Best Ayurveda Hotels in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, all conditions have been created to combine a pleasant rest with procedures useful for the body. The island is famous for Ayurvedic practices. There are hotels that specialize in providing wellness services, treating various diseases and preventing the state of the body. The best of them were included in our rating.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort

The list opens with the 4-star Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort – All Meals, Ayurveda Treatment and Yoga. It is located in Waddów. The complex is built on the first coastline. Just behind the fence begins the beach. The grounds are very green and well maintained. There are places to take a walk or meditate. The hotel is registered by the Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka as a level 1 resort. Building on a 200-year legacy of Ayurvedic practice, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa & Wellness offers a wide range of unique packages for the treatment of most diseases and health prevention. The hotel complex occupies an area of 7 acres of land on the coast. The best resort in Sri Lanka offers a complete examination of the body between tropical and fruit trees, herbal medicinal plants, vines and shrubs, provides accommodation in rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean. The effect of the procedures is ensured by the qualified care of local doctors, visiting consultants and hospital-trained therapists. The resort’s Ayurveda Centre is the only one in the country associated with the Siddhalep Ayurveda Hospital, with access to a range of medicines produced by the Group in accordance with ISO standards in its factories.


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Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions

“Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions – Full Board & Treatments” has a comfort category of 4 stars. Developed on the basis of the ancient science of healing dating back thousands of years, the guest house is a charming combination of tradition and modernity. Amidst a lush tropical garden and a rustic courtyard, there is an atmosphere of serenity. It creates a sense of comfortable luxury and faith in the power of natural wellness treatments. Being one of the best Ayurvedic hotels in Sri Lanka, the health center invites guests to immerse themselves in the ancient art of healing. In addition to traditional hotel amenities, guests are offered: the services of qualified doctors, a pharmacy of Ayurvedic remedies, a swimming pool, a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, professional care in the Weda Niwasa center. Guests especially appreciated the 2-hour full body massage using natural oils.


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Heritance Ayurveda

Hotelswith 1st category, provide guests with service at the level of 5 stars. One of these complexes is “Heritance Ayurveda – All Meals and Treatments – Level 1 Certified”. The owners offer several special packages providing accommodation with special Ayurvedic treatments that will help to rejuvenate. The fundamental principle of treatment is based on complete relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation of the body and mind. “Dipana, Pachana” helps to increase appetite and normalizes the digestive system. “Shodana, Shaman” is aimed at detoxification and neutralization of toxins. “Rasayana” guarantees the rejuvenation of the body. “Mano Santhharpana” is a relaxation and psychological rejuvenation of the nervous system. Wellness programs include a special diet. The hotel’s chefs are a versatile team of chefs who know both local and European cuisine.


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Lanka Princess All Inclusive Hotel

Five-star hotel «Lanka Princess All Inclusive Hotel» offers service on the system “All Inclusive”. It is located in Bentota , the largest tourist center of Sri Lanka. The Fund has 6 exclusive suites, 50 superior rooms, 39 superior rooms and 13 economy class rooms. All room rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the room rate, but can be purchased separately. All inclusive is standard throughout the year. During the summer months from May to October (low season) there are attractive prices with breakfast and half board (dinner) for guests who come to the island for a beach and cultural holiday. Drinks are not included in these offers. The success of Ayurveda treatment is facilitated by a healthy diet, so the buffet is prepared according to a special menu. Ayurveda treatments can only be booked with the all-inclusive service.

“Nice place with a full range of services – from accommodation to treatment. The hostess tries to make the stay more comfortable, and she does everything perfectly. The staff is distinguished by hospitality. Thank you all very much and see you soon!” Abdulkareem


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Good Karma Ayurvedic Resort

Good Karma Ayurvedic Resort is a small 4-star hotel located in Tangalle. It is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. On one side it is surrounded by a long, wide and deserted rekawa beach and the ocean, and on the other – a jungle with a freshwater lagoon. Noisy parties are held here. Rekawa is the place where giant tortoises lay their eggs in the sand. In the jungle there are peacocks, lizards, pelicans, monkeys, porcupines, mongooses and other representatives of the fauna of Ceylon. Only nature will become a pleasant neighbor for guests. The fund has only five two-storey bungalows with direct views of the ocean, a well-groomed area with a tropical garden. Each bungalow is two rooms with separate entrances (on the first and second floors), a total of ten rooms with spacious verandas and stunning views. It offers: a swimming pool overlooking the ocean, a restaurant with a large selection of seafood and a Sri Lankan chef, excursions to numerous attractions, sea fishing, scooter and bicycle rental, an Ayurveda center and yoga classes under the guidance of an experienced instructor.


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Thaulle Resort

The resort hotel “Thaulle Resort – Level 1 Certified” has the first category and participates in the program “Conscious Travel”. The Ayurvedic center conducts a number of wellness procedures, from narrowly focused to complete treatment of the body. Special massages and cleansing methods are complemented by Ayurvedic nutrition and medicines. After a detailed preliminary conversation with Dr. Upul, the guest receives a treatment plan that corresponds to his personal dosha (vital energy) and is adjusted daily. For stays of 12 days or more, Panchakarma treatment is offered. These are five treatments that ensure the safe and effective removal of toxins from tissues and organs without damaging or weakening the entire body system. Individual treatments, including massages, acupuncture and yoga, can be booked directly at the hotel. The Chief Physician of the Centre, Dr. Upul, is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic physicians in Sri Lanka. For more than 15 years, he has been treating European holidaymakers. To ensure perfect communication during Ayurveda treatment, the receptionist will find a native speaker if needed.


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UTMT – Underneath The Mango Tree Spa & Beach Resort

A lovely 5 star resort is located in Dickwell. It offers services and professional observation of the course of treatment in accordance with the traditional teachings of Ayurveda. Treatments are selected individually for each guest. The central elements of Ayurveda include massage, nutrition, spiritual yoga exercises, meditation and herbal medicine. In addition to several treatment rooms, the spa has relaxation areas as well as a 25-meter pool for a good workout during a wellness break. Comfortable rooms of the Suite, Pool and Duplex, detached villas are available for accommodation.

“Very nice hotel, cozy, comfortable, with delicious food. In the morning we went to yoga classes, then to the pool and SPA. After lunch we found hammocks under palm trees or sunbathed on the private beach. I liked the fact that all the amenities are thought out to the smallest detail. Coming here for the first time, you need to pay attention to the fact that when choosing a package of food it will be impossible to change it. This is part of the concept of the treatment. To avoid embarrassment, you need to carefully study the proposed conditions and choose the most suitable option” Laura


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Ayurvie Retreat Weligama

Resort hotels such as “Ayurvie Retreat Weligama – Level 1 Certified” are included in the first category according to local criteria, but do not have international stars in terms of comfort. But that doesn’t mean they provide fewer services or poor service. Nestled on a pristine stretch of Weligama Beach, the eco-friendly Ayurvedic complex offers discerning guests a wellness holiday. For them prepared wide open white terraces overlooking the ocean, pleasant design rooms, a spacious pavilion for yoga and meditation. Rooms at the Ayurvie Weligama take care of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of guests. The rooms, built in the style of Vedic architecture, emphasize the balance of the Ayurvedic concepts of Math, Pitha and Kapha. In the Ayurvedic center, it is possible to consult with a family doctor for nutritional recommendations based on the individual characteristics of the body. The restaurant menu consists of pure vegetarian and organic food, fragrantly prepared with organic vegetables grown in its own garden. In the price list of the drinks bar “Arishta” only exquisite herbal infusions and fresh fruit juices. Taking into account the well-being of guests, the bartender does not recommend drinking artificial drinks. To obtain complete relaxation, Jacuzzis are provided.


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Ayur Ayur Resort & Ayurveda Retreat

Pleasant in every way, the Ayur Ayur Resort & Ayurveda Retreat is located in Negombo.” The owners have organized some of the best Ayurveda packages to create a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit, aimed at achieving complete relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation of body and mind. These programs include panchakarma procedures for detoxification and rejuvenation, yoga and meditation, weight loss and weight loss programs, a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, anti-aging and some other traditional treatments. They provide relief from nervous disorders, stress relief and relief from sleep disorders, improved perfusion and tissue nutrition, lifestyle changes to prolong or prevent the aging process, improved vision, relief from bone and tissue diseases, improved beauty and complexion. The hotel is in demand among couples with children.


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Villa Velmarie Yoga and Ayurveda House

Comfortable villa is located in Beruvel. Such mini-hotels can receive a small number of guests, so they are in demand among lovers of secluded recreation. In addition to offering general Ayurveda packages that can be booked for one day or more, the villa offers individual treatment and prevention packages. The programs include yoga and meditation, Ayurvedic therapy and massage, doctor’s consultation and three meals a day according to the prescribed diet. There are 6 double rooms with access to the pool or garden.

“The villa was the perfect place to end our long stay in Sri Lanka. We booked a 14-day package to increase motivation. The Ayurveda treatment, yoga and food were great. We felt wonderful, our mood and mood skyrocketed. Education of mind, body and soul was held at the highest level” Agatha Fischer


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All the hotels presented guarantee excellent accommodation and an extended range of Ayurvedic treatments. The choice of where to stay depends only on the preferences of travelers and their solvency. By the way, none of the tourists who visited there did not declare the discrepancy between the price and quality of services.