a delicious cocktail at the bar and lie down under the canopy on a soft sun lounger.