Chic Larisa Phaselis Princess 5* Turkey, Kemer — Reviews, photos, description of the hotel

Larissa Phaselis Princess 5*: reviews, information about the service and infrastructure, photos – in the article dedicated exclusively to this modern Turkish complex for recreation and relaxation, you can learn everything you need to make a general picture of the living conditions, which, of course, greatly affect the overall impression of the country as a whole and the vacation spent here in particular. And if you’ve already identified this institution in the list of options, it’s time to do a thorough analysis of the data below.


What might catch your attention?

Of course, modern tour operators during the selection of a suitable ticket to Turkey can offer you many different establishments, so you probably have already managed to wonder what advantages the larissa Phaselis Princess 5* hotel has. So, we confidently declare that the main one is the unique atmosphere. The fact is that the complex is taken in the ring of pine forest. The unique combination of sea breeze and coniferous aromas turns the local air into a real panacea for many diseases. That is, having arrived here, you are guaranteed to improve your health without putting any effort into it.

The hotel is considered one of the oldest, as it works for the benefit of travelers for a quarter of a century. But this does not mean that in the rooms you will find DVD players or music centers with cassette boxes. In 2011, on the occupied territory of 40 thousand square meters, a grandiose reconstruction took place, and now everything in the buildings meets international and European standards.

Evgenia, Moscow: “Overall, I liked everything. Gorgeous dishes of Turkish cuisine, delicious oriental sweets, spacious terraces, a large swimming pool, the apartments are clean and tidy. I want to express special gratitude to the administrator working at the reception – I have not yet seen a more sensitive and understanding person in the service sector. “

About rooms

It is difficult to feel comfortable on the territory of the hotel, if the rooms are a mess and there is no coziness. In Larissa Phaselis Princess 5* everything is created so that guests do not need anything and feel at home. For any category of vacationers there are living quarters of different footage:

  • The vast majority of rooms are presented in the category “standard”. Each of them is complemented by a small balcony and a large double bed or two single beds. Some of them have interior doors – a nice bonus for people coming in a big company.
  • “Studio” – apartments with a larger area, which has a small living room.
  • Four people can settle in family-type rooms at once, since they have two bedrooms.
  • In the executive rooms there is a real luxury. An artificial fireplace, a soft corner, a huge place to sleep, panoramic windows – all this is worthy of real monarchs!

Svetlana, St. Petersburg: “The design of the room is thought out to the smallest detail. Everything around in light colors, not irritating the psyche and setting up a positive mood. There is a plasma large TV, a wardrobe for storing things, a safe that can fit even a laptop, air conditioning with a remote control and a telephone. All hygiene products are provided free of charge, bathrobe and towels are always clean.”

About the service

Kemer is an incredibly colorful resort area in which hospitable and hospitable people live and work. Larissa Phaselis Princess 5* provides a range of services available to all guests without exception:

  • On the terraces you can sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of the scenery.
  • Vacationers take walks in the garden, where benches are installed under the shade of large tropical palm trees.
  • There are several chic restaurants on site serving Turkish and European cuisine.
  • In the bars, bartenders always prepare delicious cocktails from exotic fruits. There is an extensive range of alcohol. Locally produced alcohol-containing beverages are freely available.
  • Internet access is not restricted in all public areas.
  • Unnecessary things are left in the luggage room.
  • Dirty clothes are handed over to the laundry room, where they are washed and ironed.
  • For those who like to get acquainted with the sights of the cities in which they are located, car rental and rental are provided.
  • Tourists coming by their own transport can count on a free parking space.
  • The round-the-clock mini-market sells everything you need.
  • The beauty salon works from morning to evening, so the ladies here do styling for trips to the disco.

Maxim, Odessa: “I was impressed with the number of services provided by the hotel. This year my vacation was the most enjoyable, as I did not think about dirty things, food, cash withdrawal, currency exchange. All important infrastructure facilities are in close proximity to the main building, the prices are reasonable. I loved it.”

About entertainment

We guarantee you that the time spent in Larissa Phaselis Princess 5* will be remembered for a lifetime. A lot of positive emotions you can get at the events that are regularly held at the central pool. Every day tourists go sunbathing and swimming in the sea. On the private part of the coast there are showers and changing cabins, sun loungers and umbrellas. The bar is open until six o’clock in the evening and serves refreshing drinks. Don’t forget to stop by the towel pick-up point and diving and windsurfing rental agency. Guests have access to almost all known types of water sports, if desired, you can ride a yacht or boat, learn to fish. Volleyball, basketball and mini-football are always played on the beach.

Particular attention should be paid to the local spa and gym. In the latter, instructors select individual training programs for vacationers, conduct water aerobics lessons. After tiring training, guests go to the cosmetology center, equipped with the latest technology. Here you will find a spacious swimming pool, massage rooms, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath and much more.

To get the most out of each day, sign up for excursions. They are paid separately, so it is worth stocking up on cash, as there are many places in Kemer worthy of your attention. Experienced guides always tell in detail about the history of the emergence of a particular object of cultural heritage of Turkey.

Ilya, Omsk: “I love tennis, and I was pleasantly surprised that there is a court with artificial turf. But most of all I was pleased with the fact that you can play even at night, it is enough to pay a little for lighting and buy rackets and balls in the local store. While the children frolicked in the pool, and my wife sunbathed on the terrace, I honed my skills with an instructor, which, by the way, I even managed to beat once. “

A little about the disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are some points that tourists talk about in a negative way. We decided not to praise the hotel Larissa Phaselis Princess 5 *, and to reveal to you the full picture of accommodation in it, but without the information below you will not be able to adequately assess the quality of service. So, travelers have identified the following shortcomings:

  • The booking system, to put it mildly, does not work properly. When registering, they often settle in other rooms, and to enter the desired apartments, you need to pay a solid reward to the reception workers.
  • Restaurants are constantly lacking in dishes and cutlery, this is especially evident in the height of the tourist season.
  • Each living room is air-conditioned. But they are so old that they do not cope with their functions. Guests often complain about the heat and stuffy air in the rooms.
  • There are not enough seats in the dining room, and the waiters do not cope with the work assigned to them.
  • The apartments often smell of dampness, but the administration does not respond to the complaints of vacationers.
  • Most of the fixtures just don’t function.
  • There is always music in public areas, but the staff is constantly spinning the same songs, which by the end of the holiday becomes simply unbearable torture.
  • The air conditioning system works strictly on schedule, usually it is included in the morning, when the temperature level is quite acceptable. But in the middle of the day, the technique does not give any signs of life, and numerous complaints do not affect the current state of affairs.
  • Animators rarely hold events, they go to the pool very rarely.
  • Reception staff communicate very rudely, women are treated familiarly.
  • The entrance to the sea is very inconvenient, and if you do not take special slippers with you, there is a high probability of injury.
  • Meat and fish dishes in restaurants are very few, they are dismantled quickly.
  • Furniture has not changed for a very long time, so on some surfaces are stored obscene expressions scrawled by previous guests.
  • The facts of theft were repeatedly revealed, and the perpetrators were not found, and the incidents were resolved far from in favor of the victims.
  • Small fish in the sea bite very painfully.
  • Often in the bathrooms settle ants and other animals.
  • After registration, you can be moved into a room in which no one has cleaned for several days. So the maids lure the guests monetary rewards.

Of course, if you travel without valuables, love insects and prefer stuffy twilight, are a vegetarian and generous with tips, rest in the hotel Larissa Phaselis Princess 5 * will seem to you a real fairy tale. But, unfortunately, not tourists are so fastidious, so recently there has been a significant outflow of customers. People prefer to relax in neighboring institutions, realizing that it is better to overpay a little in order to live in more favorable conditions. We recommend that you think a few times before booking an apartment here.