Fandorin Hotel, Kabardinka

Hotel Fandorin is a cozy hotel complex, which got its name thanks to Boris Akunin, a cult character. This is one of the most visited places in Kabardinka.

It is located in a quiet area in the heart of the village. To the sea walk about 7 minutes. The territory is quite spacious. The yard has its own stream. Landscape design is made in a unique style. The atmosphere is very cozy.

Thanks to quality service and a huge selection of services at an affordable cost, the hotel is sure to attract the attention of even the most demanding travelers.

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Location and infrastructure

The complex was built according to a unique project, which was developed in accordance with modern requirements. Landscape design attracts a huge number of visitors. The territory is mainly closed type.

There’s a lot of space. Every day the hotel staff does a cleaning. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Lunch and dinner are paid additionally. The hotel has a menu with which you can order food at any time. There is also a bathhouse. This fact will not leave indifferent the male half of the visitors. There is parking in the yard. If there is no car, you can order any transfer with the help of the reception. To the sea about 10 minutes. Since the hotel is located in the center of the village, finding a beach will not be a problem.

If you have children under 2 years old, the kids are entitled to a discount. When booking a studio room, children from 2 to 9 years old are provided with an extra bed on a free basis. In addition, young travelers will be able to have fun on the playground. It is located in the yard and is equipped with everything necessary to attract children’s attention. There are swings, slides, rope. For parents, several benches are installed around the perimeter to observe the child as conveniently as possible. The territory of the hotel is closed, so you can not worry about security.

The hotel is located in a favorable recreation area. During its existence, it managed to collect an incredible number of grateful visitors who return again and again every year. Many managed to get new acquaintances. The audience of visitors is constantly growing.

Pools & Beach

In the yard there is a spacious swimming pool, which is heated. There are several playgrounds and a recreation area that has a barbecue. Barbecue can be cooked at any time of the year.

A few years ago, a new swimming pool with a spacious terrace was opened. Above it there is a bar, which is very convenient to use. A key feature of the hotel was the stream that drains down from the mountains. Many visitors like to sit by the water for a long time and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Distance to the beach is 600 m
On the beach you can use everything you need for a comfortable stay: sun beds, beach umbrellas, a changing cabin. This is convenient because you do not need to carry an umbrella or a blanket with you. Everything is already there. There is a medical post.

Room stock

The hotel has several types of rooms, namely:

  • Standard.
  • Studio.
  • Lux.

From the window, every guest can enjoy the beauty of the young mountains and the endless blue sea. In total, there are several structures on the territory of the complex. There is a separate building for a café and several dormitories. Thanks to the spacious rooms, it will be comfortable to relax with the whole family. The rooms are bright and very cozy.


Each visitor receives a free breakfast. Dinner or lunch can be ordered at an additional cost. À la carte dishes are also available. Our staff will deliver food on time and in accordance with the wishes. It features a barbecue area and a poolside bar. The café is open from morning till late evening. The choice of cuisine is diverse. You can order Caucasian dishes or European dishes.


Every young traveler can use the playground, swimming pool. Parents can rent a stroller.

The main features of the hotel are a unique bath complex and swimming pools.

The pools are simply huge in size. If you do not want to go to the sea, you can use them. The children’s area is designed specifically for kids, which is safer than swimming in the sea. The water is heated constantly, if necessary.

Also on the territory of the complex there is free parking, which is guarded around the clock. Visitors with a Suite can take advantage of it. If the guest has booked any other type of room, you will have to pay extra for the use of parking.

What documents are required for successful arrival:

  • Health insurance policy.
  • Passport or birth certificate.
  • Voucher.

Reviews about the complex are positive. Many come regularly. Guests write that the territory of the hotel is very beautiful. Very clean air prevails. One of the unique features is the mountain stream. For children there are swings and a carousel, simulators and a sports ground. Special attention will be paid to food.

Very tasty and varied. Desserts with natural fruits, and the portions are just huge. You can order holidays. The hotel administrator is always in touch and helps to solve any problems throughout the day.

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The main advantages of the hotel

Crystal clear air, theproperties of which are healing. Since the village is surrounded on several sides by mountain ranges and the sea, unique climatic conditions are created, and juniper forests make the climatic zone healing.

Kabardinka is considered the leader among the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. The sun’s rays secrete vitamin D, which is necessary for every person. It helps the body’s cells regenerate properly, maintain immunity and prevent depression. That is why experts recommend regular sunbathing to hang hemoglobin and optimize the work of the circulatory system. Solar energy has a beneficial effect on the body and helps to cure skin diseases.

The purest sea. Since there is a high water exchange in the sea, the water is always clean. It is updated every 12 hours. Bathing can harden and increase the stimulation of metabolism. Sea water has special properties, so that bathing has a physical effect on a person. The water temperature is always less than the body temperature. This improves the process of heat transfer, as a result, the metabolic processes of the body will improve. People who are overweight will be able to get rid of it due to the loss of a large amount of energy while swimming. Due to the difference in temperature of water and body, there is an expansion and narrowing of blood vessels.

Due to this, the level of strength of the vessels is markedly improved. Sea water provides chemical effects on the body. It’s like a unique nourishing mask that nourishes the skin with salt. Ions that are dissolved in the sea can settle on the skin and enter the body. This helps to improve elasticity and increases tone. Regular swimming allows you to maintain physical fitness. At the same time, you can swim with pleasure, enjoying your vacation. For those who do not know how to swim, the best way out is to slide on the surface, starting from the bottom. Since the Black Sea has an average level of salinity, a person can perfectly stay afloat.

Treatment. Near the hotel there are medical institutions that treat various diseases associated with the respiratory and nervous system. You can undergo restorative procedures. This will help to keep the body in good shape. You can relax and do procedures for prevention, which in everyday life do not have enough time.

Exceptional food. The hotel is located in a region that provides residents with food on its own. All products are of high quality and fresh. The hotel’s chefs are highly qualified. They are famous for their unique dishes, and natural products will only enhance the taste.

Holidays in Fandorin Hotel

The hotel can organize any holiday of your choice. The staff always supports such ideas. All details are negotiated in advance. The most popular holiday is birthday. On such a holiday, you want to forget about preparation. We offer to relax and enjoy the expectations of the upcoming event, pick up outfits and invite guests. Planning a holiday is now easy. This is a great idea, because in the warm season you can celebrate the name day in the fresh air, away from the bustle of the city. Such a service will be an excellent gift to relatives. Meals can be ordered from the chef’s exclusive menu. You can also order any dish according to your own recipe.

The cake will be decorated in accordance with the wishes of the guest. The hotel staff will make a festive serving. The place of celebration can also be chosen at your discretion. Rest on a birthday in an attractive atmosphere will be remembered for a long time and will not leave anyone indifferent.

The hotel also celebrates Valentine’s Day. In this case, a unique gala dinner is offered. The relaxing atmosphere will make the mood romantic. There is a unique special offer. Wine and chocolate-filled strawberries can be ordered in the room upon check-in. A limousine transfer to the hotel is also available. The suites offer French champagne and a set of fresh fruit upon check-in. A unique offer is a visit to the SPA with decorations in the form of candles and rose petals.

For lovers of winter holidays there is a unique offer to celebrate the New Year and Christmas. These holidays are associated with the most joyful moments of childhood. These are the most popular family holidays. On this day, everyone breaks away from the worries of everyday life and devotes himself to his loved ones. In the New Year, the most incredible miracles occur. The hotel invites guests to plunge into the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. The hotel staff has developed a unique program of celebration. A festive banquet, a photo shoot and an invitation of a real Santa Claus for young travelers are planned. In addition, a heated swimming pool is offered so that every guest can enjoy the mountain view. For children there will be a unique program with entertaining contests and gifts. The Christmas program is no less interesting. The chef will allow you to cover on a festive table of 12 dishes. Every hostess will be able to relax and unwind. The holiday will be truly magical thanks to the fun with real carols.


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